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Zoo Tycoon Alternatives to Play in 2020 on Windows 10


Zoo Tycoon is an extremely popular game, which is addictive and has two modes viz single-player and multiplayer. In this game, you can boost your imagination; take part in different challenges to create your very own zoo. However, there are several Zoo Tycoon alternatives which are as amusing as this game.

Here are a few zoo tycoon alternatives that you must try at least once.

Zoo tycoon 2: The ultimate collection

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a zoo tycoon alternative where you can enhance your creativity and business skills, both at the same time. It is a business and management-oriented game which is created by Blue fang games. And, it is published by Microsoft game studios in association with the MacSoft.

zoo tycoon 2

While playing, you can build and operate your own zoo. Also, you can create exhibits and aquariums. And, satisfy the needs of the animals. Such as their hunger, their thirst, their sleep, etc. You would need to provide them the suitable exhibits by changing their habitats frequently.

Additionally, you will have to fulfill the need of the guests visiting your zoo. Also, you will have to take care of the employees and maintain finances for improving the facilities of your zoo. The primary objective of the game is to become a zoo tycoon by constantly making profits. It is a great zoo tycoon alternative which is equally challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

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Planet zoo

Planet Zoo can be considered as a successor of the zoo tycoon game and is among the best zoo tycoon alternatives. Here you and wildlife go together to make a pleasurable zoo. It is also a construction and management game. It is developed and published by game developer frontier development Plc. for Microsoft Windows.

planet zoo alternative

In the game, you will look after the growing animals. And, involve yourself in their world so that you can build perfect habitats for them. You will need to research about each animal since each one is special with their special genes.

So, you have to learn to and develop survival tactics for them. Also, you will have to make sure that animals maintain their progenies so their special genes are passed to the next generation. It is another zoo tycoon alternative with a special twist for your creativity.

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Rollercoaster tycoon 3: Platinum

Roller coaster tycoon 3 is one of the best sublime zoo tycoon alternatives. It is a construction and business management game by Frontier developments. And, it is published by Atari.

roller coaster tycoon - altnerative to zoo tycoon

In the game, you will have to construct unique strategies to build an amusement park. Also, you will manage all the aspects of your park. You need to create quirky rides, adjust the scenarios, control the price of the rides to keep your ‘peeps’ (visitors) happy! You can even create waterslides in the game. A unique edge is that you can build a big safari with real animals to make the experience better.

It has two different play modes viz career mode and the sandbox mode. The career mode gives you different scenarios where you need to accomplish certain goals. You are then promoted as Apprentice. After every completed goal you can unlock promotions like Entrepreneur, and finally a Tycoon. This zoo tycoon alternative will keep your excitement on the edge along with teaching your skills of business and management.

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Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic world evolution is another potent zoo tycoon alternative. This is a business simulator game that is also developed by frontier development.

zoo tycoon like games

Here, you can construct a dinosaur park with primary attractions, and research facilities. This game encompasses nearly 40 varieties of different dinosaurs. You can make a new one by experimenting with gene combinations in your research lab. The changes in the DNA can change every aspect of new dinosaurs like how they look or what is the level of their aggressiveness.

You will need to make an enclosed park so that visitors stay safe from animals. Also, managing the visitors’ flow is one of the challenges of this fabulous game. Make strategies to earn more!

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Sim safari

Sim safari is another management and construction game. It is similar to Sim Park except its location is set for Africa. So, it has African flora, fauna, and animals. You will be allotted with 3 different zones viz nature’s park, the tourist spot, and the village zone. It is notable among the zoo tycoon alternatives.

sim safari

In nature’s park area, you can buy animals and take care of them. In the tourist spot, you can build hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, etc. You will have to hire your staff from the village area for the park and tourist spots. You will need to defend your visitors and employees from animals to ensure enough employees from the village and revenue from the visitors.

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Planet coaster

Planet coaster is also a simulator game developed which is again developed by frontier development for Microsoft windows.

zoo tycoon alternative games

It’s a sequel of the roller coaster tycoon series. And, Its summer edition is to be launched soon in 2020!

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If you feed bored playing tycoon games, consider playing a game like Last of Us which is the top-rated game of 2020.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Zoo tycoon is an engaging game. But, several developers have tried and successfully created the zoo tycoon alternative. These developers have succeeded to give a different edge to their games. So, why should we limit ourselves to a single game while other zoo tycoon alternative games are equally enthralling?

There seems to be no reason to restrict our creativity and skills from developing by indulging in the games that challenge us more. Moreover, these games are developed by reputed game developers. And, we do not have to change our platform which is Microsoft Windows. All these games available in the single platform are really a window of opportunity for us. Who knows?

We might find zoo tycoon alternatives more enjoyable and challenging. As you have read details of few games mentioned above, you should have found some interesting games that can give you a different kind of enchantment. And, a true game lover is always up for a challenge whether it is from the same genre or a different genre. Let us give a different edge to our creativity and skills by playing zoo tycoon alternatives.

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