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Will The Earth Burn Up if it was 10 Feet Closer to the Sun?


Earth is a remarkable place. It stuns us with its beauty. And, astonishes us with strange and wonderful life forms it hosts. So many natural wonders happen every day about which we are not aware of. So, we take our planet for granted. Nevertheless, we also never appreciate the contribution of the sun for helping sustain life on our planet.

By all means, that massive burning giant we call sun impressively impacts our routine life. However, we are so self-absorbed that we forget to thank Mother Nature for allowing us to live comfortably. And, also for fulfilling all our needs. Nonetheless, we know that we are positioned at a certain distance from the sun. Due to this, our planet is habitable. While other planets of the solar system are inhabitable due to the sole reason of being too closer to the sun or too farther from the sun.

Effects of the Sun

The sun is a vital part of our existence along with thousands of other species residing on the earth. Let us look into some of the most important aspects of the sun which helps us to live.

  • Firstly, our bones are made of calcium which is processed with the help of vitamin D3. We get vitamin D and calcium from the food we eat. But, processing vitamin D to vitamin D3 is not possible without sunrays. The sunrays are absorbed from the pores of our skin and convert vitamin D to vitamin D3. And, vitamin D3 converts calcium to absorbable form for or bones.sun is vital for life on earth
  • Secondly, heat is very important for warm-blooded species like humans. And, the sun gives us an optimal amount of heat necessary to keep our bodies functioning. Also, heat aids to regulate metabolism which is an important part of digestion. Consequently, we wouldn’t be able to digest our food without receiving heat from the sun.
  • Thirdly, a large amount of food we eat comes from several plant species, be it spices or raw/cooked food. The plants need sun rays for their metabolism which is called photosynthesis. Besides, oxygen is also released from plants and trees. In this way, plants and trees will not exist if there are no sun rays and, we would die due to lack of oxygen or lack of food.
  • Fourthly, seasons also exist due to the sun. If the sun is not there, then we will not experience rain, cold, or summer. Rotting of dead animals and plants is also dependant on the sun. If the dead plants and animals do not rot then we would die of harmful gases that are released from the dead body in the environment.

Importance of Orbit

We all know we are orbiting around the sun elliptically. Additionally, the earth revolves on its axis also. However, if we look at the orbiting distance from the sun then we understand we are near to the sun in the summer season. And, we are farther from the sun in the winter season. Nevertheless, if the orbit of the earth is changed than we might experience burning heat in summer and freezing cold in winter.

solar system and orbits

So, we are never too closer or too farther from the sun anytime. And, this is the only way we know that helps in the sustenance of life on the planet.

Importance of Distance

We have never thought seriously about the scientific term “Distance”. While distance seems to be the precise reason, we are alive today. We are positioned at a proper distance from the sun to avoid ourselves from either being dead of cold or dead of heat. The perfect measurement of Mother Nature has saved us all.

If our distance from the sun can be reduced as little as earth’s distance from the moon, then we all are going to die burning

Or else, if we are more distanced from the sun then we might die of cold. However, we can say we are far enough to live comfortably.

distance between earth and sun

In addition, the orbit of the earth also never brings us too close or too far from the sun which is one of the very important reasons that life exists here on earth and, not on any other planet of our solar system. And, revolving time of earth on its axis also gives us enough time to sleep. Nevertheless, there is no exact habitable zone from the sun and even if it exists, then we are not yet technologically advanced to find out about it.

We are only sure about what we know which is we are at the exact distance from the sun, and our earth’s axis respects this distance and never gets too close or too far from the sun.

Final Words

There is no doubt that the sun is of utmost importance for those who live on earth. But, a mere 10 feet of reduction or addition in distance from the sun would not affect us in any way. However, it is more meaningful to understand we are at the safest possible distance from us. And, we must appreciate our solar system and nature. There are so many magnificent things happening around us while we are only engaged in satiating our needs. Nature has given us a place to live along with several other species. And, our technological advancement should be focused on sustaining life instead of destroying it.

We merely look at the dead bodies of humans during the war, but the truth is that countless animals also die due to us. Even if we neglect the effects of war, then our technological advancements have taken us to the point where pollution is severely affecting us. If we ask the question about how much distance from the sun could burn up earth then we are definitely asking an inappropriate question. Because the present threat to burn up earth is not the sun but we are the real threat to the earth. The hunger for power and money has made us blind enough to neglect each other while the solar system is doing well without our interference.

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