hair growth oil for men are scam

Why Hair Growth Oil for Men is SCAM of the Decade?


So many different Hair Oils for Guys losing hair early but the question remains – Are the Hair Growth Oil for Men really as miraculous as they claim or is it really the SCAM of the decade?

Hair loss is undoubtedly one of the biggest insecurities of this generation. Okay, not only this generation but for all the previous ones and the ones to come as well. This is because cosmetic appearance has always been of foremost importance to mankind in general, no matter what we say otherwise. Okay, I’ll let you know why. Try imagining Shah Rukh Khan bald. Yeah right, I’m glad you now understand the intensity of the issue we are talking about.

Fraudsters and scamsters have increasingly begun to make use of this issue to sell their so-called Hair Growth Oil for Men with the promise of hair growth as well as to give you back all the precious hair you have lost, or in short, hair regrowth. And we fall for this every time!

So, let’s find out in detail all about Hair Growth Oil for Men.

Hair Growth for Men that Actually Work

Yes definitely, not all the Hair Growth Oil for Men are frauds. Some do work and are proven to work quite well. Yeah, in reality, they won’t transform your head as miraculously as you may expect, but here are a few of the Hair Growth Oil for Men that actually work!

hair oils for men

Essential Oils for Hair Growth:

These are the oils are aesthetically extracted from plants. They have aromatic as well as medicinal properties that are actually proven to benefit hair growth. Let us know the essential oils we are talking about now.

Cedarwood essential oil:

This essential oil is well known for its hair growth benefits. It basically balances the oil-secreting glands in the scalp, thus reducing the hair loss. It also is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and as such prevents hair infections which might otherwise lead to hair loss. To use it, simply mix 2 tablespoons with a carrier oil and massage on the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash hair normally.

Clary sage essential oil:

It is lesser-known but a very effective essential oil. It contains linalyl acetate that increases hair strength and reduces hair loss.

Lavender essential oil:

This essential oil is widely popular for speeding up hair growth. Researchers have repeatedly confirmed its abilities to speed up hair growth when applied to mice. It also reduces hair breakage from stress.

Lemongrass essential oil:

Lemongrass essential oil has extensive anti-dandruff properties. Thus, it prevents hair loss due to dandruff.

Peppermint essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil basically causes a cold feeling in the area it is applied to. Thus, it promotes hair growth in the phase of hair growth. Use it by mixing two drops of it with another oil, called the carrier oil, and massage on your scalp and leave on for 5 minutes before washing it off with a shampoo.

Rosemary essential oil:

This oil is hugely beneficial even for those wanting to have dense hair on their scalp and of course, it is proven to be beneficial in hair growth. Use it by mixing it with coconut oil. Massage on your scalp and leave on for 10 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

Tea tree essential oil:

Tea tree essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So, it prevents infection, cleanses hair follicles and helps in hair growth. It can be mixed with shampoo or hair oil and used as per convenience.

Thyme essential oil:

It is another lesser-known essential oil for hair growth.

Ylang-ylang essential oil:

If you have a dry scalp this hair oil is for you. Lack of oil makes your hair fragile and promotes hair breakage. You might want to skip this if you have an oily scalp. Hence, it is undoubtedly the best oil for dry hair as it stimulates oil production.

Best Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Some of the best coconut oils or Indian hair oils for hair growth are:

Hair Growth Oil for Men don’t work

Not all the hair oils available in the market are true. Some are just placebos. Hair Growth Oil for Men is the biggest SCAM of the decade. This is because when someone asks us to try some hair oil saying it can regrow our hair, we hardly take a moment to actually dig into the ingredients in it and we do not even see if they actually help in hair growth.

Since cosmetic appearance is of the utmost importance in this decade, we are guilty of buying anything and everything that promises to improve our looks. And when it comes to hair growth oil for men, it has turned into a flourishing business for scamsters. Some of these even contain harmful chemicals that actually damage your hair and scalp in real instead of improving it or helping it grow. Below mentioned are some of the oils available in India that are harmful to your hair and are to be avoided for healthy hair growth.

  1. Dove elixir hair oil
  2. Bajaj almond hair oil
  3. Dabur amla hair oil
  4. Brahmi amla hair oil

Final Words

So, we can see in this article why we need to be really careful before believing all those advertisements promising us of incredible hair growth. Try essential oils for hair growth as mentioned above from reputed companies and try the coconut oils of the brands mentioned above. They are the best for your hair. Do not fall for the promise’s pf the scamsters and consciously contribute towards putting an end to the best scam of the decade, that is, the SCAM of Hair Growth Oil for Men.

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