Who Made Me a Princess (Manga) – Where to Read All Chapters?


Who Made Me a Princess is a very interesting web novel that has gathered an immense following, especially amongst lovers of anime and romance, fantasy genre. Plutus Spoon is the author and creator of this manga comic. Normally, the language of a manga comic is Japanese; however, Who Made Me a Princess has been translated to English. People who do not speak Japanese can read and understand it.

Who Made Me a Princess

The first chapter of Who Made Me a Princess was released on the 27th of September 2019 and the latest chapter was released on the 12th of December 2019, with a span of 61 chapters.

The plot of this manga comic is built around a young lady and a bedtime story about a beautiful princess, Athanasia. The emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia, murdered his daughter, Athanasia. To her, it was all a common bedtime story, until the story became her reality. She suddenly became a princess one day and found herself in that exact situation. Now that she found herself playing the unfortunate princess, she has to find ways to ensure that she does not meet her unfortunate end by the hands of her father. The web novel explores her life decisions, and how every decision led her further from or closer to her death.

The plot of this manga comic is quite fascinating; readers are easily attached to it. This is mostly because the story appeals to the emotions of the reader, as we observe the relationship between the daughter and Father evolve into something out of a nightmare.

With the plot being so interesting, if you are interested in catching up with this novel, and you’re wondering how you can get to read all chapters of the book, you can depend on me. I would give you a list of websites where you can get to read Who Made Me a Princess (Manga) freely, without any problems.


Although Tappytoon has all chapters of Who Made Me a Princess (Manga), only the first three chapters are free. To be able to continue reading, you have to log in. This means that if you do not have an account on the website you cannot access beyond chapter three.

Read on Tappytoon


Another website from where you can get to read this graphic novel is Mangaowl.com. Mangaowl happens to be a favorite for me because the pictures have a high quality, making it clear and easy to read from this website. If you desire, you may register on Mangaowl; however, it is not a prerequisite to accessing the book. However, registering on the website would make your reader experience better. At the rate of $1/month, you can subscribe to disable adds and to have a great user experience.

Read on MangaOwl


This website has a very simple and phone friendly interface that makes it easy for you to read Who Made Me a Princess on the go, without the stress of having to login or register. The manga comics on this website are completely free for you to read. The English translation of many other manga comics are available on the site. Proper categorisation of every manga comic on the first page, makes the site easy to read through. This helps you to clearly see the latest updates, popular weekly manga, and many other categories like top romance, and many others.

Read on MangaDog

Manga Zuki

You can get access to your manga comics on this website. Who Made Me a Princess is also available on the website. The added advantage that Manga zuki has is its android friendly application that can be installed on your phone. However, to use the application, you would need to own an account on the website. For free, you have all chapters of the novel on your device. You would also have access to a number of other manga comics.

Read on Manga Zuki


On Tenmanga, you could just sign up with your Google account or your Facebook account. It doesn’t demand that you create a new account with your email. Freely download the comic to your mobile device; however, you will need a manga reader to access it. You could just read directly from the site too. All chapters of Who Made Me a Princess are available on this platform. You can also access a plethora of manga comics from this website. The only disadvantages that I have with this website are: it’s homepage could be a little heavy on your mobile data; its homepage is not as ordered as others. While the other websites have some sort of categorization, based on genres. Tenmanga just throws everything in, in order of recency, instead of genre.

Read on TenManga


A very simple and mobile-friendly website that does not demand that you register before you can access your manga. The pictures are very good quality, so you can read everything clearly. The homepage is not heavy, and would not demand so much of your mobile data. There is a number of manga comics on this platform. You will find so many other interesting manga comics on this website.

Read on MangaBat

Listed above are some websites where you can access all chapters of Who Made Me a Princess, freely. Now you have the opportunity to join the train, and get to know about the lady who suddenly became a princess one day. I know the novel may have gone far but don’t worry; you can catch up quickly with the websites that I have listed. Although the first season of the novel is done, you can still join the ongoing second season. Quickly, go and freely read the novel from any of the websites. If you can, you should register on some of those websites. Registration makes your reading experience better. Also, some of these sites have a community of fans, which is inaccessible, if you do not register.

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