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What to expect in Noragami season 3?


Noragami Season 3 is Imminent and Fans are excited.

With the way Noragami Aragato ended in the second season, it makes sense that even after five years, Fans are still waiting for the Noragami season 3. The show initially started airing its first season on the 5th of January 2014 while the second season- Noragami Aragato, began in October 2015 and ended in December 2015, having only 13 episodes.

Since 2015, fans have been anticipating an announcement to the continuation of the anime series and the manga series, which ended rather abruptly too. When new volumes of the Manga were released in 2019, fans became excited at the prospect of the Anime also having a third season soon.

For new and aspiring fans of the show, here are a few details you need to know about the Series so you can catch with the latest information on season 3.

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A Summary of Noragami

The Series is about a minor-god named Yato who wants to be recognized by people. In this fictional town, gods exist fueled by the beliefs of men. Different clans have different gods they believe in, whom they worship at the shrines. The gods also have the duty of eliminating evil spirits that cause chaos before they cause harm.

In a bid to get recognition as a self-proclaimed “Delivery God”, Yato works towards building his shrine. He starts by answering people’s prayers and charging them a small fee of 5 yen per request. Over time his partner gets tired and desserts because his goals seem farfetched.

Yato of Noragami

One day, he meets Hiyori Iki, who saves him from a car accident (Although you would wonder why that was necessary because he is god). After he is rescued, she develops a condition that makes her soul lose and leave her body from time to time. She is then able to move between two parallel worlds, The Near Shore (Human realm) and the Far Shore (Spirit realm).

The two become partners along with Yukine (Yato’s Regalia)- his weapon made from a human soul. They become a team so he can find a new partner to fix Hiyori Iki. They go around the world, solving people’s problems as they save up money to build a shrine for Yato.

Why Noragami season 3 is taking so long?

The Japanese Manga was created by Adachitoka in 2011 and then adapted to Anime in 2014 and produced by Bones. The reason the Series has taken so long is that there is the theory that production halted because Adachitoka took a break of 18months. making them stop producing new volumes of the Manga. The latest release of new volumes is 2019 is what has led fans to believe that season 3 will be out this year.

However, Bones has neither confirmed nor denied if there will be a third season. After waiting for so long, there seems to be a higher probability that nothing new will happen.

What to expect in Noragami season 3.

Although there is no official statement from the producers of manga creators, there has been some speculation as to what to expect from Noragami Season 3. But drawing references from the latest releases of its Manga, Fans have been able to make deductions about what to expect in the new episodes.


In this new season, we will get to learn more about Yato’s and his dysfunctional relationship with his ‘father.’ We get to see more of Hiyori and Yato following her wish for him to become a God of fortune. Here are the main characters to anticipate.

Fujisaki Kouto

‘Father’ is a spirit that takes residence in a young student name Fujisaki Kouto. He has resentment towards god and works toward gaining power from the brushes that can help him destroy the near shore. Yato will have to find a way to stop him before he does that.

Nora and Rabo

It is discovered that he is the father of Yato and Nora- a sort of sister to Yato. She has a peculiar relationship with The God of Calamity- Rabo. She has also served a shinki to a lot of gods, including Father.


As we get to learn about Yato’s past, we will encounter Bishamon, the God of Fortune who he had hurt years ago when he was very violent. Yato slaughtered a good number if her shinki, and she has then sworn to avenge them.

There has not been a definite answer from the producers of the Series. The recent release of Vol 20 of the manga series on the 15th of February makes fans to speculate that the Series may be released any time soon. Noragami season 3 is believed to come with the unexpected as we will be seeing Yato’s Father playing a pivotal role in the Series.

As fans, we can only be hopeful because it has been so long, but some other series have taken longer breaks and returned with a bang. So, keep your finger crossed, your eyes open and your ears on the ground.

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