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What are Hotstar Premium Cookies & How to Use Them?


The online streaming platform, Hotstar Premium attracted millions of viewers from across the continent. Not everyone is able to afford streaming services. But, most people are adamant to get their hands on it and not willing to pay the price. This has led to the rise of Hotstar Premium Cookies. In this article, we will learn about Hotstar Premium Cookies and how to use them.

What are Hotstar Premium cookies?

In short Hotstar Premium Cookies let you share the account of someone else without logging in with their password. It is in an illegal way of streaming online entertainment. It just requires you to import the cookies using an add-on. The add-on is available for free on most personal computers.

A Hotstar premium account is a part of the Indian streaming service. It is a subsidiary of Star India. Hotstar launched only 6 years ago in February 2015, just in time for the 2015 Indian Premier League. Hotstar premium app is a Star company product that provides content from entertainment to sports to movies and more.

Now, moving on from the ad-sponsored streaming service, the Hotstar premium app itself launched a subscription package that was mainly aimed towards streaming international content. I mean who wants to miss the premiere of Game of Thrones? During the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the Hotstar premium accounts increased up to 200 million users during the 2015 Indian Premier League.

Hotstar Premium accounts are available for everyone. It is one of the world’s leading entertainment service which everyone loves to use. But, if a user wants to use a Hotstar premium account, they must pay for it.

So I have to pay for Hotstar Premium Accounts?

Thanks to the internet opening doors for criminals to wave in and offer free accounts and services which are meant to be paid for, some do access Hotstar’s entertainment service for free. The illegal activity of streaming entertainment online has been common since the day the internet introduced such options for the public.

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On a daily basis, individuals online dedicate themselves to finding and promoting the use of working Hotstar premium account cookies. This then allows others to use the service for free.

Think of Hotstar cookies as browser cookies. This is a small piece of data sent from a website and then stored on your computer by the browser you use. Here’s an example, you open up the Hotstar website and log in with the provided user name and account password found online. That data is then saved in that browser. Those who are dedicated to using the Hotstar premium account for free will export that data/cookie and then import it into another browser. And in this case, the computer where you have to use the Hotstar premium account.

How to use it?

  1. Log in using Hotstar Cookies, but don’t log out, otherwise, the cookies will be destroyed. Then you won’t be able to use the Hotstar Premium Account until they update the new cookie.
  2. Don’t attempt to change the Hotstar account username and password.
  3. Don’t attempt to share your mobile number or email address in Hotstar Premium Accounts.
  4. The account’s default language is English, don’t attempt to change the language
  5. Try different cookies from a given list if one of the cookies is not working.
  6. If all cookies are not working, then you would probably find a new person with a whole new set of data


Cookies are a type of short term memory for the website. They are basically stored in your browser and enable a site to ‘remember’ little bits of information between pages or visits. Think of it like when you log onto Facebook and it already knows your password.

They’re used in a way to make the user’s life a lot easier and more personal, which technically is a positive word. The way cookies work is that they tend to create a ‘behavioral profile’ of people.

Now imagine someone accessing your behavioral profile to watch their favorite streaming show with your Hotstar Premium Account? It’s almost as if someone broke into your home but the online version of it. The act of accessing someone’s private cookie data to use it for further personal gain, entertainment or financial reasons is quite illegal.

So, the Cookie Law, depending on where you are, is a piece of privacy legislation that would require websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The law was designed to protect online privacy, by making consumers aware of how information about them is collected and used online. This then gives them a choice to allow it or not.

A lot of websites use cookies – mini data files – to store information in people’s web browsers. So for a website to be legal, it needs to comply with the laws set in place. This means making changes and for cybercriminals to keep up to date with the laws in the hope to find a way around it.

What is the difference between Hotstar Premium Accounts and Hotstar Premium Cookies?

So, back to the Hotstar Premium Account, you can still use them. The use of the actual Hotstar Premium Account is not illegal as long as you pay for it. The access of Hotstar Premium Account cookies to access an already paid for an account so you can avoid paying the subscription fee is illegal.

Using a Hotstar premium cookie is equivalent to stealing from a shop and not paying them. Or after someone bought a DVD, you happen to take it from them.

The only difference online is that the original user can still watch that DVD since the uninvited guest to your cookies is lurking in the shadows using your account.

For this reason, anyone who uses the cookies is participating in the illegal activity of Online Piracy. Millions of illegal streamers have had people’s data and money was stolen. This left them with nothing but viruses and an open door for other hackers to do the same.

Why is it Illegal?

First and foremost, sports are the most sought after entertainment online. To access legitimate Premier League content, World Cup or Cricket, there are plentiful of live streaming sites available throughout your country, may it be USA, Europe or in India.

Online piracy is the illegal streaming of pirated copies of films or TV Shows or premium sports content without the copyright owner’s permission. Let’s suppose you access someone’s private PC just to watch your favorite team win/lose. By doing this, you are committing a crime that is punishable in accordance to the law of the country you live in.

A lot of individuals try really hard to convince themselves that accessing streaming services such as Hotstar Premium Accounts through cookies and other illegal methods is technically not illegal. This is because they haven’t harmed or stolen anything physical from that individual’s PC. But nevertheless, it is illegal.

Hotstar Premium Cookies are not a grey area up for discussion. Accessing someone’s private data to then load up, sell, advertise or distribute is a crime. And, anyone who uses any of these dodgy methods to stream content is streaming illegally. This must be emphasized on so many occasions mainly due to the fact that many think that there is a way around it but there really isn’t. The only option is to pay for Hotstar Premium accounts.

Any risks if I still decide to use Hotstar Premium cookies?

Each time you access illegal content or someone else’s account, even if it is just to watch that show you like watching which they stopped streaming in your country, you are exposing yourself to some dangerous pop-ups, malware and/or the risk of fraud and hacking.

Watching content via an unauthorized website, an add-on or cookie, will expose you to some explicit advertisements and age-inappropriate content. This is a ‘must know’ for those with younger kids at home.

You must remember, as a parent that although the prices of Disney movies are on the rise, accessing these illegal sources with unauthorized cookies or add-ons will lead to no effective parental controls. And, perhaps a whole load of info you do not want your little one to see!

Final words

This article is only to provide an overview of what the Hotstar Premium Cookies are, what they provide. However, I believe that as with any purchase made online or offline, there are costs and negatives to everything. Owning a Hotstar Premium Account, as with other streaming services, means something. It means you must be aware of the hackers and cyberwarfare that currently exists in today’s cyberworld.

Staying safe is highly important, but staying safe from the wrong side of the law is also important. Therefore, if any reader is interested in using the account for free, there are other ways of streaming your favorite show online whilst staying safe on the web.

Hotstar Premium Account is one of the many options the company provides with other tiers of subscription fees. Or even the ad-filled free service is also available. Hotstar Premium Cookies, however, are a way of leading you into online delinquency. It is also a crime for which you could face time in prison if caught.

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