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Why is my Room so Hot? – 5 Ways to Cool it Down


Ever noticed your bedroom is like a furnace all year round? Ever found yourself asking ‘why is my room so hot?’ or ‘why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house?’, if so, keep reading. Sleeping in a room that is too hot is a recipe for low sleep-quality, frustration, and a bad mood. Also if your bedroom serves many purposes, such as your place to watch TV or study, then high temperatures can reduce your ability to focus and cause you to become dehydrated without realizing it. Let’s answer the question ‘why is my room so hot?’ once and for all, and learn how we can cool it down. 

Why is my Room so Hot?

When asking the question ‘why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house?’ or indeed any other specified room, we need to think of a variety of factors. The ideal sleeping temperature is between 60-67F or between 18-20C. If your room is warmer than this then you’ll likely find sleep difficult.


Firstly, think about your home, if it is on multiple levels then you likely have your answer. Heat rises, and, as many modern homes are designed with bedrooms on the upper floors, they are likely to be much warmer than ground floor rooms. However, often this isn’t enough to make your room unbearably warm, so let’s explore further. 

Fixtures and Fittings

Think about what items you have in your room. Many things can increase the heat of your space. Carpets, for example, provide more insulation than wood or tile floors. Electronics such as desktop PC’s can also produce a lot of heat. 

Lack of Air Flow

How you organize your space can also impact the heat levels that you’re experiencing. A well-organized space tends to have good airflow which helps to regulate airflow, stopping your space from feeling stuffy or overly warm. Of course, some spaces are naturally more cramped and stuffy than others, so if this is the case for your space make sure to regularly air out your room, evening in winter to refresh the air in your room. 

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Air Conditioning Set Up

The air conditioning of your home may be poorly set up. In general, the rooms closest to the A/C will be kept colder than the rooms which are further away. You may wish to consider rectifying this to improve temperatures in your space. 

5 Ways to Cool your Room Down

You don’t need to keep complaining: ‘why is my bedroom hotter than the rest of the house!’ instead you can take action with these five simple steps.

1. Close your Blinds!

When it comes to keeping your room cool you need to be proactive. If your bedroom receives direct sunlight, then on hot or summer days keep your blinds or curtains closed. This will stop the heat in your room from building up meaning that you’re cool when it’s time to sleep. 

2. Turn off Electronics

While it may be more convenient to keep your PC or laptop on sleep mode, the heat that this type of electronic can produce may just surprise you! With multiple pieces of tech in your space, the heat being generated can raise the temperature and make your room feel much more stuffy. You may think that leaving your phone on charge is fine because the appliance cuts off when fully charged, but this isn’t the case. Though charging is finished the appliance is still consuming energy and is therefore still releasing heat into your space, as well as wasting electricity! Ass to this the fact that the humming of electronics can affect the quality of your sleep and you have a receipt for a poor night’s rest. 

3. Invest in a High-quality Fan

Sometimes there is little to do to proactively reduce the heat in your space. Many homes were designed without thought to good ventilation or airflow, and if you live in a rental property there’s little you can do to change that. You can, however, invest in a high-quality fan to reduce the overall temperatures in your room. 

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It is important to pick the right fan for your space. If your room is small then you’ll likely find a standard desk fan is more than enough to circulate the air, as this type of fan is less powerful, but more affordable too. Larger spaces or hotter rooms will likely require a floor or pedestal fan, with a rotating tower fan making an excellent choice for those short on space. If you have a larger budget then you might find a bladeless fan highly effective. 

4. Opt for Breathable Bedding

Opt for bedding with natural fibers such as cotton or silk. While these are more expensive, they tend to last longer and have a breathable quality, meaning that heat can escape, which will keep you cooler. As you’ll be kept cooler by this type of bedding you’ll also be kept cleaner and more sanitary as your sweating will be reduced and bacteria won’t be able to build up in your sheets, meaning your bed stays fresher for longer. 

5. Room Design

If you’re looking to update your space, think about installing hardwood floors and choose painted walls over papered walls as both these options are not only stylish but reduce the heat within your room. Carpets and wallpaper act as insulators, which is ideal for rooms that are always cold, but when your room is the reverse it’s better to do away with these design options. 

Problem Solved!

So, if you’ve been plagued by a space that is just too hot, try following our handy tips and switch off those pesky electronics, switch up your bedding, and invest in a fan. You’ll likely find your space quickly becomes much cooler and you’ll certainly notice the benefits to your overall mood, sleep quality, and well-being. 

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