How to Watch Parasite with English Subtitles?


The film, parasite came out late October 2019, but sadly, considering that it’s a South Korean movie its audience reach is quite low. The movie only came out in a few cinemas internationally, this has led to many of those who have heard of this great film being unable to see it. This article will explain how you can watch parasite with English subtitles.

What’s Parasite about?

The parasite can honestly be described as a very touching, crazy and hilarious film. There are parts that just leave you completely confused, some make you laugh and at times you might shed a tear.

The film shows the story of a very poor family, the Kims, who through the use of cunning means manage to place themselves in the service the parks, a filthy rich family who have unknowingly have been harboring a stranger in their basement for years.

The story has minute details and also has a deep meaning to it. It depicts the relationship between the poor and wealth and the impact of social class.

Parasite has been rated 8.6 on IMDb which is a fantastic score.

Considering that the film is in Korean and that only a few cinemas showed it, people wonder why it is so popular. Chances are that you also came here after hearing about it from a friend or just randomly coming across it while surfing the net. I’ll list a few reasons why this movie is so popular:

  1. Awards: Since its release, this great movie has won many awards, both in its home country and internationally. The film simply has too many awards, some of them from very prestigious award-giving bodies, such as the likes of Oscar awards. It has one over 200 awards and has 4 Oscar awards, which are for:
    • Best motion picture of the year
    • The Best Achievement in Directing
    • Best Original Screenplay
    • Best International Feature Film
  1. Uniqueness: The film is very unique, combining genres that seem impossible to mix. It brings something new to movie watchers who are tired of watching the same things spun in a slightly different way. It has wonderful scenes and many nice moments that leave viewers amazed.
  2. Controversy: This film is one of those movies you watch and just can’t stop talking about. The premise of the film itself is a hot topic for discussion. It touches on social issues and shows a nice viewpoint on the relationship between the wealthy and the working class. These sad but disturbing scenes lead to many arguments among those who have watched the film. All this talk then makes the film more popular and spreads news of this movie to those who might have missed it.

Where to watch parasite?

It is quite hard to watch or download the parasite movie with English subtitles. The main problem is that the film is South-Korean, thereby making it harder to find a cinema or a site where you can watch or download movies. I myself have had the problem of finding a site where I could watch this movie, having now discovered one I have chosen to share this info with you.

Here are some of the sites where you can watch parasite:

  1. Amazon Prime: This is a great platform by Amazon. You can open the site or download the app and start watching movies. It offers a wide range of movies that can be bought, rent, etc. and the parasite is thankfully in their movie library. The only downside is that you have to pay a fee each month or yearly.
  2. Vudu: This is a great app that has been running for several years. It is very similar to Netflix in that you pay for a monthly subscription and are then able to watch all the movies and series on their playlist. This is a great choice for those who just want to sit back and watch this amazing movie on their phones.
  3. Apple Tv: This is a great option for those with an iPhone, though it’s also a good choice for laptop users. With Apple Tv, you can watch as many movies as you want, and unlike the other choices where you have to pay a subscription to use the app, Apple Tv doesn’t require a subscription, all you have to do is ‘rent’ the movie you want and then you’re able to watch it for the duration of your rent. It costs $4 to rent parasite. Android users don’t have access to this app yet.

But if somehow you do manage to find this movie, then considering the fact that it’s in Korean you’re probably looking for where you can get subtitles right now. Just read the subtopic below and you’ll get to know-how.

How to manually add a subtitle to the movie?

There are sites that offer English subtitles to all these movies we watch; all you have to do is find one of these sites and download the subtitle you require.

Some sites which offer subtitles are

  • Subtitle Seeker
  • SubScene

After downloading the subtitle, you then have to open the video player with which you plan to watch the movie and check your setting.

For VLC Media Player, you can simply drag and drop. Or Go to the Subtitles menu in the menu bar.

parasite with subtitles in vlc media player

You should see subtitles in the settings, from there everything else is simple, just follow the instructions of the video player and enjoy your movie with the manually added English subtitle.

Final Words

Unfortunately, this movie is quite hard to find, that’s why we have so many of you searching for where to download and watch parasite with English subtitles. The movie is so popular, for reasons I’ve already stated in the article, but sadly it’s just as hard to find. If you have the money it’s not really that hard to watch, as I’ve shown, there are many methods, it’s just that they require money. For those who want to watch it free, there are currently no websites streaming this movie. The ones that you may see online are likely camrips (recorded in a Cinema with a camera).

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