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Virat Kohli’s Net Worth Crosses 500 Crores


Virat Kohli is an inspiration to many of the sports enthusiasts. Even after his marriage to actress Anushka Sharma, he managed to be the heartthrob of many young girls. He needs no introduction being captain of the Indian Cricket Team. His fans call him “Run Machine” due to this ability to make substantial runs in mostly every tournament. Additionally, he touched the mark of 10,000 runs in just 205 One Day International (ODI) matches. He is only second to Tendulkar in terms of scoring 38 ODI centuries. His average run rate per match is around 59.90. This is why he is famous as a run machine. In this article, we will shed light on the fact that Virat Kohli’s net worth crosses 500 crores.

Sources of Income

But, he is not only a talented cricketer but also a well-accomplished business person. Virat Koli net worth is around Rs. 650 crores. Out of which whopping Rs. 252.70 crores were earned by him last year only.

Let us see his major sources of income-

  • Indian Premier League (IPL) – Approximately Rs. 40 crores.
  • Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) – Approximately Rs. 10 crores.
  • Brand Endorsements – Approximately Rs. 450 Crores.
  • Investments on Startup and other Businesses – Approximately Rs. 100 crores.
  • Others – Approximately Rs. 50 crores.

Increase in Brand Value

Virat Kohli’s net worth saw a sudden hike of 39% this year. And, if we take a look at the approximate increase of his brand value in the last few years then we will get a clearer picture of Virat Kohli net worth.

  • The year 2012 – Approximately Rs. 54 crores.
  • The year 2015 – Approximately Rs. 100 crores.
  • The year 2017 – Approximately Rs. 205 crores.
  • The year 2019 – Approximately Rs. 390 crores.

And, these earnings are recorded only as an estimate to show his continually increasing brand value. This calculation of Virat Kohli’s net worth does not include his earnings from other sources, such as brand endorsements. It only designates his brand value recognition yearly.

Brand Association – Significant Contributor to Net Worth & Income

Nevertheless, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the country. Virat Kohli’s sources of income are primarily based on brand endorsements, such as –

virat kohli brand endorsements

  • Audi.
  • Myntra.
  • Uber.
  • Manyawar.
  • Tissot.
  • MRF.
  • Colgate-Palmolive.
  • Google.

These are a few of the many brands he is associated with and, these brands are a major contributor to Virat Kohli’s net worth. However, its now common knowledge that career of a sportsperson is short-lived as compared to other career options.

Investment in Fitness Sector

Yes, the income of a sportsperson is much more but still, all this vanishes as soon as a sportsperson retires or fails to continue his performance. Many of the sportspeople have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors. So, they have started to invest while they are still in the game. And, Virat Kohli is no exception. He has involved himself since starting in many of the business conglomerates.

virat kohli gym brand

Also, he has developed his chain of fitness centres called “Chisel”. He is famous as a fitness freak so his decision to develop a chain of the gym was no surprise for his fans. The branches of his fitness centre are located in many metropolitan cities of India and, contribute substantially to Virat Kohli’s net worth.

Association with Puma

One of the Virat Kohli’s sources of income is investments on some potential startups. The young sportsperson was encouraged by the Prime Minister’s interests in startups. So, he explored the opportunities of several startups and, co-created his startup “One8” with Puma. This investment by him has already crossed an Rs. 100 crores revenue mark. The aggressive strategy and experience of Puma along with the popularity of Indian cricketer, the co-created brand turned out to be a great success unsurprisingly.

Investment in Clothing Line Boosted his Net Worth

India is well-known to adopt itself with new fashion trends. Even, the young cricketer is also interested in the latest trend which is not surprising. Owing to that, he is married to one of the most talented actresses of the film industry. The talented sportsperson cum shrewd businessperson was aware of his fan following also. This led him to add another investment which also adds up in Virat Kohli net worth. He started his fashion brand WROGN which became an instant success after its launch.

virat kohli's fashion brand wrogn

Nevertheless, several of his investments are yet to pay but this young sportsperson has enough time on his hand before he has to depend completely on his businesses and investments.

Investment in Startup and others

Virat Kohli being a star sportsperson understands the value of advertisements. This understanding helped in Virat Kohli net worth. He is the co-owner of Indian Super League’s football team ‘FC Goa”. Also, he is co-owner of “UAE Royals” who participate in International Tennis Premier League matches. The investment plans on these sports teams have proven to be fruitful which only increased Virat Kohli’s net worth. Nevertheless, he has also associated himself with a multi-sport tech startup which is based in London. And, we expect that this investment will also become one of the primary Virat Kohli’s income sources.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Virat Kohli is continuously breaking his income marks. The young sportsperson clearly understands that unless he involves himself in the intelligent strategies, he will be vanished soon after retiring from sports. But, he is not ready to vanish off the minds of his fans so easily. Most importantly, he understands that his present income sources are only due to his career. So, he decided to invest his income in several businesses. This decision of his will not only help him to stay well accomplished but also pave a way for other young sportspersons.

However, his business ventures today are paying very well due to which he has easily crossed the earnings mark of Rs. 500 crores. And, he is completely ready to keep increasing his income. Nevertheless, no one exactly knows the Virat Kohli’s net worth. So, there are rumours about Virat Kohli income to surpass the Rs. 1000 crores mark already. Whatever may be the rumours, but there is enough evidence that proves his net worth crossed Rs. 500 crores already. And, his yet-to-pay conglomerates will definitely help him to earn more than just earnings from his brand value but as a successful businessperson.

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