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Top 10 Free Adventure Games for Android to Play in 2021


Adventure games are one of the most interesting genres of games which you can find. One of the special traits about them is that they are not limited to any one category or genre. These best free android games often form a blend of two or more categories. Packed with engaging stories and character, challenging levels, mysteries to solve, and much more, these types of games elicit an adrenaline rush inside of players, giving them a satisfying experience.

Dealing with the rising coronavirus cases and the daily stress of jobs, we often think about what we can do to relax in this situation, even if it is for a few minutes.

Well, we have got some of the best adventure games for you to play on your android devices, and they are totally free.

Here is the list of Top 10 Adventure Games which are available on Android for Free.


Developed by Touch Foo, this game forms a blend of action, adventure and mystery. This game offers a 2.5D platformer experience. For those who don’t know about platformer games, they are the ones in which character moves and jumps on platforms, the classic example of which is Super Mario Bros. Swordigo takes you on an adventure through the dark caves and through many dangerous pathways. You have to explore the world in order to find out the hidden legendary swords.

You can enjoy this game as you explore the magical realms of dungeons, towns, treasures and monsters. The screen controls are smooth and easy. It even gives you the option to customize the controls. You will get a lot of different weapons and spells as you progress through the game. The graphics of the game are awesome and the storyline is amazing. And that also makes it one of the great adventure games for girls as well. 

You can download the game below.


One of the best and free adventure games online

‘Adventures of Blaze’ is another great platformer game. Recently developed by Dranzer Studios, this game is packed with unique monsters, awesome traps, and mind blowing backgrounds. The controls are pretty easy to understand, and the game gets challenging from the start.

Each level is very beautifully designed and every level is unique in its own way, making it truly one of the best adventure games online available to play on Android. So, it doesn’t feel boring and monotonous as you play through the levels. This game really reminds you of Super Mario Bros. With multiple worlds to play and numerous levels in each world, this game is sure to keep you on your toes and your eyes peeled.

You play as the Hero ‘Blaze’ and travel through various worlds, overcoming the traps and obstacles, stomping on monsters, and battling with the bosses.

So if you want to have some adventure, or bring back your childhood days by playing a retro game like Mario, then make sure to check out this game.

You can download the game below.


adventure games for girls

This game is the first part of the Lep’s World Series, including Lep’s World 2, Lep’s World 3, and Lep’s World Z. The developer of this game has done a great job in creating this game. It is a 2D Platformer game and all the enemies and the gameplay reminds you a lot about Super Mario. The storyline is simple and it offers a bunch of levels to play.

You play as Lep, who has to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies to find his gold. This game is completely free to play, but there may be some in-game items that you can purchase.

The goal is simple: Be nimble, be quick, and help Lep find his gold.

This adventure game has numerous amazing features. It offers more than 100 levels. You can play as various characters other than Lep. It has numerous enemies, amazing graphics, and a lot more in stock.

You can download the game below.


online adventure game

An adventure in the jungle is probably one of the most popular and the most amazing adventures that exist. This game is amazing and it is completely free. In this adventure game, you play as ‘Addu’ who is a fearless adventurer. Along with his sidekick, that is, his loyal pet ‘Bullion’, he sets out to bring all the fruits back to his homeland.

This game has also been the Winner of 24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016.

It is one of the classic adventure games. This game maintains its simplicity but keeps you entertained with its amazing graphics. The controls are easy and intuitive. There are tons of levels and boss battles in this game and it is suitable for all ages.

Packed with various characters, numerous abilities and awesome power ups, this game is sure to keep you engaged.

You can download the game below.


free adventure games online

This adventure game was undoubtedly the biggest game of 2016. Even though its popularity seems to have tapered off a little bit, it is still so much fun to play. Plus, it’s free. It was made on a very unique concept, where you can enjoy both the real world and the gaming world at the same time. Players can explore the real world around them, while simultaneously catching pokemons. There are new additions in the game, including legendary pokemons, raid battles, trainer battles, and more. Even after so much time has passed, this game still stands at the top of ‘Best Augmented Reality Games list’.

Before you start running out of your houses to catch pokemons, don’t forget to wear your masks.

You can download the game below.


mystery adventure games

This game takes you on an incredible adventure in Ghost Town, a mysterious city which is inhabited by ghosts. Here, you meet Anna, who is a young sorceress, and help her unravel the secrets of this mysterious town.

This game holds a fascinating plot. It also has many side stories. You can take on additional quests, find out hidden objects, and fight dangerous enemies. It provides great visual graphics and scary sound effects.

This game combines adventure, magic and mystery in order to keep you glued to your mobile devices.

You can download the game below.


Heart Star brings out a unique concept in the world of platform games, where you can play as Multiplayer on your own. This adorable puzzle platformer game showcases two little friends who are lost in two parallel worlds. It is your duty to guide them and reunite them.

So put on your ‘Sherlock hats’ and try to crack all the puzzles that this amazing adventure puzzler game holds. Enjoy the amazing features that this game holds. Enjoy the unique world swapping gameplay, loads of mind puzzling levels, amazing retro style graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and a lot more.

You can download the game below.


Okay, so in my honest opinion, Tricky castle is by far, the most amazing puzzler game I have seen on android. The only reason why it is 8th on the list is because it lacks a bit in the adventure area. But if you are a fan of puzzler games, this game is sure to blow your minds.

A terrible villain has grabbed the princess and has set traps on the way to her rescue. You have to climb all the floors of this castle, overcome all the traps and obstacles set in your way, and save the princess. There’ll be hundreds of doors, spikes, and platforms to jump on. You will have to keep an open mind and read the clues carefully.

I have completed the game and trust me; it can really make you scratch your heads.

You can download the game below.


Who doesn’t love an amazing adventure in the snow world? An adventure in snow is the 2nd most popular concept, after an adventure in the jungle.

You are guaranteed to be blown away by the stunning animations in this game. With great 3D graphics and a rich storyline, the snow adventure can’t get any better.

Play as Sid, Manny, and Diego in this challenging game world. Enjoy the cinematic gameplay experience. You can also play this game with your friends via Internet.

Some of its amazing features are:

  • Rich storyline and awesome environments.
  • Multiple mini-games where you can save the animals in danger.
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Multiple language support

You can download the game below.


one of the best adventure games

Just reading the name ‘Harry Potter’ makes you feel like you are going on an adventure and you are going to have the time of your life. Well this game is sure to give you an awesome time and a great adventure.

You will have your own adventure in the Wizarding world. You can choose your story and form your won adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this mind blowing yet free adventure game.

  • Tons of magic spells, and characters
  • You can customize your student avatars.
  • Amazing music and sound effects
  • Unlock new potions and spells.
  • Discover the truth behind the cursed vaults.

You can download the game below.

These are the top 10 free adventure games, that we think are the best in order to fulfill your wishes of an amazing adventure. Packed with puzzles, magic, action, mystery and horror, you are going to have the time of your life.

Stay safe and stay sane!!

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