The Preppers’ Guide to CBD Products


Stressful, chaotic, and disruptive global events have caused many consumers around the world to reconsider their emergency preparedness. Many cynics who might have once mocked the prepper community as being paranoid or eccentric are now revisiting their view on the issue of emergency preparation in light of recent instability and volatility on the world stage. Whether it’s the recent pandemic that has swept through the world or governments’ political and social unrest that followed, consumers are asking how to adapt to the new normal.

Part of the process of adaptation is surely being prepared for further instability and volatility on the global stage. Well before the issue of emergency preparation was put center stage, however, a dedicated community of preppers has been strategizing, ideating, and exchanging tips on how best to prepare for the worst. 

The practice of prepping has traditionally relied on a variety of survival tools, often combining them in a “bug-out bag” or “BOB” that’s typically taken to a bug-out location or “retreat” in the event of a catastrophe. This bug-out location is meant to offer the prepper an environment better suited for survival and a place where they can make use of the survival tools they’ve prepared or packed in their bug-out bag. 

The tools that they include have varied through the years, and recently preppers are incorporating survival tools that could give them a psychological edge for surviving some of the world’s worst catastrophes. While traditional staples like a first-aid kit and go-to medicines have long been part of good bug-out bags, many preppers are now also starting to include more natural and holistic remedies that can have a positive impact on their mental states. This speaks to recent shifts in survival strategies influenced by the experience of adapting to life in a global pandemic and the psychological difficulties that often accompany that.

This has been in line with a shift in attitude towards the prepping community. Once regarded as silly or obscure, being prepared early for tumultuous world events like the Coronavirus is now seen as a sign of intelligence, even in skeptical communities like those in Silicon Valley. As this piece by the New York Times points out, being prepared early was a sign that you had your finger on the pulse in regards to China. It also signified that you took conventional channels of information like the mainstream media with a fair degree of skepticism, and knew how to parse data in a logical and impartial way.

Finding supplements or natural remedies meant to enhance cognitive performance and mental resilience has long been a habit of Silicon Valley health nuts and hobbyists. So, it comes as no surprise that some of these products have found their way into the bug-out bags of the ultra-rational. First and foremost among them is CBD, or Cannabidiol oil, which has long been hailed for its relaxation-inducing, and anxiety-reducing properties.

In times of great global stress and panic, CBD can often be a great part of a diverse toolset to help minimize a reactionary fight-or-flight response to danger, and instead, thoughtfully plan your next move. It’s a substance that millions around the world already use to alleviate symptoms like insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety. 

As this piece by the LA Times explains, millions of CBD users already swear by its benefits, from reducing anxiety to acting as a sleep aid, to producing a calming, relaxing effect.

However, the integration of CBD into a survival strategy raises some questions. What is the best way to store CBD and what are the best and most compact form factors of the product? Some survivalists might opt for edible CBD products such as CBD gummies or similar products. 

This is especially the case when you consider that CBD gummies do not get a user high, but do offer a wide array to positive effects on the mind. While this is a perfectly sensible approach, there are some other products that would likely make more sense in a survival context.

A great CBD product to incorporate into a prepper’s bug-out bag is some concentrated CBD oil. Consumable CBD oil is most often made by mixing CBD with a carrier oil. A carrier oil high in fat content such as coconut oil is often an obvious choice, as these oils work to make CBD more bioavailable in the body.

A concentrated CBD oil is more compact than a bag of edibles and takes up less space in a bug-out bag, most often coming in a small bottle complete with a dropper that makes getting the right dosage a cinch. Many concentrated oils can also be applied topically for additional benefits to the skin and can make a valuable addition to skincare or first aid supply set for survival.

According to this guide from CBD Kyro, CBD oil is a remarkably safe product, presenting little to no adverse side effects on the body. This only goes further in making it an ideal supplement for survival, when the margins for error are razor-thin and users must do everything they can to limit any unpredictable variables.

Perhaps even better than a concentrated CBD oil for survival scenarios are the very similar CBD tinctures. Unlike CBD oil products which are mixed with a carrier oil, CBD tinctures are prepared by processing CBD in a water and alcohol combination. The result is CBD products that are more potent and concentrated than edibles or CBD oil.

The fact that CBD tinctures are more powerful means that lower dosages are needed to accomplish the same calming effect of CBD oil. As a result, preppers can carry smaller, more compact amounts of it and save important space in their bug-out bag or survival shelter. Speaking of compact items similar to CBD tinctures that can be added to a bug-out bag, according to this guide from Healthcare Weekly, CBD balms can possibly help with a lot of health issues. 

Bear in mind that CBD is just one of many tools survivalists should use when preparing for the worst. Hopefully, this article is helpful for all preppers to include valuable CBD products to their survival plans when they are including natural remedies. 

CBD products should use it as part of an inclusive prepping strategy. Before using CBD, do consult your doctor to take appropriate advice. 

Keeping up with a good source of prepping information is an important step to staying informed and staying ready. Stay safe and stay prepared in these unpredictable times. Consider making CBD a part of your prepping strategy.

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