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If you searched for #TBT on Facebook, you most likely see older pictures of people and old items. So, what does tbt mean on FB? TBT means Throwback Thursday. However, you also need to note that there is another TBT meaning, which is Truth be told.

#tbt meaning

Trends come and go, but TBT is one that has happened and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. If you use social media a lot, then you have probably seen #TBT on embarrassing high photos, cute baby pictures, lovely family moments, etc. Especially, girls on Instagram love to use the #tbt hashtag on a lot of photos that remind them of good times.

Of the two slangs, Throwback Thursday is the most popular and widely used on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. People not only use this slang when uploading pictures, but they also apply it when texting. However, Throwback Thursday is used when chatting; instead, the most used slang is Truth be told.

tbt posts on instagram
Instagram has 520 Million Posts with #TBT hashtag

Knowing TBT meaning is not enough. As a business, it one way to engage your audience and improve brand awareness. Marketing ads and social media campaigns have been created using Throwback Thursday themes. These ads are then distributed across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to build trust with customers and improves sales in general.

Tips to share TBT Post

There are certain factors to consider when making a TBT post, and these tips should help do it right. Making a post is not complicated, no matter the social media platform you use. The fun of Throwback Thursday is to appreciate growth processes, memories, or past experiences. Here are tips to share tbt posts you need.

  1. Throwback Thursday is meant for Thursdays only. It’s quite evident from the full form of TBT. How weird would it be if you did a TBT on a Monday? In the world of social media, almost every day has a viral hashtag attached to it. e.g.,
    • Man Crush Monday (MCM),
    • Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW),
    • Thank God Its Friday (TGIF).
  2. A throwback is only one when the picture is an old picture. It can be a picture of a past romantic trip or a middle school photo with your crush. The aim is to take your audience back a memorable or nostalgic moment, although these moments may not be positive.
  3. There is no limit to your Throwback as long as the information you are sharing is old and entertaining.
  4. A TBT post can be either pictures, Videos, Audio, or an old write-up (Text).
  5. TBT is away to have some fun and sometimes even increase your social media influence. This is why people only post positive moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. While, TBT is more popular on social media platforms, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it with your WhatsApp DP or stories.

Toyota TBT

TBT Alternatives

You should know that there is some other alternative to TBT, which FBF or Flashback Friday. So, if you have a picture you want to post, and you missed the Thursday window, Flashback Friday is the second chance for you. On social media, it is usually written as #FlashbackFriday or #FBF.

Now that you know what TBT means, the next time you intend to upload an old picture of yourself or a friend, you have a cool slang to use as a caption on any of your social media platforms.

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