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80+ Superman Quotes to Make you Feel Strong & Inspired


When the going gets tough the tough get going, or so the well-known phrase goes. But when times get hard it can be a struggle to find the determination and the motivation to keep going or to find the hope you need to get through the day. Recent events prove that the world is a very scary place, but, no matter how dire things may seem, there are always things that will give you hope – you just need to know where to look for them. Unfortunately, our world doesn’t have a real superman as shown in the movies to save us, but quotes can help us discover the inner superman in all of us.

The words of others can bring great strength in times of need which is why the words of famous leaders such as JFK, Martin Luther King, or Winston Churchill go down in history. However, even humble positive affirmations can become powerful mantras, giving you the strength and inspiration that you need to overcome your struggles. These quotes can make you feel like superman (or woman!) and can allow you to brush off criticism, doubt, and fear, and achieve your goals. Listed below are some such superman quotes to make you feel strong and inspired.

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83 Superman Quotes to Motivate & Inspire you

  1. It’s not who you are that defines you, it’s what you do
  2. The world is what we make of it. You have the power to make it good
  3. Heroism can be found in even the smallest of actions
  4. Even the smallest things that we do can make a big difference
  5. No one will win every battle, but by giving up without a fight you’re certain to lose
  6. In the future, you’ll look back on your struggles and know all the tears and all the pain was worth it
  7. It isn’t about how or why we fall. It’s about how we pick ourselves up
  8. Your life doesn’t give your purpose, you are in charge of giving your life purpose
  9. Your dreams can shape your reality
  10. Set an example for others. Be someone else’s superhero
  11. Life will surprise you, there’s no preparing for it. What matters is how you adapt and overcome
  12. Life’s a comic book and you’re the superhero
  13. Walking down the wrong path happens. What matters is how you find your way back.
  14. You have no true limitations, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
  15. No one but yourself is going to push you to be the best that you can be
  16. Don’t put things off if you can help it. The things we put to onside can become nevers that we eventually regret
  17. Don’t fear the unknown, view it’s endless possibilities as exciting, after all, who knows what you’ll discover
  18. There is no set route to success, you have to create your own map
  19. The harder you work the more satisfying it is to achieve
  20. What has come before and what will come next pales in comparison to what is inside
  21. Words have power, choose your words well and your achievements will be limitless
  22. No one can make you feel less than them unless you allow it
  23. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone but yourself
  24. You are not what has happened in the past you are the future that you define
  25. You can start a new chapter in your life whenever you want, you don’t need to wait for a new year to do so
  26. Whenever you start to doubt yourself, reflect on how far you have come. You may have a long way yet to go, but if you’ve got this far you can go a little further
  27. People have the ability to win battles, wage wars, and bring peace, what path with you choose?
  28. Changing is scary, but not as scaring as being stuck in the same place
  29. While anyone can be saved, true strength comes from saving yourself
  30. Fear is just a four-letter word, nothing more and nothing less
  31. Pain is power, let it propel you into recovery
  32. Having a big heart is only a weakness if you let others tell you so
  33. Believe in a cause and you’ll never need applause
  34. Strive to make an impression, not to simply impress
  35. Don’t judge others, you do not know the storms they’ve walked through and the mountains they’ve climbed to get to this moment
  36. If you know your own worth then no one can ever sell you short
  37. The only time you should lower your head its to look at the flowers
  38. Confidence is the most flawless makeup that you can ever wear
  39. Fewer wishbones more backbones
  40. You can be soft and strong, tough and emotional, people are so much more than the boxes that definitions provide.
  41. Without struggles how would you ever discover your strengths?
  42. Everything you need to conquer your darkest moments lies within you
  43. Changing your mindset changes the game
  44. Instead of longing for the grass that is greener on the other side, work hard to cultivate the grass that sits on your own
  45. Our scars do not mark the times that we have failed, they mark the times when we’ve got back up
  46. A clean break is easier to mend than a jagged wound
  47. Some people just won’t like you, it’s nothing that you’ve done, and at the end of the day it’s their loss
  48. You can throw me in the lion’s den but ill come out the leader of the pride
  49. There’s nothing wrong with being scared, scared keeps you strong
  50. You should never try to be any other than the best version of yourself
  51. While all of us our work in progress, we should never let anyone else be in charge of renovations
  52. Action is a word that can be used to describe the sometimes immeasurable distance between our dreams and our reality
  53. You’re never to busy to live your dreams, you just need to reschedule the stuff that doesn’t matter
  54. Why tell people about the dreams you have, when you can show them instead?
  55. Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you think. The word ‘impossible’ isn’t what it seems. It actually says ‘I’m possible’
  56. It can take a lot of strength to stand up for yourself, even more so to stand up for others
  57. Don’t give up, push that little bit further. After all, incredible things tend to happen at the very moment we start to fall
  58. Happiness isn’t a single destination, it’s the stops we take on this road trip that is life
  59. While confidence moves silently, insecurities crash through our minds. Put in your headphones and dance to the music of life instead.
  60. Walking down a path less traveled doesn’t mean that you are lost, it means you’re paving the way for something the world has never seen before
  61. Hope is the flashlight that guides you through the darkness that is fear
  62. When doubt forces you to bite your tongue, let courage give you the power to roar
  63. Believing is the first step on the journey to achieving
  64. Imitation is only a single letter away from limitation
  65. Why survive when you can thrive?
  66. Even the brightest of stars need darkness to shine
  67. Imagination is infinite
  68. Sometimes we must lets go of the safety railing of our plans and step out into the great unknown of our future.
  69. It’s okay to be not there yet, so long as you’re still on your way
  70. It’s never too late to become the you that you’ve always wanted to be
  71. Kindness is never a waste of time
  72. Improving the world doesn’t have a time limit, you can start whenever you are ready
  73. Circumstance doesn’t dictate where you’ll end up, only the point from where you begin
  74. It is impossible to help everyone in the world, start by helping someone instead
  75. No matter what people tell you, and no matter who tries to stop you, your words and ideas can change the world forever
  76. Thoughts become concepts, concepts become ideas, and ideas can change the world
  77. The weight of regrets is much lighter than the burden of ‘what ifs’
  78. You’d be surprised how far just putting one foot in front of the other can get you
  79. Strength burns within all of us and life is the kindling to set it ablaze
  80. Live your life like no one else is watching, because half the time no one is!
  81. If you know your heart is in the right place, then hold your feet firm
  82. There can be as much strength in silence as there can be in speaking up
  83. Many of us are like tea bags, our strength is unknown to us until life places us in hot water!

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Final Thoughts

Strength and inspiration come from within, however, sometimes we need the words and the guidance of others to release our inner superman. Inspiring quotes and affirmations can empower us to achieve that which we thought impossible before. Most importantly, remember that you matter, you are worth just as much as anyone else, and your thoughts and feelings are valid. By carrying this knowledge in your heart, and maybe a handful of the quotes on this list, you’re sure to be able to conquer anything that life throws at you.

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