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Why SriRam IAS Economy Book & PDF Notes Is Popular?


Sriram IAS is a coaching institute which is located in New Delhi, India. It was founded by Mr Srirangam Sriram nearly 30 years ago. The coaching institute has emerged into one of the leading institutes for IAS preparations, the most popular being Sriram IAS economy books. The success rate of this institute is significantly high due to the experienced faculty teaching there. The methodology of teaching students by the institute is simple yet effective. The decades of experience helped them to develop a teaching method in competitive-examination-oriented fashion.

Some of the reputed government officers have studied here. Recently, the coaching institute aspired to share their experience with those students who are not residing in the state. To complete this aspiration, they came up with the idea to publish books that can benefit all IAS aspirants. And, with an increasing number of smartphone and internet users, it became essential for them to publish online books which are downloadable in PDF format.


The teaching institute specializes in the preparations for economics. The Sriram IAS economy books have facilitated several students to prepare for the exams. However, there is a tremendous difference between teaching in-person and textbooks. But, Sriram IAS economy PDF are popular because of their few simple yet essential techniques that are essential for effective study guides. Let us take a look at few techniques used in Sriram IAS economy notes which makes them popular.

Easiness in Understanding

The writing style of Sriram IAS economy PDF is as per the structure our minds use to preserve information. Every student makes a unique mental roadmap before they start to grasp the subject. The Sriram IAS economy PDF contains text that aids the best in understanding the subject within. In other words, the mind absorbs the texts of the book easily. The coaching institute has taken account of the framework which is easy to internalize while making use of the material present.

Meaningful Tags

An effective textbook needs tagging with an index or title. The knowledge is shared effectively with meaningful tags only. The indices aid students to recall the studied texts. Every technique, concept, process, and facts are presented by the institute in a way that they aid students to assign meaningful names in their mind to compile the material.

The most valuable part is that students of Sriram IAS economy PDF or book do not have to relearn the subjects. It is a critical part that is responsible for the popularity of Sriram IAS economy notes. Also, some situations are explained like a children’s story which makes it a lot more fun to understand and easy to remember.

Manageable Number of Examples

All students aspiring for higher studies learn the subject through an outline, or an illustration, or an example. The coaching institute has designed the book while keeping in mind that the number of examples will keep increasing with passing chapters. And, a large amount of example will prevent students from keeping previous chapters remembered. Hence, they managed to limit the examples and use them wherever essential.

In this way, students not only just clearly learn the chapter but on top keep previous chapters remembered which helped in the popularity of Sriram IAS economy books. Also, this book contains many tidbits which will improve your GK related to economy.


A published book is read by a large number of students. And, no publisher can predict the knowledge of the language of every reader. Especially when publishing a study guide. Therefore, the coaching institute has kept the language as easy as it can be. This helps every student to easily understand the facts mentioned in the book.

simple language

The easy to understand language has made Sriram IAS economy PDFs popular amongst students.


We ordinarily see that study guides are so densely written that space between every word is remarkably less. This decreases the readability of the book. And, study guides need to be easily readable. So, the coaching institute thoroughly studied publishing basics which is why they have not made the book forcefully wordy. They have used easily understandable words only without eliminating essential information. Consequently, students also do not feel stressed as soon as they start studying. This quality of the book has made it popular amongst civil services aspirants.

Hierarchy Method

chapters of sriram ias economy book

The book represents a worthy example of a hierarchy method. Our brains are designed to memorize information in a hierarchical way. It grants us the ability to club the newly understood information with already mastered information. So, it becomes extremely essential for students to study from guides which help them to accumulate more information in their minds. The economics-subject book from Sriram coaching is structured in the same way. This helps students to store all the information offered by the study guide.

Repetition Method

Every student masters the subject through a repetition method. This method helps us to shift information from short-term memory to long-term memory. Moreover, it is essential to help us recall the information while we are writing answers to questions during examination. The Sriram IAS economy book maintains the text in a way that the crucial information keeps repeated in a way that student does not even realize they have repeated it. Additionally, the frequency of repetition also keeps decreasing gradually until the end of the chapter. In this way, students memorize all the key facts about the studied chapter, and they can recall it clearly during examinations.

Final Words

There is no doubt that the popularity of Sriram IAS economics PDFs/books is due to the key factors they have incorporated during publication. There are several other books present in the market, but a lot of these merely tried giving all the information they can. But, an increased amount of unnecessary information only looks informative. In practicality, these books become difficult to understand. This restricts the student from completely grasping the subject. And, understanding a subject is essential to gain mastery. However, the Sriram IAS economy book aids the student in gaining mastery over the subject. This not only helps to recall information in the examination but makes the student a true scholar.

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