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100 Selfish People Quotes to share with your Friends


The greatest treasure of one’s life is having true friends. Nothing but, materialism has drifted us to the rat race in which we are not capable to identify our true friends. Selfish quotes can help us appreciate the importance of genuine people around us. There is no one without even a single good friend but it is just our business that we never elaborate on one’s nature and character. It is indeed a very unfortunate event when our own mindset imprisons us while good friends abandon us one by one. These good friends are there through our every thick and thin. Yet, we are stuck with many so-called people pretending to be our best friends. The selfish people quotes help us differentiate the good from the bad friends in our life.

selfish people quote

The selfish quotes take their origin from life experiences which have helped people to stop neglecting true friends for the false ones. Moreover, friendship is the only thing that can fill our hearts with warmth regardless of what we are going through, not even girlfriends or boyfriends could do that. Selfish friendship quotes help us maintain this asset labeled as friends. Selfish quotes also help in acknowledging the importance of a true friend. Since ancient times, people have chosen friends over other things because they are the only ones on whom to rely on for help at the time of adversity. Furthermore, positive traits like honesty and loyalty can only be expected from our true friends.

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It is indeed rare to find a true friend and we should treasure them. And, cherish every moment we live with them. They are the unique ones who will try everything to help you rise in life. They protect you, cover your flaws, and stand by you whether it is a bad time or good time. A true friendship will blossom and continue for entire life. It will be advantageous for us to identify them even if we have to take help from selfish quotes or real people.

100 Selfish Quotes

  1. People will talk about being a helping hand, but they will be the first ones to disappear when needed.
  2. Our biggest enemy is friends who cheat on us.
  3. A good friend cannot be selfish, and a selfish man cannot be a good friend.
  4. The most beautiful thing about bad times it that, it picks our selfish friends out of our lives.
  5. Thieves are far better than fake friends.
  6. Live your life in such a manner that selfish never succeeds to befriend you.
  7. Life could have been meaningful if few selfish friends did not destroy it.
  8. The ocean is so selfish that after taking life it tells waves to drive dead into a corner.
  9. Rocking legs is important while asleep or people will bury you without delays.
  10. Someone said that the world runs on compassion, but experience said the world runs on selfishness.
  11. No problems, no situation can turn you down when you are not in company with falsifiers.
  12. People with a false face can turn your world upside down.
  13. The selfish people never understand the word “Us”.
  14. Generosity does not cost anything but selfishness costs your soul.
  15. The world perceives to turn good people into evil.
  16. Manipulative people will always blame others for the problems instead of asking themselves if the problem is them.
  17. The selfish people have a tendency to cheat themselves while assuming they are clever enough to manipulate other’s emotions.
  18. Trust is as delicate as glass. It can be fixed but not without visible cracks.
  19. An insincere friend is more dangerous than a beast; beast will injure your body but an insincere friend will hurt your soul.
  20. The weak-minders become haters because they cannot tolerate seeing a strong-minded person rise.
  21. Enemies are better than toxic friends; enemies will try to poison you but toxic friends will poison your confidence.
  22. More space can be created in your life by tossing excess baggage to garbage.
  23. Insensitive friends are like season into a lifetime.
  24. Insecurity calls for hundreds who will stand with you in pleasure but experience calls for a friend who stands with you in pressure.
  25. Those who cannot understand your silence are not worthy to stand with you in success.
  26. I am not selfish; I have just distanced myself from people who appreciate my presence.
  27. You shall leave a selfish alone because you cannot heal them.
  28. People change their attitude as soon as their needs change.
  29. Fake friends follow only greets who until you are needed.
  30. The fabric of friendship sewed with emotions is hard to break.
  31. A good friend will standby you and a bad friend will teach you.
  32. The selfish people suffer more than those they betrayed.
  33. A fake person is more aware of his wrongdoings but they overlook it.
  34. The world is very forgetful. It will only remember things that interest them.
  35. Do not love people who are self-obsessed or you will be crushed along with your emotions.
  36. It is better to stay away from friends who carry mind in their hearts.
  37. Emotions are not designed for selfish people.
  38. We are living in that part of the time where emotions are considered idiotic.
  39. You can find the most lethal poison at the heart of selfish people.
  40. What we do, how we look, what we say and, how we say are four parameters through which the world defines us.
  41. Avoid those who always used sugar-coated words; they might be serving poison with that cover-up.
  42. Letting go of toxic people is a lifetime achievement.
  43. Sometimes we are concerned about how one person has changed without realizing that he has not changed but only his mask fell off.
  44. A fake friend will believe in rumors about you.
  45. People do not want to understand what you feel but they expect you to do what they feel.
  46. A penniless friend can be more valuable than a penny-faced friend. A two-faced friend could be a snake in disguise.
  47. There is no difference between a mannequin and a fake friend.
  48. The most difficult phase of success is to find someone who is delighted about your success.
  49. Betrayal is one of the most beneficial lessons of our life.
  50. It is more difficult to differentiate those who have your back than those who have it long enough to stab you.
  51. Forgiving a deceitful friend is more difficult than forgiving your enemies.
  52. Everyone can conceive death but no one can conceive betrayal.
  53. Brutal honesty is far better than phony interest.
  54. Fake people never mean anything spoken; they only speak words to satisfy their needs.
  55. A fake person never dares to come out from his mask to face the truth.
  56. No one loses a true friend; we only lose people masquerading as friends.
  57. Most attractive people usually wear a mask of lies.
  58. You can label anyone as a friend, so first, decide carefully who is suited to wear the crown.
  59. Glories can be made with selfish principles but not without shame and guilt.
  60. It is a dreadful fact that one who controls the relationship is the one who loves the least.
  61. Fake people never understand that friendship is not a way road.
  62. We never need a certain number of friends but only a number of friends we can be certain of.
  63. The amount of guilt in a fake person eats him inside while they manage to keep their face smiling.
  64. Selfishness can make you feel better but it cannot make you feel happy.
  65. Do not expect to receive something from selfish people without returning more than you received.
  66. What left after taking out all selfishness, is love.
  67. There is nothing born out of opportunism.
  68. A selfish friend thinks more of the benefits he will get by helping you.
  69. It is an act of selfishness to stay angry at someone for a long time.
  70. A selfish person is self-absorbed in his need that he cannot tell what is good of everyone.
  71. Every evil act done by mankind is always fueled by selfish motives.
  72. Loving yourself is definitely not selfish.
  73. The path for a happier life is to reduce selfishness.
  74. A selfish person does not need enemies; he is an enemy of himself.
  75. It is unfortunate that we understand that honor lies in selfless acts when we are not capable to prove it.
  76. The most unfortunate are those who are selfish because they will have all material things but not a single person to care for him with all his heart.
  77. A self-obsessed person always believes that he is best at everything than everyone else without realizing that there is always someone better than him.
  78. The meaning of true love is having less of yourself and more of others.
  79. A selfish person is a prisoner of his own desires.
  80. A successful and prosperous person may not have much of materialistic things but he surely has more people around him who love him truly.
  81. Living selfishly is a very lonely way to live.
  82. Being more selfish is synonymous with being poorer.
  83. A person is called selfish when he neglects the emotions and needs of other people.
  84. Selfishness can indeed give many things but it will take away people from your life.
  85. Some people are really good at being fake.
  86. The damage done by a fake friend is much harmful than the damage done by countless enemies.
  87. A true friend will tell you in your face what others choose to say behind your back.
  88. Life is more precious than wasting it on people who are not happy to help anyone but themselves.
  89. The mask of a selfish person fades away when he begins to act like he is the only one with the problems.
  90. A selfish friend will never give you what you want instead they will make sure to get what they want from you.
  91. Truth and selfishness never get along.
  92. Hypocrisy and selfishness are best friends.
  93. There is no doubt that fakeness is a new fashion trend.
  94. Some people will only act as they are helping you.
  95. Fake friends will start talking about you as soon as they stop talking to you.
  96. It will be more useful if you stop talking about and start listening to what other people say about you.
  97. Selfishness is as bad as stealing.
  98. The worst enemy we can have is a selfish friend.
  99. A fake person cannot understand the importance of changing the attitude to change the circumstances.
  100. Fake friends will stay only until their need for you is fulfilled.

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Final Words

It is no crime to compare true friendship with a bank account. The more we care, the more we get in return. True friendship is a worthy investment despite being a financial investment. The selfish quotes have given insight into the importance of friendship. However, you can only know its real value when you experience it. The selfish quotes are only a medium to tell about the positive and negative aspects of true people and fake people respectively. It is not entirely about sharing good moments of life, but it is about caring for each other. Friendship is a special package that needs handling with the utmost care, and selfish quotes give a perception of what a rare gem it is. In addition, it is of utmost importance for us to gratefully acknowledge the gift of true friendship.

The experience shared through selfish friendship quotes is difficult to overlook. And, if you do not want to fall prey to loneliness, do not overlook it. The selfish people quotes are specifically for people who want to say something about the fakeness of people around them. And, they want to understand the difference between real and fake. The selfish quotes might assist in understanding the unbreakable bond between two sincere friends.

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