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See Mars Without Telescope: Everything You Need to Know


It has been going through your head, and today you decided to find out how you can see Mars without telescope. 

Other astronomical objects move to the east with the stars. These are the planets. 

There’s more you can learn from seeing the planets without a telescope, or with naked eyes. And if you didn’t know, there are five planets you can observe without using a telescope. These planets are Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. And you can be able to see Uranus if you’ve got sharp eyes. 

In this post, I’ll be walking you through how you can observe Mars and Venus without a telescope. If this has been your dream, no worries, you will be able to see these two planets and even more with naked eyes. 

Let’s dive in, shall we? 

Some other Frequently Asked Questions!

Before we move on to mars, lets clear the air about some other questions related to seeing planets with a telescope.

Can Neptune be seen at night without a telescope? 

can neptune be seen at night without a telescope

There’s nothing as impressive as finding out what you had always wanted to know. Back then, people only knew of five planets – Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter. And the reason was straightforward – they are the only planets that humans can see without a telescope. 

As astronomists went on to study more on planets, they realized there was another planet – Earth, which also orbited the sun. Come 1781, a man named William Herschel discovered the seventh planet – Uranus. 

After about 6o years, the astronomists thought that there should be another planet to prompt the odd gravitational behavior. In 1846, Urbain Le Verrier discovered the eighth planet – Neptune, but you cannot see it without a telescope. 

Can Saturn be seen at night without a telescope? 

can saturn be seen at night without a telescope

There’s no doubt that Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets, and it has a ring. Saturn is found in the south next to Jupiter. If you go out during sunset, and look up into the sky, in the south, you’ll be able to see a star, that’s dimmer than Jupiter. That star is Saturn. In other words, Saturn is in the south. 

If you decide to observe Saturn using binoculars, you might not be able to view the beautiful planet you always know. Instead, you will see a multitude of stars. This happens because Saturn lies in the richest sky location. So yes, you can see Saturn without a telescope. You can test this next time when you are outside. 

Can you see Venus without a telescope? 

see venus without telescope

Even though you might be able to see Venus using steadily held binoculars, the planet is kind of notorious as compared to other planets for some reasons. 

Firstly, during the times when you can spot the planet, mostly during sunrise and sunset, the planet is positioned above the horizon, where you can see it immersed. This affects your vision, and so you can’t spot it easily as you’d spot other planets when using a telescope. 

Also, most people who view these planets with a telescope prefer to observe the planets during the day. This is because of the much higher altitude, though you should take care to remove the sun from view.  

Secondly, Venus is a beautiful planet as it is pleasing to view with the naked eye as compared to when you see the planet using a telescope. 

Finally, the planet is cloaked in the cloud, so you may not be able to view the surface features of this planet using a telescope. Most beginner astronomists can only be able to observe the feature phase changes, and nothing more. So yes, you can still see Venus without a telescope. 

How to See Mars Without Telescope?

see mars without telescope

Mars usually comes into position after every two years – twenty-six months to be precise. Today, astronomists expect that Mars will be closer to the Earth than it always has. 

As a result, people will now be able to see a bigger Mars because the sun reflects its surface just like the moon always appears as light. If you have a telescope, you will now be able to observe Mars in a better way. 

An Australian astronomer claims that Mars will be a nightmare to observe if you don’t have a telescope. Dr. Ian Musgrave says, “From the point of view of someone standing around looking into the sky, it is just going to be a bright dot.” He adds that if you want to observe the planet Mars, you should go out between 10 pm and 12 midnight. 

If you don’t have a telescope, you can still observe Mars during a Mars viewing event in your area. Just make sure you know the plans very well, so you don’t miss out on this opportunity. They usually hold them, where everyone can be able to observe. For example, the Emil Buehler Planetarium often holds events in Sanford, Florida. 

In 2016, people were able to observe the first blue moon. The moon might not have been blue, but astronauts assume it is blue when the full moon is the third in one season of all the four moons. In the United States, people were able to view the blue moon as the sky was very clear. An online stream was also available to people. so you can see Mars without telescope. 

See Venus Without a Telescope

see venus without telescope

If you have ever seen the moon during the day, then you can also be able to observe the planet Venus during the day, and that is if you know exactly where to focus on when looking at the sky.

You can observe Venus in the morning or during the evenings. Every ten months, Venus may be challenging to see because it moves close to the sun. You can always view Venus in the morning during May and June. Also, you can view the planet Venus in the evenings during October and November, though these dates may change. 

If you happen to find Venus before the sun rises, you may observe it until the sun comes out. Others will find it fun capturing Venus on film. That’s also another way to spot the planet, Venus. Venus is the brightest object you can see in the sky, which is why you can always view it in the sky.

Bottom Line

From this post, you were able to learn how to see Mars without telescope. You have also noted that other planets can be viewed without telescopes. They are always five. 

Go out and test this and feel free to let me know your experience in the comments on how you managed to spot the planets and how they looked. I’ll be glad to hear from you. 

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