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Scott Rogowsky Salary and Net Worth


People who google celebrities always like to now their salaries or net worth (not that it will make you rich). But If you are interested in Scott Rogowsky salary and net worth, well it is $2.5 million as the end of 2019. He makes $30k per year as salary.  But more than being rich, Scott is much more. He is an American Standup comedian and game show host.

Who is Scott Rogowsky?

Scott was born on born on December 4, 1984, to Marty Rogowsky, in Manhattan and was raised in New York City, United States.  He graduated from Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland with a degree in political science, where he played exceptionally in baseball. Scott was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and is an avid supporter of the New York Mets. He is of the Jewish religion.

Scott Rogowsky became a household name when he created several viral videos including ‘10hours of walking in NYC as a Jew’ and ‘taking fake Book Covers on the subway’. He has also operated as the host for the sports and comedy talk show titled “12 Angry Mascots’ in 2011. In 2017, he hosted a Pop-up talk show ‘start t@lking’ which lasted one session.

He is also one of those comedians and celebrities whose main source of income and primary profession is a comedy and game show host. He is best known for his contributions to several TV shows such as ‘Onion SportsDome’, ‘NFL writers room’, and ‘Onion News Network’. Scott is also known as Quiz Khalifa, Host Malone, Trap Trebek as a result of his days in HQ Trivia.

Family life

Rogowsky although having dated in the past has resigned to take his career as a priority. He says, “The truth is, I’m dating, let’s put it that way. Not taking anyone home to meet mom just yet, but truthfully, it’s hard, especially because I’m not living in the city right now and I have the show at night. If someone is willing to meet up for a drink at 10 p.m., great, but for most people, it’s a little too late.”

Given this insight into existence or not of Scott Rogowsky wife and love life, we know he is currently single and seems to be concentrating more on his career than relationship.

Scott Rogowsky Jail

Following the absence of Scott Rogowsky on HQ, it was rumored that he was in Jail. However, this is not the case as the game show host went on a break.

Scott Rogowsky Fired?

The stand-up comedian is a former host of HQ Trivia a mobile game show which operated from 2017 to 2020. In August 2017, Rogowsky began as the primary host of HQ Trivia, an app and trivia game developed by the co-creators of Vine Rus Yusupov and Collin Kroll.

During an interview held by Daily Beast writer Taylor Lorenz, The co-creator of HQ Trivia, threatened to fire him for speaking to the press without permission, when Rogowsky states that he is able to make people laugh and give them the Trivia they want. Following March 2019, he began co-hosting ‘ChangeUp’, a baseball program broadcast on the subscription video streaming network DAZN.

Scott Rogowsky hq trivia fired

In April 2019, it was confirmed that he had stopped hosting HQ due to an inability to organize a scheduling agreement around the two shows.  HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky, in essence, was not fired. He openly said that he is giving up hosting HQ Trivia to focus on hosting sports streaming service DAZN’s baseball show ‘ChangeUp’. He was open to the idea of hosting HQ only on the weekends but HQ wanted a full-time commitment.

What does he do now?

In late March 2019, Scott started a job hosting a weeknight Major League Baseball show on DAZN titled ‘changeup’.The show was from MLB’s New Jersey studios which of course improved Scott Rogowsky Salary. The show co-hosted by Adam Virk streams Monday to Friday starting at 7 pm. His twitter account now reads “Quiz Daddy Emeritus”.

Rogowsky admits that while consistency and virality got him a dream job he had never dreamed of before, the worst part of the gig though he explains is suppressing the urge for autos. He maintains multiple eBay accounts under pseudonyms, naturally, where he is constantly buying and selling officially signed cards, even while he is in the studio. He and Virk have developed a common bond, but figuring out how best to present it remains a challenge.

Scott is looking forward to doing more this offseason and possibly bringing back ‘running late’. He does not see himself ever giving up his comedy dreams. He has even combined his comedy and his collecting, with a charitable vintage t-shirt flipping business and corresponding web series.

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