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Saaho Box Office Collection of All Languages – India & Overseas


.Everyone in 2019 was eagerly looking forward to the Saaho Box Office collection because Prabhas’ previous movie Baahubali was super successful. Saaho is an action, thriller film. It was released on the 30th of August, 2019. The movie was released in four languages viz Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. It was too much based on action sequences rather than the story. However, it was first released in the Hindi language and, debut in the South Indian region was a little later.

The movie is based on a commercially successful path. It follows a crime syndicate that is engulfed in a power struggle after the death of the leader. The movie scenes were primarily shot in India, Austria, Romania, and the UAE. Saaho was approximately released in 4200 screens all over the world. The movie was made on a heavy budget. Saaho did a pretty good box office collection, as well.

Saaho as per viewers and critics

Action-packed movies are one of the most commercially successful styles for Indian producers. This style is specifically seen in south Indian movies. Saaho was also an action-packed thriller movie where the hero (Prabhas) was showcased no less than god. The unrealistic action scenes were received with big applause from the viewers. But, many of the viewers who also expected a well-streamlined story, were seen disappointed after the movie. Saaho on IMDB also received very poor reviews from users.

Nevertheless, every actor has his own fan following. Prabhas too has a large number of fans who were more attracted to him after his two previous movies. And, many of his fans and critics also expected a good storyline along with unrealistic action sequences from him in the movie, Saaho. But, it seemed that the actor did a mistake here as an artist.

However, the movie was a commercial success and many of the viewers received the movie very well. So, the Saaho box office collection was not very bad neither as good as producers may have expected.

Saaho Box Office Collection (India)

saaho box office collection india

Saaho box office revenue in India was a little lesser than expected. However, its first-day collection broke many records. The first-day Saaho box office collection was approximately Rs. 25.82 crores. Let us take a look at which states did Saaho’s collection was highest.

S.No.RegionSaaho Box Office Collection (Approximate values)
1.Delhi/U.P.Rs. 35.370 crores
2.RajasthanRs. 8.390 crores
3.MysoreRs. 4.105 crores
4.BiharRs. 8.590 crores
5.AssamRs. 2.870 crores
6.MumbaiRs. 41.915 crores
7.PunjabRs. 13.890 crores
8.BerarRs. 8.665 crores
9.Andhra PradeshRs. 5.915 crores
10.Tamil Nadu & KeralaRs. 1.015 crores
11.West BengalRs. 7.715 crores
12.OrissaRs. 4.845 crores.
13.Other citiesRs. 5.550 crores

If we look at the figures above then Saaho’s collection in entire India is Rs. 148.835 crores approximately. But, if the movie did not lack a strong story, then, Saaho box office collection figures could have been much higher than this.

Saaho was leaked by FZmovies & MassTamilian shortly after its release, which may have hampered its collection a little bit.

Saaho Box Office Collection (Worldwide)

However, Saaho’s movie did show a strong first week in other countries with the first-week collection at Rs. 145.080 crores. Let us take a look at major counties that contributed to the Saaho’s worldwide collection.

S.No.CountryCollection (Approximate value of the first week)
1.The U.S.A.Rs. 114.942 crores
2The U.K.Rs. 15.506 crores
3.AustraliaRs. 8.952 crores
4.New ZealandRs. 4.504 crores
5.MalaysiaRs. 1.176 crores

There is no doubt that foreign viewers have shown interest in an action-packed Bollywood movie. The collection figures are enough to tell that Saaho was quite a successful movie in other countries in comparison to India.

saaho worldwide collection

Saaho Movie Budget

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor starrer movie, Saaho, was one of the most awaited movies for the fans. And, the trailers of the movie had given hint to everyone that the film crew has not left any stone unturned to make it one of the best action movies. So, there were many assumptions that a large amount is spent during the making of the movie. As it turns out, the producers spent a whopping amount of Rs. 325 crores for film making.


If we compare the budget of the movie and its box office collection then we can easily understand that movie is not more than average. However, the movie earned a lot of profit but it was neither critically acclaimed nor applauded by the viewers. The overall reaction for the movie Saaho is that producers failed to keep viewers awestruck even after spending a lot of money.

saaho verdict flop

It seems a lot of money was spent on action sequences. The producers should have made a movie that is more entertaining to the viewers. Rather than spending money on the enjoyment of the movie-making process only. Thus, the overall verdict for the movie is that it is neither good nor bad if we only want good action sequences. But, if we try to find a good story then, it is no better than previous commercial movies which are produced in a much lesser amount than this one.

Pre-release Revenue

As mentioned before, the production costs of the movie were Rs. 325 crores. And, trailers of the movie had created an excitement in the minds of the fans. Moreover, the movie was rather successful in generating more revenue in pre-release sales than box office collections. The producers were good with the strategy to create a hype. That’s why theatrical rights for only Telugu states were sold at Rs. 124 crores. Let us take a look at different amounts earned from different rights by producers of the movie.

  • The theatrical rights at the rate of Rs. 124 crores for Telugu speaking states.
  • The theatrical rights for Karnataka state were sold at Rs. 28 crores.
  • The theatrical rights for Tamil Nadu state were sold at Rs. 20 crores.
  • The theatrical rights for Malayalam state, Kerala, were sold at Rs. 6 crores.
  • While theatrical rights for overseas markets were sold at Rs. 42 crores.
  • Moreover, the theatrical rights for the Hindi version were sold at Rs. 70 crores.

Therefore, the producers were successful in fetching Rs. 290 crores by selling theatrical rights only. Moreover, let us take a look at rights acquired for Digital/Satellite at what amounts.

  • The digital platform Amazon Prime paid Rs. 42 crores to purchase the rights for the digital platform in the languages Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.
  • T-Series paid Rs. 100 crores for Digital/Satellite rights for the Hindi version of the movie.
  • The satellite rights for Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages were sold at Rs. 70 crores.

So, if we look at the total pre-release revenue, then producers were successful in fetching approximately Rs. 502 crores. And, that excludes Saaho box office collection.

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