Preity Zinta’s Husband Gene Goodenough- Where is He Now?


Before marrying Gene Goodenough, Preity Zinta was a quite well-accomplished actress in the Bollywood film industry. Preity Zinta’s husband and she hosted a grand wedding ceremony for her Bollywood friends and fellow artists. However, she has never revealed about details of meeting her husband. But, she did tell that she met him in Santa Monica in Los Angeles (USA). They dated for about five years before tying the holy knots. Nevertheless, the friends of Gene Goodenough never expected them to be so serious that they would get wedded. But proving everyone wrong, they tied marriage knots on the 28th of February, 2016. They married as per Hindu rituals at Los Angeles only.

Early Career

Gene Goodenough is 6 feet 1-inch tall handsome man with grey eyes and blond hair. Rumour has it that they met when Preity Zinta was visiting her niece and nephew who stays in the same city. Preity Zinta’s husband was then working with Bank of America as Assistant Vice President. Gene Goodenough graduated from USC Marshall School of Business located in Los Angeles. He subsequently went to Spain to pursue his masters’ degree from ESADE Business and Law School. Preity Zinta husband joined Interthinx Inc., which is a US-based private firm. He worked as Vice President of Product Management due to his education and experience from Bank of America.

preity zinta's husband gene goodenough

Current Occupation

Preity Zinta’s husband is currently living in California only. He works with NLine Energy, Inc. there, as Senior Vice President. It is said that Gene Goodenough was there when Ness Wadia attacked Preity Zinta at Wankhede Stadium. He remained key eye-witness of the molestation but, he was not very much acquainted with her. However, his testimony set a milestone for Preity Zinta to fall for him.

Vision and Contributions

Gene Goodenough, Preity Zinta’s husband is working for a green energy initiative. The company in which he is associated with has developed a process in which wastewater from transmission and distribution system is converted into renewable energy. Preity Zinta’s husband considers this process as Energy Recovery System. And, the company has entailed this process’s service mark as “Waters”. Preity Zinta’s husband working as Vice President is dedicated to the solution presented by the company.

They thrive to harness the wasted hydro-energy to convert it into renewable electricity. He helped in developing an autonomous system of the company. He collectively with his colleagues developed the fully functional system which consists of several parts. Such as the turbine generator, sensors, electronic controls, security equipment, energy storage devices, information collection, and control system. This system can be operated manually but the company and Priety Zinta’s husband finds its autonomous functioning capability more resourceful.

The motto of Gene Goodenough is to convert every drop of wasted water into useable energy. Several benefits of this system of NLine Energy Inc. helped him to associate with them.

Let us take a look on few of the benefits which attracted Preity Zinta’s husband-

  • The system generates cost-effective energy.
  • Decreases operation costs.
  • Offset carbon footprint.
  • Increases water service reliability.
  • Reduce the emission of fossil fuels.
nline energy
NLine Energy – Company Gene Works at

Preity Zinta’s husband remains quite an environmentalist. He had associations with other business centres but his attachment lies with his current company. His readiness towards clean energy has attracted the attention of many who are inclined towards a green planet with clean energy. As for now, he is vice president as well as a financial analyst for the US-based hydroelectricity power company NLine Energy Inc. Let us know a few details about the Mr Right of the bubbly actress Preity Zinta.


Gene Goodenough is an American citizen by birth. The exact date of his birth remains unknown, but he was born in 1975. He comes from a dedicated Christian family which not so rich. However, he belongs to a well-literate family which encouraged him for higher studies in Spain. Additionally, he comes from a family of scholars. He studied in the reputed school established in the suburbs in the city of Los Angeles. As we are well aware that Los Angeles is a city of dreams. And, many come here to find fame and fortune.

But, Preity Zinta’s husband and his family were consciously aware of the fact that being an accomplished artist represents a completely fortunate event. Lots of talented artists fail to prove themselves and live a life of poverty and loneliness. Additionally, his family being very well-educated understood the importance and impact of good education in one’s life.

Importance of Education

Therefore, Preity’s husband grew up in an environment that gave more importance to education than name and fame. And, Gene Goodenough himself took an interest in studies, particularly in economics and finance. He followed his heart and constructed his life of dreams by himself. Moreover, he was always keen to make his parents and his family proud of him. In this context, he has not failed anyone. He did face a lot of troubles during his college days. Nothing but, he handled everything with good spirit because he gave more importance to education than the struggles he was facing. And, he emerged triumphantly in a majority of his classmates.

Final Words

There is no doubt that the Bollywood actress made a wise choice. Gene Goodenough remains a humble and well-accomplished person. Despite many failed marriages, Preity Zinta has finally come across a person who can stay beside her in every thick and thin. However, the culture of spending life with one person is quite primitive. But, the Bollywood actress has much experience with the negative effects of fail marriages. And, using only emotions to select someone as a life partner is not always guarantee long-lasting marriage. Nevertheless, Preity Zinta’s husband seems to be someone who will not give up on her easily, and she will also not let him go effortlessly. After all, falling in love and marrying a well-accomplished gentleman is not easy.

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