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Prayers to ST Joseph of Cupertino: It’s Significance and Much More


You’re probably wondering what was the essence of Prayers to ST Joseph of Cupertino

You should know that most saints originated from Roman Catholicism – a Christian church with the most influential spiritual force in the history of Western civilization.

You can think of the Roman Catholic Church as a religion, which traces the history of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Over the years, it has developed catholic theology and a detailed structure headed by the oldest absolute monarchy known as the papacy.

Did you also know that the Roman Catholic is the greatest of all religious traditions worldwide? Well, the Roman Catholics cover a population of about 1.1 billion, which is nearly all other religious traditions combined.

Okay, enough of the introduction. Let’s now focus on Saint Joseph, who is the main subject of this post. Stay in touch for more details.

A Brief History of St Joseph

St. Joseph was born at Cupertino in the year 1603, in the diocese of Nardo based in the Naples Kingdom. He always believed in a simple life, and so spent his childhood and adolescence life in simplicity, which eventually drove him to join the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventual.  

Afterward, St. Joseph was ordained to the holy priesthood, where he chose to serve the Lord his entire life. His religious life drove him to lead a spiritual experience, which was as a result of obedience and humility. He was later consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his devotion upgraded among all people as a way of spreading God’s love. 

Despite leading a humble life, it is believed that Joseph was harshly treated by her mother because he was a slow-learner and often absent-minded. It is said that he would wander all day with his mouth agape. 

Joseph was a hot-tempered guy with very little fame. He was a go-getter too – he tried working as a cobbler, but failed. Joseph requested to join Franciscan but didn’t go well either. He finally got a chance at Capuchins, for a short period though, since he couldn’t do anything right. 

It is said that her mother became tired – she couldn’t tolerate the eighteen-year-old Joseph any longer. Luckily, he was accepted as a servant at the Franciscan covenant, where he was assigned to look after horses.   Prayers to ST Joseph of Cupertino

While he was working as a servant at the Franciscan covenant, Joseph started showing significant improvements both spiritually and physically. He became prayerful and more careful in whatever he was doing. Finally, his hard work convinced the Franciscan of his abilities, which led to his enrollment into the priesthood and became a success.  

His childhood challenges didn’t stop him from being where he is. St. Joseph’s popularity increased from the miracles he performed. He spent most of his free time talking to Jesus until one day when he joined Christ in Heaven. In 1767, Pope Clement XIII declared Joseph as the patron saint of pilots and air travelers.  

Prayers to ST Joseph of Cupertino

Levitations and Ecstasies marked his life as a saint. Most Catholics believed that he would float on air during Mass and on singing Christmas carols. Many would seek help and advice from St.Joseph during confessions, which he would gladly give to them. 

Even though he had to endure many trials and temptations in his lifetime, Joseph died a humble man. He died in the year 1663, on September 18. 

The Saint of Exams at St. Joseph

St. Joseph of Cupertino led an exciting life though not admirable. So why should you pray for success in exams from him?

Remember, his life was full of challenges, even though he made it at the very end. He frequently lost his mind and the sound of a ringing church bell would make him scared. Sadly, no one loved his company, not even his mother. 

However, one day something unusual happened that changed the life of St. Joseph of Cupertino completely. A friar walked into his hometown, begging for bread. Joseph thought that he would be better at begging bread even though he tried so many things to no avail.

And therefore, his journey kicked off with the Franciscan friars. Joseph got admitted to the Franciscan Order, where he received lots of favor from God despite all his shortcomings. He became a shock to those who never believed in his dreams of becoming a priest. 

This is where things become more attractive. It was time for Joseph to sit for his final examination at the Seminary, the examiner asked Joseph a question based on the biblical context, and guess what?

Joseph knew the question by heart, which he not only answered but also expounded on it. Honestly, isn’t that favor from God?

So you see, St. Joseph of Cupertino is capable of granting favors to those who need additional help for an upcoming exam. He is the only saint you can rely on even in the most uncomplicated reviews.

The essence of Prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino

Joseph was a prayerful man who lived in the line of the great men of faith in the Old Testament. He was full of humility and wouldn’t hesitate to grant favors to those who needed it most. 

St. Joseph used prayers as a way of employing his divine help through the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary. Pope Clement XIII, therefore, requested St. Joseph to add to his special prayers an attachment, which would be used as a rosary recitation in October.

This prayer was to serve as a concluding prayer for the rosary after the customary Salve Regina. Additionally, it would conclude other Marian devotions. 

Wrap Up

You now have a deeper understanding of the essence of prayers to St Joseph of Cupertino.

You should now be in a position to explain a thing or two about Prayers to ST Joseph of Cupertino. 

And just like St. Joseph, we all have our future planned. God knows all our destiny before we are even born.

What am I trying to say? We should soldier on, no matter how difficult things may seem to be. Joseph fought tooth and nail since his childhood, and at no point in life did he give up.

Another thing, don’t allow people to put you down; instead, work harder to prove them wrong.

Joseph’s challenges made him lose friends leave alone her mother, who treated him harshly because he was a slow learner. However, such treatments didn’t give him any reasons to cough up his dreams.

So, always run for your dreams just as Joseph did. He believed in his priesthood dreams, which came to pass through God’s favors. Most importantly, make prayers an essential asset in your life because it is the breakthrough to your life’s obstacles. 

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