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90+ Positive Work-Life Balance Quotes


The modern world can sometimes feel like a never-ending to-do list. We can often get so caught up in our work or commitments that we forget to live our lives and enjoy the things that matter. Time is one of those things that you cannot buy, no matter how rich you are, so it’s important not to waste the time we have.

Positive affirmations and quotes can help give us the motivation we need to achieve our goals either at work or in life. Meaningful quotes can also give us pause for thought, causing us to reflect and ultimately refocus our priorities away from work and towards the more important things in life such as friends and family.

positive work life balance quotes

Listed below are a variety of positive work-life balance quotes designed to give you the drive you need whether you’re feeling unmotivated, or overwhelmed. After all, it truly is all about balance.

92 Positive Work-Life Balance Quotes

  1. How will people care about what you do if you don’t care for you?
  2. No one will hear your voice if it’s worn out
  3. Miserable doesn’t equal successful
  4. Work will never satisfy you as much as living your life will
  5. Taking breaks isn’t slacking, it’s recharging to increase your performance
  6. Do you think your boss ever works as hard as you?
  7. Failure at work doesn’t mean you’re a failure at life
  8. You can never have everything you want, but you can lose that which matters most to you
  9. You should always be at the top of your to-do list
  10. Having a career isn’t having a life
  11. Mistakes happen when minds are messy
  12. Remember, when looking back, no one ever wishes for more time in the office
  13. Just as in other areas of your life, work should be viewed under the lens of quality not quantity
  14. Don’t spend your time, invest it instead
  15. Time is the currency of life, spend it wisely
  16. No matter whether times are good or times are bad the time we have is all we’ve got
  17. While working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress, when we work hard for something we love it’s called passion
  18. To be satisfied with your work, you need to be satisfied with your life
  19. Before you break your back to purchase an item, stop and think, is it really worth your labors?
  20. While striving for work-life balance, we can often fall into work-life imbalance
  21. Weekends exist for a reason; cherish them
  22. If all the world is a stage, then your life should be seen as an act, a balancing act
  23. Living for money = living for nothing
  24. You can create more work for yourself, or you can more create memories. What you cannot create is more time.
  25. Sometimes doing what you don’t want to do can lead to the things that you really want to do.
  26. Slow down or you’ll miss the sights, sounds, and the wonders of the world around you.
  27. Saying no to work can be saying yes to your dreams
  28. Work should only be a fraction of our lives, if it takes over the majority then you need to rework your equations
  29. Being rich in work often means your poor in well-being
  30. Self-care gives you the strength needed to lift the weight of responsibility
  31. Work and life should not be balanced. You can have many jobs, but you only have one life: live it
  32. If you try your best but get no credit, keep trying, good things will come in time
  33. If you have a gift, share it with the world, don’t settle for the security of a job you hate
  34. If you working for approval you’ll never be happy. True happiness comes from working for your personal growth
  35. Happiness in the workplace is about being able to accept the bad because you recognize the good you’re doing
  36. Always aim to work happier, not harder
  37. Work takes up such a huge portion of our lives that it’s madness to spend this time doing something we despise
  38. No one ever ‘has it all’, stop striving for the impossible, and push for the wonderful
  39. Success and happiness are words with different definitions, don’t assume that one will automatically come if you gain the other
  40. Instead of constantly trying to manage the little time you have, try investing your time instead. From humble investments, great things may grow
  41. Great achievements are not measured in a single day, but thousands of little moments chosen wisely
  42. Remember you run your own day, don’t get caught up running other peoples marathons
  43. Being of value is worth much more than being successful
  44. Having everything you ever wanted is possible, having it all at once is not
  45. Feeling burnt out is okay, new life flourishes from the ashes of our past
  46. Doing a good job is impossible if your job is all that you do
  47. Salary doesn’t signal success
  48. Redefine the definitions of your life
  49. Slow down and consider your options. Running fast at your problems is rarely the solution
  50. Find joy in the doing, not just the finishing
  51. Find your own balance. We are all unique, and our work-life balance is no different
  52. Perfection is paralyzing, improvement is empowering
  53. Power isn’t always positive, strive for it with care
  54. Oftentimes even the best job isn’t worth devoting your entire life to
  55. If freedom is planned and scheduled, it isn’t freedom
  56. We only gain true perspective when we take several steps back from the problem
  57. View those who violate your work-life boundaries as thieves, and respond to them accordingly
  58. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others, instead, take the steps needed to improve
  59. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle, you have worth, and the right working environment will allow you to shine
  60. Whoever you are and wherever you live you’ll have to work for a living. The trick is to find something which doesn’t feel like work at all
  61. Even the best-laid plans are meaningless if you are not willing to adapt them
  62. Planning can only get you so far. There comes a time when you must jump into the deep end and sink or swim
  63. You should work so you can live, you shouldn’t live so that you can work
  64. Less is more, the same can be said about your working life
  65. Perfection is a myth, stop trying to attain that which doesn’t exist
  66. Time is one of those things that you cannot buy, no matter how rich you are
  67. Time is not trash, stop wasting it
  68. Every no you give closes the doors of possibility
  69. All work and no play won’t keep the doctor away!
  70. A meaningful life isn’t made in the office, it is made in the laughter of your children, the smiles of your friends, and the love of your partner
  71. Dreams are possible futures we can forge into reality
  72. Like ripping off a band-aid sometimes you just have to get through the bad or the painful to lead to a positive future.
  73. Happiness is a state of mind that anyone can achieve, however, few people want to work to achieve it
  74. If you’re miserable but you’re successful, can you really call yourself a success?
  75. Fun isn’t frivolous, it’s the freedom you need from the chains of expectation
  76. Strive for excellent not for perfection, one is possible and the other is a myth
  77. Work will always be there, the chance for memories with your loved ones will not
  78. Think about the words on your gravestone – don’t like your message, make it your life’s work to change it
  79. Work-life balance is a myth. Instead, we have work-life choices. We find success through choosing wisely
  80. Childhood exists only once, don’t take the experience from your kids by being absent
  81. Balance is about harmony, if you’re stressed then you need to rebalance your scales
  82. We’re all unique, therefore we have our own scales. Don’t compare the way you balance your time with others, do what works for you
  83. You are a perishable object, make sure that you live accordingly
  84. If success means sacrifice, misery, and stress, then you need a new dictionary
  85. Don’t let anyone define you, successful people make their own definitions
  86. Rest is the self-care of the soul
  87. Dreams will forever stay dreams if you don’t take the steps to turn them into reality
  88. While dreams can have wings ambition can have horns
  89. Opportunities rarely just happen, you have to be ready and willing to create them
  90. Little is learned by taking the easy route
  91. When considering the amount you may gain from a venture, take pause and think of all that you could lose
  92. Rest is an essential item, not a commodity

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Final Thoughts

Which of these quotes applies to you? Are you a workaholic that needs to relax, or have you been too laid back and want to strive forward? Remember, balance is always about harmony if you are permanently stressed you need to even the scales, and the same can be said if you’re not achieving in life. We hope these quotes will help you on your journey!

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