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Paige Wyatt was born as Paige Grewcock at Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She was born in the year 1984, October 30. The gorgeous young lady is a former Reality TV series ”American Guns”. The show was an instant hit until it got cancelled. The show was aired for only two seasons from October 10, 2011, to September 5, 2012. And, Miss Wyatt was the heartthrob of every young lad then. Her good looks lead her to immense popularity overnight.

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Bio and Family

She inherited her gorgeous looks from her mother Renee Wyatt. She grew up with her brother Kurt, who was also featured in the ”American Guns”. Her parents divorced in 2007 and married Rich Wyatt in the year 2010. Her stepfather owned a business called “Gunsmoke Guns” in partnership with Victor Rodriguez, who later left the store solely in the hands of her father to manage. Soon, Paige Wyatt also started to involve herself with the business. The shop successfully attracted the attention of producer Scott Gurney who hired the family as cast members of the TV reality show “American Guns”. The show primarily focused on the blended family while they handled business and life in sync.

Cancellation of Show

In the year 2012, when the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre happened, Discovery Channel abruptly cut the show from their programming. The channel was also facing much criticism from social media platforms as well as TV viewers for showcasing owning and using firearms as an act of pride. Finally, the channel decided to stop programming the show to avoid further complications.  

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The downfall of Wyatt Family

The downfall of the once-famous family of America started with the cancellation of the show. As soon as, the show cancelled, Rich Wyatt’s business license was cancelled by Federal Firearms Authority due to violation of a law concerning regulations and firearms law. However, the family decided to continue to operate without a license. The store continued to operate for two years until the federal team raided the store where her father was found selling firearms, without a proper license. The Federal team arrested her father and started investigating the case. During the investigation, the federal team also found inconsistency in tax filing. Her father took the responsibility of all the wrongdoings and, he was charged with 10 felony counts. Her father was sentenced to 78 months in prison.      

Short-Lived Fame

However, it will be wrong to say that Paige Wyatt isn’t famous anymore but, her popularity is fading away since the show was cancelled. The people are losing interest since she completely disappeared from online social platforms. Nevertheless, her sudden act of vanishing in smoke has made people curious about her. Because it seems like people in showbiz are declaring this act of hers as a publicity stunt.

Where is Paige Wyatt Today?

She is widely accepted as single. But, only a few know about her long-term boyfriend Pete Hargis. She met him in Omnia Nightclub in Vegas. Pete asked her for a date but she refused because she had to go to Boston. However, they texted each other after which they dated for a long time. In the year 2015, Pete proposed her at Vancouver, British Columbia which she gladly accepted. She also displayed a picture of her emerald cut engagement ring in 2018. She married her sweetheart on May 09, 2019, and changed her name to Paige Wyatt Hargis.

Business Involvements and Net Worth 

It can be said that popularity gained by her in a short period is only possible for a few actresses. Nevertheless, she bagged a nice amount of money even though the show was aired for only two seasons. She received a substantial amount in the form of a salary from the channel. Besides, she also used to shoot videos of hers about Vine Making and, significant fan following in social media platforms only added to her net worth. She also launched a clothing line in partnership with a company. However, conclusive evidence on her sources of income is not known, but Paige Wyatt’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars with an annual income of approximately 250 thousand dollars.

Instagram & Other Facts about Paige Wyatt

She was loved dearly by her stepdad. Her Instagram account is not active anymore but she used to have over 10,000 followers. Wyatt has a fair share of knowledge about guns which she learned from her father. She also has an impressive collection of guns. And, it can be said that she was a collector of guns with a rich history. She received her gun license when she was in high school. She was born under sun sign Libra and her height is 170.18 centimetre. Wyatt is slim with a curvy body. And, she has a keen interest in modelling, apart from guns and bullets. She is a fitness freak and blessed with beautiful hazel colour eyes with long blond hair. She is a pet lover and has a pet dog namely Malibu.

Final Words

It seems like rumors and Paige Wyatt are accompanied by each other in every phase of her life. She is completely disappeared from social media websites. And, paparazzi are also not taking interest in her. Maybe she wants to live a private life with her family. But, when a girl with this much fan following suddenly disappears, then it is obvious for people to be more curious to know about her.

There is no doubt that she climbed ladders of showbiz and successfully attracted people with her looks but, right now she might be vacationing in another part of the world and planning children. Nevertheless, the sudden disappearance of a popular celebrity is unorthodox in showbiz. For sure, she would be deeply hurt by her father’s legal problems which lead her to a quiet life. Or, maybe she is planning with her family for the next possibility to stun the world and reclaim her place in the hearts of American people. There are lots of ifs and buts in her story but we must be positive about her. Maybe one day she decides to contact us by social media or stun us with her cute kids or with the next show. Let us wait until she takes the decision.  

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