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One Piece Scan – Where can you Read it?


One piece manga scan has is the topic of discussion lately, but have you ever got the feeling that Japanese movies are intriguing and unique in style? Well, this is because Japanese folks believe in striking a nerve with their audience when it comes to various forms of arts.

With the advancing technology, you no longer have to visit the cinema to watch your favourite Japanese series or movies – you can also read online as a One Piece scan. 

But, what is One Piece manga scan?

One Piece is a Japanese manga series by Eiichiro Oda. It is also registered in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for the past 22 years now. In addition to its credibility, one piece has collected up to 95 tankobon volumes. 

Manga series all about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body acquired the properties of rubber after accidentally consuming a Devil Fruit. Sounds interesting, right?

Luffy, however, continues to explore the world together with his crew of pirates, “Straw Hat Pirates,” to find the ultimate treasure of the One Piece. Even more, Luffy is in dire straits to become the next King of the Pirates. 

Okay, let’s have a brief overview of One Piece Manga and everything that you need to know. 

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One Piece Manga Overview 

Over the years, the Manga series has created a media franchise despite being adapted into a festival movie, launched by the Production I.G, and anime series produced by Toei Animation in Japan. 

Besides, Toei has shown stellar progress in the film industry by crafting fourteen animated films. Thirteen of them are television special while the other one is the original copy of the video animation.

This has promoted stiff competition between the producers as most companies seem to have developed a diverse variety of merchandise as well as media, which include the trading card game and video games. 

Because the Manga series is Japanese based, Viz Media has licensed an English version released in the United Kingdom and North America. In Australia, Madman Entertainment has licensed the Manga series for the English language. 

In 2004, 4Kids Entertainment licensed the anime series for an English version released in North America before the Funimation acquired it in the year 2007. 

That said, One Piece takes pride in storytelling, characterization, art, and humour. Many volumes of the manga series have surpassed the publishing records, and as such, it has become popular in Japan for its well-earned reputation. Even its official website can attest to this as they previously claimed to have set the World Guinness record. 

As we speak, the manga has released more than 462 million copies in up to 43 countries across the world, which makes it the best-selling manga in history. It’s assumed to have earned over $21 billion franchise revenue from the manga, films, games, art, among others. 

5 Sites Where You Can Read One Piece Scan Online

1) Comic Walker

one piece manga on comicwalker

The Comic walker is the first on my list of best sites to read Manga online. They regularly update Manga chapters, so that their users are not left behind in case there are new developments or chapters. 

Visit Comic Walker

2) Viz Media

viz media comic scans

You’ve probably come across this phrase, “Shonen Jump Manga.” Now, Viz Media is home to Shonen Jump Manga, so you need to visit the site and see for yourself. Also, this site provides its users with One Piece, so no worries if you were looking to read one piece. 

Visit Viz Media

3) Mangabox

anime scan on mangabox

Mangabox is third on this list, and do you know why? Well, Manga is one of the most popular Manga sites you can get online. Most users are finding it convenient because they regularly update and give users the latest of what has happened. Sadly, this site uses the Japanese language. 

Download Mangabox for Android

4) Crunchyroll

one piece scan on cruncy roll

Not a new site, right? Readers of Manga know this site quite well, even if they’ve never used it to read Manga. At Crunchyroll, you can read all the episodes of Manga without paying any coin, which could be the reason why most users love it. 

Visit Crunchy Roll

5) Bookwalker

bookwalker anime

You must have probably heard about Bookwalker if you are an anime lover or love spending your time reading Manga online. Bookwalker is one of those few sites where you can get a ton of Manga online that’s well updated. They have all one piece chapters that you have always wanted to read. Curious? Visit their site to know more.

Visit Bookwalker

One Piece Scan 972 Release Date 

Raw scans these days are delay because Mangastream and Jaiminisbox brought an end to one piece scanlations. Even worse, these releases come with a ton of errors. 

Ideally, you can expect to read One Piece of 972 raw scans by the end of February 2020. 

If you are a die-hard of spoilers, be sure to check it out on Reddit One Piece, who is the first to release it. Also, you are free to check out the upcoming spoilers on Reddit. 

You can keep checking this post to see if there are new updates about the same. 

Will One Piece Scan End? 

There is little information showing the possibilities of One Piece coming to an end. However, based on the little we know, Eiichiro Oda is likely going to major on the remaining part of the story to avoid introducing unnecessary characters to the central plot. 

There is a lot to expect, and as such you need to wait long enough for them to let their guard down before launching the remaining episodes of the manga. They are halfway through, which means that we still have a lot of One Piece left. 

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