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Old Fashioned & Vintage Girl Names Ideas for Babies


Names are a key part of human identity. The first thing you do when you meet a person is to try to know their name.  Names bring some sort of basic intimacy between people. When naming your child, it must be done with ultimate care and thought this is why some people like Vintage girl names.

Old fashioned names tell a lot about your history, personality, and identity. Although some people might regard some names as ill-fitting for certain people, it still gives a glimpse of a person’s identity.

viola vintage british name for girls

Vintage baby names for girls

Vintage baby names do not ordinarily mean out of style. It just means rare names that are fashionable. Here are some classy names for your daughters.

  1. Elsie: The name means ‘My God is Bountiful
  2. Emma: It is a variation of several names, but it means ‘Whole’
  3. Anne: gracious
  4. Hazel: It means a flower
  5. Emily: the names to strive, excel or be industrious
  6. Hattie: the perfect name for royalty meaning ‘Estate Ruler’.
  7. Esme: It means ‘beloved’ or ‘esteemed’.
  8. Greta: It means Precious Pearl
  9. Enid: if you are looking for a God-like name then one meaning ‘Pure soul’ will be perfect
  10. Gwendolyn: This is the best fitting Caucasian name meaning: Fair and Blessed. People of other races use it regardless

English Old fashioned names for baby girls

English Vintage girl names are the most common names. There are a lot of them, and that’s why it is easy for you to find something unique for your child.

  1. Viola: This is an Old-Fashioned baby name of British-origin meaning Flower
  2. Alice: Truth or reality
  3. Helen: This could either mean ‘shining light’ or ‘The bright one’.
  4. Vivian: a name that connotes being ‘Lively or bubbly’ is best fitted for a child with such personality
  5. Ida: If you are looking for a Vintage baby name with a feminist link then a name meaning Industrious One seems ideal
  6. Imogen: It can’t get more old-fashioned for a baby girl’s name than this; an adorable name meaning ‘Maiden’
  7. Vera: It means ‘Truth’ or ‘Faith’ in Albanian it means ‘Summer’
  8. Eudora: Nothing says you love your child more than giving her a name meaning “Good gift.”
  9. Victoria: A name that has been used by Royal families all over the world, meaning ‘Victory’.
  10. Adaline: Kind-hearted person
  11. Rosalee: Garden full of roses
  12. Salomé: from the Hebrew meaning peace

French vintage girl names

French Vintage & old fashioned girl names are exquisite. Most times, they are used for people of royal blood. Some examples are:

agnes old fashioned french girl names

  1. Agnès: pure or holy
  2. Aline: noble
  3. Amélie: hardworking and industrious
  4. Andrée: a feminine version of Andrew; brave
  5. Antoinette: highly praiseworthy
  6. Abrielle: A woman of God
  7. Aceline: A noblewoman
  8. Adalaide: Noble person
  9. Aimée: Beloved and nurturing one
  10. Annelyse: Devoted to God
  11. Hughette: bright in mind and spirit
  12. Joelene: pretty
  13. Lizette: consecrated in God
  14. Marlène: a graceful star of the sea
  15. Maëlle: princess, ambitious
  16. Monet: noble
  17. Nadeleine: a ray of hope
  18. Ninette: God’s valuable talent
  19. Océane: means ocean
  20. Odette: rich and wealthy
  21. Rochelle: a woman who is like a rock
  22. Seychelle: an island
  23. Sidonie: follower of Saint Denys
  24. Solange: solemn or religious
  25. Zélie: mother of St. Therese of Lisieux

Other Old Fashioned Girl Names for Babies

Sometimes you may not have any traceable heritage to the English, French, or Irish society. In reality, your heritage may be Asian, African, etc. but some people like to associate with other cultures. Here are some other vintage girl names to consider.

Russian Girl names

If you are looking for the most unique or uncommon names for your baby, then Russian old fashion names will be perfect.

  1. Anastasia: This vintage girl’s name has Russian and Greek origins, which means “resurrection.”
  2. Annika: Original Russian Name, which means ‘Grace’.
  3. Galina: The name is of Slavic, Russian origin, meaning “calm healer.”
  4. This name has Greek and Russian origins, meaning “peace.
  5. Karine: This is the Russian name variation of Karen, which means “pure.”
  6. Khristina: it’s the Russian form of Christina, which means “anointed” in the Greek tradition.
  7. Lada: The name of the Slavic goddess of beauty.
  8. A variant of Alexandra
  9. Lizabeta: This is the Russian version of Elizabeth originally Greek for “consecrated to God
  10. Manya: a Russian version of Mary, which means “sea of bitterness” in the Hebrew.
  11. Marisha: A different form of Mary,
  12. Natasha: It’s a form of Natalie, which means “born on Christmas day” in the Latin tradition.
  13. Yelena: Russian version of Helen
  14. Zasha:  meaning “defender of mankind.”

Names for Spanish female babies

Spanish names like all other languages carry deep meanings, and these old-fashioned girl names are no different. So, if you have Spanish heritage, here are a few suggestions for you.

  1. Esmeralda: The Spanish world for Emerald, a precious stone
  2. Acela: Meaning a Flower from God
  3. Abigael: Means the Father’s Joy
  4. Alexia: Guardian of Mankind
  5. Catalena: Pure and Genuine
  6. Earlina: Strong and Noble Woman
  7. Elsa: Simply means ‘Truth’
  8. Graciela: Grace of God
  9. Lucinda: Graceful light
  10. Macarena: The Blessed one

Any name you give your baby girl should be born out of love. Of course, you have to consider ancestral heritage and some other factors. But nothing is as important as how you see your child and how you want people to see her.

adaline vintage baby girl name

No matter how old fashion and vintage the name may be, you can also create cute nicknames from it. The nickname will help show your child how fond you are of her. It also helps to build a closer bond between parent and child.

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