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How to Choose Nicknames For Girlfriend – 30+ Unique and Cute Ideas


If you are looking for cute nicknames for girlfriends, then you have come to the right place.

Why the nickname?

angel pop girlfriend nickname

Thinking of a nickname for your girlfriend can be tricky. Imagine this scenario, you accidentally come across your girlfriends’ phone and your name is saved as just your name. You don’t feel as special now do you? You now wish you used nicknames for your girlfriend, don’t you?

As beautiful as you would probably find your loved ones’ names, sometimes, the name they go by just does not do justice of how cute and beautiful they are daily.

Couples’ relationship satisfaction tends to increase drastically when they have nicknames for girlfriends like ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘baby’, or ‘cutie’, as compared to those who don’t use pet names. Some even go as far as to say that they can only use pet names and it feels weird calling them by their actual name.

Studies have also shown that nicknames for girlfriends are actually a great way of getting just that bit closer with your girlfriend. Nowadays you are able to save your favorite person with just an emoji which serves just enough to show how you feel about them. But even then, in real-life conversations, unfortunately, you can’t just pick up an emoji banner expressing your love and adoration for them. According to the tabloids and social media, couples who use nicknames for girlfriends are generally happier and have stronger relationships than those who don’t.

Then you ask yourself, do I really need a nickname for my girlfriend? Cute nicknames tend to show signs of comfort in a relationship. It shows that you know each other well enough to develop your own little love language, cute right?

What kinds of nicknames can You use?

googley bear - cute nickname for girlfriend

In this post, there will be a list of nicknames for girlfriends. This will save you from the dreaded nightmare of thinking that. Yeah right, so many of us avoid doing when it comes to thoughtful activities. Below are some nicknames for girlfriends:

  1. Angel Pop – Obsessed with boy bands and the flip phone growing up? Has she now turned into a cute diva that demands a song to be replayed because she missed her favorite line? You found the right name, my friend.
  2. Angel Pookie – This is perfect for the stationery lover, books organized, socks labeled by days and has a lunchbox with her name on it for work. Angel Pookie serves as a cute name for the ones that just like hold their hot chocolate close to them to keep them warm during the winter.
  3. Googley Bear – This was originally Mike Wasowksi’s nickname in Monsters inc. Teddy bears stand for the level of affection and love they provide in the form of comfort when you are snuggly and warm in bed. So, here is a generalized cute name for your girlfriend.
  4. Babycakes – the cutest and sweetest way to show form love for your girlfriend.
  5. Baby Doll – Does your girl have or had an obsession for Barbie, Bratz or any of the Winx fairies growing up? Then this is the perfect name for your loved one. Baby Doll is the perfect name for the girly girl that probably has her lip gloss matched in color coordination.
  6. Boo – Affectionate but not too affectionate of a girlfriend? Does she peck and then get shy right after because she doesn’t want to be a softy? Then this is the name, not too sweet and not too distant. It’s a great balance for those still convincing themselves that pet names are not a sickly way of showing love.
  7. Butterfingers – Is she clumsy? Does she accidentally tip the whole jug of water from the table just trying to reach for a napkin? A cute way of making the situation light-hearted is through this cute name, butterfingers.
  8. Babygirl – Does she still like to be tucked into bed? Being petted when watching a movie? Or does she still throw cute tantrums when she can’t find late-night snacks when going through the kitchen after a long day? Great nickname to soften the emotions of your loved ones with this cute Baby girl name.
  9. Cupcake – Sweet tooth? Self-explanatory.
  10. Cookie – This was the nickname of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900-2002) – given to her by the Duchess of Windsor. Can you get any more royal?
  11. Cloudy Eyes – This one is probably a public favorite, used in songs, found in books and poems. The dreamy ones, that look out of every window they see. The long stares they unintentionally make when thinking about the past. Or just when they’ve had a long day but don’t want to tell you to make your day more difficult? This is the perfect name for the overly-sensitive and considerate girlfriends.
  12. Darling – A beautiful nickname for your girlfriend who is caring and loving, it might sound plain, it might sound not so spontaneous, but they prove to be the best lovers you will ever have.
  13. Gummy Bear – If your girlfriend cannot go a week without buying her favorite packet of sweets, you cannot let this name go unnoticed. It is literally the name made for your special partner.
  14. Honey – Used by so many celebrities and public favorites, honey is a very short but cute way to let your girlfriend know just how much she means to you. Honey carries with it the characteristics of a kind and humble. Using this name means you respect her and want to show her how much of a thoughtful and caring human being she is.
  15. Hot Cheeto – this needs explaining, feisty? Always very stubborn even after a drink or two? Hot Cheeto is the cutest and most light-hearted way to let your girlfriend know just how sexy she is!
  16. Honeypuff – Not a morning person? Needs help getting out of bed on bad days? Honeypuff is such a cute way to let them know that you love them even during the grumpy mornings.
  17. Lambchops– This is perfect for the girlfriend that loves to spend time in the kitchen. Even when there is nothing needed from the kitchen. Always in a rush but for some reason, the kitchen is the most important place for both of you. If you both value cooking and tend to cook together, this is the perfect name.
  18. Looney – Great for the girlfriends that go overboard on their favorite book, movie or artist.
  19. Ma’am – This one although used by so many individuals in a manner of respect. When used in the bedroom, the authority you give your girlfriend might add to the heat. Get some roles and uniforms in and you are expecting a very steamy night!
  20. Missy Mischief – This is great for the couples that love to prank and joke around a lot. Not great for everyone though. But, if you have both developed thick skin outside or during the relationship, this is the funniest way to feel sexy when pulling off your next prank.
  21. Marshie/Marshmellow – So cute for the one that loves her pastel colors. If she has more than five pastel blue or baby pink items, THIS IS THE ONE!
  22. Mini-Me – Do you have a huge height difference? Are you literally each other’s halves and complete each other in every way possible? Only difference one is almost twice the size the other? The name is from the Austin Powers movie series, a character played by Mike Meyers. It serves as a great way to let some of that stigma around height difference go, replacing it with a cute name!
  23. Nana – Nana is the cutest way to describe that girlfriend that always worries.
  24. Peaches – Adored and old is always gold, peaches. We all love the fruit and also the color is beautiful. Peaches are very formal and almost appropriate in every situation if you can’t help yourself from using it, don’t blame yourself, the name is catchy!
  25. Pumpkin – No, not after the latte. HOWEVER, if she loves her furry outfits, loves dogs and has a thing for candles, this is the perfect personalized name for your girlfriend.
  26. Sweet Pea – If she has more than 10 hair accessories in different colors that match all of her outfits, no other name would work out well as much as this one.
  27. Sweet one – very modern, new and catchy. The sweet one is a very trendy way to show your girlfriend your attraction towards her.
  28. Snow white – self-explanatory for the Disney lovers
  29. Sugar puff – see Honeypuff details, does she shrug her shoulders when she smiles? You know what to do.
  30. Senorita – She cannot stop dancing to every song, even a sad song that has no instrumental music? Then, no other name would fit as well as senorita. It’s sexy, cute and very feminine.
  31. Samba – literally meaning, an ‘incredible girlfriend’
  32. Shmoopie – a girl that cannot stop showing & telling you how much she loves you

Final Words

The best part about the list above is that you can forget about the generic nicknames for girlfriends that are so commonly used today. Get as weird as you want with your girlfriend and choose to call her whatever suits you both, as your heart desires! If someone is giving you a cute nickname, it means that they are flirting with you. Also, what is the most commonly used saying about relationships? ‘Pursue her even after you’ve got her’ – and that is exactly what a pet name does. It shows your loved one that you still care about. That you still want her to feel as loved and adored as she did on the first day you met.

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