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Misty Loman – Where is she today?


You may be wondering, who is Misty Loman? Is she an actress? A singer? Or a celebrity whatsoever? Well if you follow online chatter then the name has probably popped up once or twice. However, there is a lot of fake news going around and there is a tendency for you to be misinformed. Here is all you need to know about this woman.

Who is Misty Loman?

Misty Dawn Loman hails from Bowling green Kentucky. She is 41 years old and married to Gary Glass Jr. Although we are not sure if she is still married, sometimes she goes by her married name, Misty Glass.  Misty has two sons Corey and Jacob, which she adores.

Misty Loman kids are the only two that survived out of five. During one of her pregnancies, she had a stillbirth. When she was having twins, one of the twins was another stillbirth and the other died almost a month after it was born. She is also a daughter to Joan Smith, A sister, and A friend.

Sometime in July 2019, a sheriff name Adam Bieber posted mugshots of her on social media with the theme “don’t do drugs”. Misty Loman’s mugshots consisted of pictures of her decline in health over the years from the first time she was arrested.

In his exact word, he wrote” Just in case you’re thinking of trying meth, google ‘Misty Loman’ first”. In a short time, this post went viral and the internet trolling began with people berating her for destroying her life.  Different memes were created using her picture and she became the poster child for ‘say no to drug’ campaigns.

Misty Loman Mugshots

The story was based on the assumption that her drug usage was the cause of her deterioration in appearance but you will get to learn that her story is bigger and deeper than that.

Health issues

While most people attribute her appearance to drugs, there were unaware that she had a lot of medical challenges. Apart from the fact that she had lost three children which is bound to affect anyone mentally, she suffers from other life-threatening diseases. Although most people may think that the loss of her children is connected to drugs, doctors have attested to the fact that there is no connection.

misty loman mugshots and cancer

Following the viral spread of her information online, friends, supporters and family members came forward to explain that she was suffering from two kinds of lupus, bone cancer, and Scleroderma.  One of the champions of this support is a woman named Lee Ann Colley Maples. She gave details of Misty’s case and history while criticizing news reports and the sheriff for sending out such information without proper research.

Chemotherapy treatment for bone cancer was what caused her hair falling out. Also, the Lupus and scleroderma which is a disorder that hardens connect body tissues explain the condition of her face. Clearly, it is undisputed that she is an addict, this nonetheless was not the cause of her poor health.

Joan Smit, Misty’s mother, came out to appreciate Lee Ann Maples for her post also confirming that what she said was true.

Misty Loman in Jail

Misty Loman mugshots were first taken in 2005 at the age of 26. She was rested based on drug-related charges. She was charged with first-degree manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia in Hopkins County.

In Warren County, she was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of stolen property. She has been arrested several times since then. Misty was once arrested on the charge of showing up to court intoxicated whereas she claimed it was medication for one of her illnesses.

Following the release of her mugshots online, a lot of people rallied in support of her and after getting out of jail, she began to receive treatment. She also when through rehabilitation to end her drug addiction.

Where is misty Loman now?

For the people who remember and care about her, the question has been is “where is Misty Loman now?”. She has been in recovery for the past two months getting clean and getting treatment for Cancer.  With all that is going, anyone would have thought she would be dead. But, don’t bother looking for her Obituary because she is not dead yet.

Making Progress

Misty has been sober for months now and she works every day to maintain the healthy lifestyle she works so hard for. She is no longer taking drugs except medication prescribed to her by the doctor.

So, if you are looking to know about Misty Loman bowling green KY, there you have it. Granted she has made some mistakes but she is not a bad person, just another human who makes bad choices. So, the next time you see something about Misty Loman Online, remember that she is human before anything else.

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