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MassTamilan Dominates Illegal MP3 Songs Download Market in India


India is a country where a large number of people rely on televisions and radios for listening to songs. But, India is also the world’s second most populated country. According to estimates, over 200 million listeners are using several streaming services. And if we count overlapping users separately, then it will add more than 50 million listeners. Several streaming services are struggling here to set their foot. There is a cut-throat competition going on amongst streaming service for adding a single subscriber. Moreover, the population of youngsters is more as compared to other age groups. And, the youngsters are more inclined towards downloading free MP3 songs available on many websites like Masstamilan.

Contribution of Young Population in Illegal Songs Download Market

One of the most popular websites is Masstamilan. This website is quite popular amongst those who are fans of Tamil songs. And, administrators of this website also continue to serve the needs of every user that knocks on their door for free songs. However, the distribution of free songs without permission from the artist is an illegal act. But, if we look at the average daily earnings of Indian people, then it is not a surprise that Masstamilan dominates the illegal MP3 songs market. Nevertheless, youngsters in every part of the world have very little money at their disposal to spend as they want. Therefore, these youngsters never neglect any chance to save their money. Especially, they are not at all interested to spend money when illegal MP3 songs can be downloaded easily from the website of Masstamilan.

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Contribution of the Mindset of People

Additionally, the popularity of Masstamilan is also among other age groups. Since music is a delightful experience that should be available openly is the mindset of most peoples. This is why most people prefer to download free MP3 songs whether it’s lawful or not. However, the government takes actions but it seems like these actions are making Masstamilan more popular. The majority of people do not look at music as a commodity, which is why every action on websites is considered as an impractical act by them. Instead, they start considering these websites as a potent source for the latest MP3 songs.

Also, they are not completely aware of the penalties associated with downloading illegal content from the internet. The lack of awareness among the general population also adds to the number of visitors to Masstamilan. This way, it is not a very surprising discovery that Masstamilan dominates illegal MP3 songs download market in India.

Contribution of Impractical Approaches

Moreover, the legit streaming services in India also offer free MP3 songs. But, they restrict users from downloading songs. And, this restriction makes them more like radio stations which are available only if your internet is working. Also, legit streaming services do offer users to download songs but with a price tag. Due to this, the majority of the population starts searching for free music downloads, which are easily available in Masstamilan. Even a reasonable price for downloading songs is unacceptable by the population.

Contribution of Technological Advancements

The number of smartphone users is increasing with every passing day. Also, the internet facility is one of the cheapest facilities compared to other countries. The mobile carriers are also competing brutally in the market. And, they have included internet facility as a compulsion in nearly all their monthly subscriptions. Therefore, people enjoy easy access to the internet on their smartphones. Besides, smartphone manufacturers are launching products with higher storage availability at an affordable price. Hence, people properly have all the necessary tools to access illegal songs to download websites like Masstamilan. It can be said that not a single person would go innocent when it comes to MP3 songs download. Every single person in the country has downloaded illegal songs from the internet. And, Masstamilan is dominating this market of illegal mp3 songs download in India.

Contribution of Music Fandom

Several people approach movie theatres only for listening to one hit song from the movie. The fans of music are spread throughout the country. These fans include every economical class of society. Indians are obsessed with good music which is a favorable condition for composers but equally negative for the distributors. The people believe spending once is more than enough; thus, they escape from purchasing their favorite song after they have spent money at the movie theatre. However, they still want to enjoy the song but, without spending on it. After all, their sole purpose to watch the entire movie was to listen to their favorite song. This is a widespread problem that prompts people to download free music from Masstamilan.

Contribution of Regional Movies

India is a country with lots of diversity. Here people speak different languages in every state. However, Hindi and English are the most spoken language, yet people would like to entertain themselves with the movies released in their regional language. Thus, several associations produce and release movies in their specific region. The movies produced by regional players are low-budgeted. So, their investment is returned with a handsome profit only through ticket sales at movie theatres. Therefore, they are very less concerned about the free distribution of their songs or movies on the internet. This negligence evokes a sense of competition between illegal distributors and they try distributing songs of every language.

Final Words

Several factors increase the popularity of Masstamilan. Alternatively, these factors have only added to the domination of Masstamilan in the illegal mp3 song download market in India. The conditions are favorable for free song distributors. However, the government can take some steps against free song distribution. But, there are several other prevailing issues in the country that host nearly 1.33 billion people of different mother tongue. And, these issues are more crucial to address than taking action on illegal mp3 songs download market which is another factor that makes Masstamilan a dominant website for illegal songs download.

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