Kitty Party Games and Themes for Ladies to Spice it Up


Kitty party refers to a social women gathering, which usually takes place during the afternoon hours, or in the evenings, monthly and women play different kitty party games. 

Kitty, on the other hand, refers to the total amount of money women collect for this party. The amount contributed will then be handed to one of the members every month. 

Each member of the group will find an opportunity to host her colleagues, as well as give them excellent hospitality, which includes food, refreshments, and entertainment. 

And if you never tried kitty party games, you should because these parties usually light up parties more than you can imagine. The problem? 

Participants always run out of ideas. And in this post, I’m going to give you a list of ideas you could put into practice during your kitty party games for ladies. 

1. Handbag Treasure Hunt 

Handbag treasure is one of the best kitty party games for ladies you could enjoy with your friends. Take a look at some of the things you need for the game and how it’s played. 

kitty party game - handbag treasure hunt

What you need for the game

  • Interested players should have handbags
  • A group of items from a bag

How can you play this game? 

  • Prepare a list of things each of the participants could find in the handbag. It could either be a mint, comb, lipstick, cards, or anything that could light up your game
  • Apportion points for the items included in the list 
  • Make the ladies with the shoulder bags to gather around 
  • Call out the items one-by-one, and the player who manages to retrieve it first will garner points
  • The game will end once all the items in the list are retrieved. 

Determining the winner: The participant who garners the highest number of points automatically becomes the winner.

2. Retro 

You probably don’t want to miss out on this. Retro is one of the top kitty theme ideas every lady would love, especially during kitty parties.

Summer is the time when men preferred to be in flared pants while ladies in Luxe High-Neck. During this time, organizing kitty party themes for summer will be the best idea. 

Dress code

If you want a little more than the earlier suggestions I gave, you can go with a dressing code that makes you look hippie – after all, this is a party kitty party for ladies, and there’s every reason to dress and look gorgeous like your colleagues. 

Invitation ideas

It’s your choice here. You can decide to invite your colleagues using retro-themed invitations or be a little creative with e-invites. It’s your prerequisite. 

Venue decoration

Again, you can be creative here, but most people agree that hanging disco balls at the center of the room, as well as peace signs, will spike the room. 


There are a ton of games you can play. You can decide to choose the best retro-dressed lady in attendance or rummy. And that would just be enough for the day. 

Food ideas

A kitty party without food and refreshments will not be a perfect one. Instead, get meatballs, chips, or cheese balls for your colleagues. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it. 

3. The Brand Game

This is one of the most exciting kitty games you can ever find. Best of all is that it is simple to play. No experience or skills required. 

the brand game for kitties

Requirements for the game

  • Papers – the number of papers should match the number of people playing the game. 
  • Pens

How to play the game

  • Ask the participants to jot down any makeup brands they know
  • Set a minimum of two minutes
  • If you like, you can jot down car names, apparel brands, among others – it’s your prerequisite. 
  • You can complicate the game a little bit by asking the participants only to write down the brands that exist.

Number of people who should play the game

In reality, there’s no limit to how many people should get involved in the ‘Brand Game.’

How to determine the winner 

The winner emerges from the participant with the highest number of brands jotted down. 

4. Pick the Toothpick

Unlike other games, where the number of people isn’t a priority, this is one of the kitty party games that only gets better when there are many people involved. In other words, the more people are playing, the more exciting it becomes. 

toothpick game for parties

What you need to play the game

In this game of ‘pick the toothpick,’ you will need as many toothpick sets as the number of people involved. If you have ten people participating, you need to have ten toothpick sets. 

How to play the game

  • Place the toothpick sets on a table soon after you open their caps. 
  • Ask each participant or player to select the toothpick from their sets using their palms. 
  • Place the toothpicks that stick on each participant’s palms on the table.

Who can play this game? 

There’s no limit as to who or how many people can play this game. The fact is that everybody can play the game of Pick The Toothpick. 

How do you determine the winner? 

Like other games I have discussed above, the winner is the participant with the highest number of toothpicks on the table. 

5. The Spoon Game

If you want to have a reflection of your childhood life, then you should try this game. This game is perfect for reminding you and your colleagues of your past during your kitty party. And that’s why there’s a need to try it out. 

What do you need for this game? 

  • Uncooked dal of 300g
  • A table
  • Spoons
  • Bowls

How you can play this game

  • Ask each participant to select and pick the dal using a spoon then place the dal in a bowl.
  • It is a rule that no participant should use her hand, and the players must also use their mouths to hold the spoon. 
  • It is your choice. You can either choose to play the game at one go or in turns. 

How many people can play this game? 

This rule doesn’t have a specific number. You will need more dal if there are going to be more players. 

How to Decide the Winner

Like other games I have discussed, this game’s winner is the player with the highest number of dal in her bowl. 

6. Pass the Peanut 

This is one of the most exciting kitty party games for ladies that you can incorporate during your kitty parties. Check out what this game entails below: 

What you’ll need

  • Spoons
  • Shelled peanuts

How to play it

  • Ask all the participants to make a circle. 
  • Each participant will hold the spoon using their mouths. 
  • Place peanut in each player’s spoon, and the game will begin. 
  • The players will take the challenge of passing the peanut to the next person’s spoon. 
  • Take note that if any of the participants drop the peanuts mistakenly, then that player is out of the game. The game will proceed with the next person who was next to the disqualified player. 

How do you determine the winner? 

Unlike other games where players with the highest number of X wins, this game is a little different. Here, the two last ladies standing will automatically become the winners. 

7. Thermocol and Pins 

This game one of the straightforward kitty party games. Thermocol, and pins it is. 

kitty party game with thermocol

What do you need to play this game? 

  • You will need some needles and pins
  • You will want to have a pack of thermocol balls
  • Two bowls
  • A watch

How to Play

  • Place the thermocol balls in a bowl. The next step is to request the participants to assemble thermocol ball pairs, as well as the pins. 
  • Each interested player will have some pins, as well as thermocol balls in a bowl. 
  • The player will need to choose two balls from each pin. 
  • This process should have a time limit. 

People Required to Play the Game

Like other games, you don’t need to be a number of X people. 

How to Decide the Winner

Another number game here. Unlike Pass the Peanut, where the two last people win, this game is won by the person with the highest number of pairs in the bowl. 

8. Challenge your Memory 

Challenge your memory is a mind game, as its name suggests. It’s an exciting game and very easy to incorporate in your kitty game parties. 

What You Will Need

  • Paper and pens
  • Different objects like bowls, fruits, pens, mobile, pencils, soap, among others
  • A tray that you will use to arrange the items name above
  • List of all the things you want to use, such as pen, mobile. In other words, have the name of what you are using down. 

How do you play this game? 

  • Organize everything and start arranging them on the tray. Make sure that each item is visible. 
  • Show the participants the items that are on the tray
  • Now it’s time to put away the tray. Once you have placed the tray away, hand the players a pen and a piece of paper, then ask them to note down the names of the items they were able to see on the tray.
  • If you find it hard to find items that you can show, you have an option to call out the objects. This may complicate the game further because it’s a little bit straightforward to recollect items that you saw. 

How many people should play this game? 

There are no restrictions on the number of people that should play this game. You can play this game with a ton of people at once. 

How to Decide the Winner

In this game, the winner is that person or participant who has listed the most number of objects. 

9. Murder by Winking 

Murder by winking is another exciting kitty party games that could remind you of your childhood days. 

What you’ll need

  • Pen
  • Chits of paper – this should match the number of people who’ll be participating

How can you play this game? 

  • Take a chit of paper and write the word “murderer” and then write the word “citizens” on the rest of the chits. 
  • Ask the participants to select the chits and make a circle.
  • In this game, you will have one murderer who is responsible for killing all the citizens. The participants will play the role of maintaining eye contact with each other so that they can identify the murderer. Whoever the murderer will wink to will pretend to die without letting the other participants know who the killer is. 
  • Also, if one of the players suspects who the killer might be, she can liaise with the others and shout ‘suspect’ by pointing at the suspect. If they are right, they win the game – if wrong, they all die. 
  • The game will proceed until a participant identifies the killer right. If that doesn’t happen, the murderer will kill everyone in the game. 

The winner

In this game, we could have two categories of winners. The first instance comes when a participant identifies the murderer correctly. In this case, the participant is the winner. On the other hand, when the killer manages to kill everyone, then the killer will become the winner. 

10. Music Puzzle Game

This game will be a perfect match for those who love music. It is one of the kitty party themes for winters you can incorporate in your kitty party. 

What items do you need for this game? 

  • Music player
  • Collection of songs
  • Paper and pen – this should match the number of players taking the game

How do you play this game? 

  • Each participant will be given a piece of paper and a pen. 
  • Prepare some questions that are related to any song you have lined up for this game. 
  • You can play the songs you have lined up in your playlist one after the other, after which you can ask questions after each song. All participants should write down their answers in the pieces of paper they have. 
  • Remember to set a time limit to help you with time management. 
  • In the case where you are not so many in the kitty party, have the buzzer and give each participant the freedom to answer the questions directly without having to write their answers down. 

How many people can play this game? 

There are no restrictions on the number of people who can play this game. 

How do you determine the winner in this game? 

The participant who garners the highest number of correct answers wins. 

Over to You

This is a list of 10 kitty party games for ladies you could incorporate into your kitty party. 

It’s now your turn. 

Tell me: which of these games have you tried? If there’s any, how was the experience? 

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