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Is Apple Diet Legit Or A Weight Loss Scam?


As the number of people suffering from obesity is skyrocketing across the globe, cutting through all genders, cultures, and traditions, losing weight is emerging as a burning issue. Moreover, people are just more conscious about their looks and appearances than before, so they are very much willing to go the distance to lose a few pounds. An apple diet apparently helps people lose weight on an accelerated rate, while some of the recent studies have shown otherwise. So, this article focuses on– “ Is Apple Diet Legit Or A Weight Loss Scam ?”

What is an Apple Diet?

An apple diet is basically a diet plan of five days a week in which most of the major meals are replaced by apples and sometimes dairy products. Take 3-5 apples each day, in breakfast, lunch and dinner and soya milk or skimmed milk to drink with each apple. Egg
and apple diet is also a good scheme. Consume small portions of unflavored yogurt in between meals. Three-day apple diet results are also found to be satisfactory.

It is widely recommended by dieticians across the world and is immensely popular
among the people willing to get slimmer as it doesn’t include depriving the body of food but
eating. A well-practiced apple diet loses 10 kg weight when coupled with a healthy lifestyle and
regular exercise.

The Diet Plan

The whole Apple Diet plan is somewhat like this:-

The 1st day:- On the first day, one has to eat about 5 apples after regular
intervals, sliced and it’s better to eat it slowly to get the best results. Consume soya milk and
skimmed milk each time you eat an apple. You can take small portions of unflavored yogurt between meals. Egg and apple diet can also be followed.

2nd and 3rd day:- The diet of 5 apples continues as usual, but one can include veggies and a salad with low-fat dressings in lunch and dinner. Include two eggs if necessary.

4th and 5th day:- Take 3 apples a day, a pint of milk overall, and include some proteins on your diet. Take a cheese omelet for breakfast, and chicken breast and a mixed salad with light dressings on it. Drink plenty of fluids, but no aerated and sweetened beverages. Take tea and coffee instead.

Why are apples good for weight loss?

Let’s find out why apples are good for weight loss and how they help us lose some
pounds. Apple is called the Wonder fruit for weight loss because of the following points:-

  1. Apples are extremely nutrient-dense fruits, they make us feel full for their content of
    soluble and insoluble fibers, thus dampening our appetite.
  2. Taking Apples before the major meals help us prevent overeating.
  3. They contain numerous antioxidants which help us in detoxing, their vitamin contents
    provide us with immunity.
  4. Apple pectin, which forms in the stomach, is an efficient cholesterol buster, as studies
    have suggested. People who took 3 apples per day were found to have reduced
    cholesterol levels compared to people who didn’t take any.
    The jelly-like pectin forms a layer in the stomach, which helps in slow absorption of
    sugar, thus less conversion of sugar into fat and deposition in the tummy.
    Pectin also dampens the appetite, makes us feel full and prevents overeating.
    It’s a natural laxative, also reduces constipation and normalizes bowel movements.

Proven good results

The good results of Apple Diet that has been proven till now:-

  1. Supportive action on cholesterol reduction
  2. Laxative action
  3. Dampening of appetite by Apple pectin
  4. Prevention of Overeating
  5. Antioxidant action and Detox
  6. Apple diets are seen to lose up to 10 kgs

Recent studies

As people around the world are going absolutely crazy about how to get a reduced
weight and a slimmer waistline, the weight loss industry is making immense profits and
opening up new frontiers. But as business wins across the globe, there are also a number of
myths and lies made up by them to bring home bigger profits. These myths are widely believed
by people trying to lose weight, practiced by them extensively without any research or
forethought and at last doing more harm than good to their bodies.

Until recent times, there was almost no research going on in the weight lose fields, but
as these things gain worldwide popularity, some of the esteemed institutions across the world
are starting to study and research these schemes extensively.

There has been some studying and research about the Apple diet too, and the results
were a bit contradictory to the general expectations. Apples are no doubt a wonder fruit,
having low-calorie content and high fibers, but they are deficit in certain minerals too. Excessive
intake of Apples causes excessive fructose buildup in the body, which can be harmful. Apples do
not have a significant role in weight loss, their involvement is mostly supportive in nature.
Moreover consuming only apples and milk products and keeping other sources of nutrition to a
minimum doesn’t help the body. Apple diets are only seen to work optimally in the presence of
regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Newer Known facts about apple diet

The myth that says Apple diet lose 10kg weight is finally broken and the other facts that
came to notice are:-

  1. Apples are no doubt nutritious and better than junk foods by a wide margin, but
    excessive consumption is not recommended
  2. They contain high fructose levels, excess fructose may do harm to the body
  3. They only work optimally in persons with an active and healthy lifestyle
  4. Their cholesterol-busting capacity is not up to the mark

Final words

Apples are no doubt a very good choice over other unhealthy foods and drinks, but overconsumption is never the solution to your weight issues. If you want to undergo the Apple diet, don’t prolong it for long and practice only under expert supervision. Keeping an active lifestyle is always necessary and regular exercise will help you more than anything. If you want the Apple diet to work for you, keep this thing in mind.

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