Dylan DeGennaro

Introduction to Dylan DeGennaro and his Career in Music Marketing


When it concerns celebrities, one of the most popular questions asked is why they choose the career they are, what inspires them, and how they influence social media.  If you are interested in Dylan DeGennaro’s social media status, you will be amazed to find out that he has made quite an astonishing accomplishment.  But more than been a social media influencer, Dylan DeGennaro also has an outstanding career in music marketing.

Who is Dylan DeGennaro?

According to Google, Dylan DeGennaro is one of the top 5 social media influencers in 2020. He was born in the city of Connecticut, in the United States of America, where he studied at Quinnipiac University.

At age 20, he is one of the youngest social media influencers especially in the area of music marketing. He owns over 7million followers on Instagram with Instagram handles as @RapMusic, @Male, @Rapping, @Tracks, @TrillonPersonal, and @Trippin. He also specializes in growth hacking.

His Career Choices

In 2015, Dylan DeGennaro started a football highlight page and began investing all of his money into growing it. After this, he did not just become a spectator. Rather, he created different content on this page which gained him over Three hundred thousand (300,000) followers.

Being a businessman, he started thinking of ways to make more money. He opted for changing his football page to a motivational themed page. Expanding his followers from 300 thousand to 700 thousand. This idea, however, didn’t benefit him because the theme started to depreciate in profit.

Career in Music Marketing

Every businessman would want to gain rather than lose. It was no surprise that DeGennaro decided to spice up his Instagram page once more into a rap theme and changed his username to @Freestyles. This theme, saw the growth of his account as his followers increased to three million.

Dylan DeGennaro was able to achieve this feat with the aid of an influencer video shout-out to his page. He placed this video strategically across different pages with USA and Male followers. He also used this method on his page @Male where he focused on the males to grow his page. Thereby expanding to over two million followers within a year.

Recently, he changed his username to @Rapmusic focusing more on the rap community. He aspires to turn his Instagram page @Rapmusic into a media company someday.

Dylan Degennaro’s Belief

Dylan DeGennaro believes that social media is a powerful platform and should be used wisely. Thus, he says to the viewers “if you were to start a page, you should create the theme around something you are interested in.” He believes that this way, it would be much easier and fun to create content for the page.

His Tips For Gaining Followers on Instagram

Dylan generously outlines a few tips to gain followers for a theme page on Instagram. He suggests that the use of content relating to everyone should be placed in the right market and the contents should assign the correct hashtags that target this market.

DeGennaro also says that in creating a theme for your page, having the same style post will attract people to follow your page. He advises that the best way to introduce your biodata on Instagram is making it short and straight to the point.

Dylan DeGennaro suggests that connecting with similar pages to exchange posts or tags on each other’s pages helps a lot. Also, reposting of viral videos after obtaining permission from the owner, is another good way to gain followers.

DeGennaro further sights that staying current and keeping a low political view is of the essence. However, he emphasizes that the logo for the page must be simple with a basic color scheme of 2-3 colors only.

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