idm 6.36 crack released

Internet Download Manager 6.36 crack Released By pirates as Demand Grows


The internet download manager 6.36 crack is finally out. The legal version has been out for a while, but as we all know, it costs quite a lot, that’s why we’ve all been keeping our ears open for news on the crack. Thankfully, the IDM 6.36 was released recently so we can finally get it.


Internet Download Manager 6.36 crack

What is IDM?

It may sound funny that I’m asking this question, but many of the people reading this may not know. Considering IDM is, there is a chance you heard someone mentioning it and opened the site just to see what everybody’s on about. Therefore I will go into detail on IDM.

IDM (Internet Download Manager): It’s a shareware download manager and is owned by an American company called Tonec. The company, Tonec Inc, Is located in New York City and the IDM software is only for the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The internet download manager supports a large collection of proxy servers such as HTTP protocols, FTP, firewall, MPEG video processing, and MP3 audio, and it can be conveniently used with browsers like Chrome, Opera, AOL, Avant Browser and many other popular browsers.

It is a tool used to schedule and manage downloads.

Features Of IDM

  • It can separate downloads into many streams for faster downloading.
  • Downloads can be done in batch.
  • You can import and export download.
  • It can automatically and manually update download addresses.
  • IDM has multiple queues.
  • It has a “recent downloads” list for easier access to recent downloads.
  • You can download videos from streaming video sites.
  • It has authentication protocols.
  • It supports many web browsers.

How to get the IDM 6.36 crack?

IDM is well known and very popular in all countries in the world. This makes it quite easy to find. It can be downloaded online on sites that have the crack, but sadly, sites like these often get closed down quickly and that’s why sites you may have previously downloaded the crack from before may now be closed down. These are the sites where you can download the IDM crack that is currently still available:

Although, it has to be noted that none of these sites is legal, just as downloading the crack is also not legal. But although it is not legal to download the pirated version, you also can’t be arrested simply because you downloaded it.

Safety Measures when downloading the IDM 6.36 crack

Most sites that allow you to download cracked versions of software tend to have certain security risks that you have to watch out for. Here are some steps you can take to protect your device and your identity:

  • Install an adblocker: Most of these sites are filled with useless ads and links that direct you to sites that steal your information. That’s why I advise you to install a good adblocker that will remove all these unwanted ads and links.
  • Download a good antivirus: You may find that the internet download manager 6.36 crack you download comes with viruses that will corrupt your device. Before installing or downloading the IDM it is safer to have a running antivirus that will protect your device.

What are the Pirates?

Not to be confused with its popularly known definition as a person who attacks and steals from ships at sea, those kinds can be found in Pirates of the Caribbean

The real-world definition and the one we speak of here is “a person who reproduces or uses another person’s work for profit without permission”, and this is usually done in contravention of some patent or copyright.

Reason for Pirated Products

Internet Download Manager 6.36 crack pirated

Piracy is an illegal act and there is no excuse for it. But, there are some factors that promote and push people to pirate products and use pirated products:

  1. Price: Most times the original, unpirated version of a product is very expensive. These original products usually have very high price tags, especially when they are recently released. Also, the product is priced with the people from its origin country in mind, this makes the price seem unreasonable in other places. Therefore people would much rather pay for a pirated copy that comes at a cheaper price or may even be free.
  2. Location Restrictions: Many of the software we see online tend to have location restrictions. This means they can only be used in targeted locations which I believe the software producers can monitor. At times, the restricted software then tends to be completely unique and very useful to people outside their location restrictions. This leads to the creation of a pirated or hacked version which can be used by everyone.

Can I Be Charged for Using a Pirated Product?

No, the police will not arrest you for using the pirated product. It may be illegal, but there’s no way for the police to trace every person who uses a pirated product. There are simply too many of us. Depending on the level of development of your country, the rate of use of pirated products may drastically differ.

Developed countries generally have higher restrictions on piracy. But, if you’re from a developing or undeveloped country then about 90% of the internet using the population is using a pirated product of some form.

The only person who may be charged is the person who pirates the product and even this takes time. The Owners of the original and the bodies in charge of monitoring piracy usually don’t act until your pirated product starts to seriously have effects on their revenue.

Final Words

The Internet Download Manager 6.36 crack is a very good software. It has many unique and nice features that increase its popularity. Yet the only problem is how expensive it is. This has directly resulted in an increased demand for the pirated version which thankfully is now available. In this article, I have explained thoroughly all you need to know about IDM for those who previously didn’t know about it. And, I have also listed some sites where you can get the cracked version. Also, note the safety precautions you should try to adhere to when downloading from them.

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