Ibiza View Club NFTs Are Unique & Protected From Theft


Visionaries and entrepreneurs who have built the Ibiza View Club want innovations and celebrations to become an essential part of the lives of the people associated with Ibiza.

With the NFTs they are looking to do local community investment while serving the holders with global support physically plus in the digital spaces. With the promotion of beauty and charm of Ibiza and growth of their Ibiza community in mind, they have envisioned the NFTs.

The NFTs will stand as a reminder for them in the future too. The NFTs provide the new people associated with Ibiza with the necessary imagery of the city and the landscape. It will  inspire, delight, and captivate the audiences. The blockchain the NFTs exist on is like a library of digital ledgers. This blockchain network stores the information copies of all the users keeping it protected against the threats of theft and corruption.

What are the NFT holders getting?

In few words one can say- the capability to grow. The NFT holders will get the online governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through which they will be able to exercise voting rights as shareholders of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and will have the capability to upload and exchange the NFTs in the marketplace, at the market price.

They will have the opportunity to interact with the other community members. Plus there will be opportunities to win raffles for prizes. They will get VIP access to local events in the Ibiza community and exclusive access to restaurants.

The Uniqueness of the NFTs

Contrary to other NFTs, the Ibiza View Club NFTs are community oriented and community centered focussing on community support. It is important for them to be united as a community, engaging the community with relatable content.

The services will be offered at the most appropriate prices and the NFT holders will be given unique, authentic views and experiences. The versatile assets, the NFTs will appreciate to greater value in the future.

There will be merchandise available and a luxury vacation in Ibiza without financial compensation as the collections succeed.

The Future of NFTs

Currently consisting of 1001 NFTs from Ibiza Island the collection celebrates the Ibiza community which is vibrant and exotic. With the collection scaling up the community will be marketing the collection through website, displays, sales, pre sales, merchandise making and reward packages.

With time the NFT holders will get appreciated NFTs beyond the established and launched price of ETH 0.2. The early supporters will be given the Airdrop 5 free Ibiza View Club NFTs making them eligible for exclusive merchandise, tickets, and raffles.

With the NFTs gaining appreciation the brand will expand and establish a merchandise store to host physical collectibles, prints, and artwork. The collections have already gained momentum in galleries worldwide and the future of these NFTs looks brighter than before.

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