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IAS vs IES – Who Has Better Reputation, Salary & Job Perks?


Recruiting in the public sector is one of the most sought after career options among graduates especially IAS vs IES. And, this is not a prevailing trend. Many of us have seen our father, uncle, grandfather, relatives, etc. enjoying the job security offered by public sector companies. Recently, we have also seen an outlook of private companies who start terminating staff as soon as there is the slightest chance of recession. Even, private companies tend to terminate their employees without reason which leaves them in a dilemma. Hence, the interests of the young population have turned towards public sector jobs. If we look closely, then several aspirants target to be IAS or IES.

But, a common question that stalls them is which one of both career options is better than the other one. Let us talk about some of the standard information that can help you to select the most appropriate option between IAS vs IES as per your interests.

Difference between IAS and IES

IAS (Indian Administrative Services) is one of the branches of All India Services. It includes a body of civil servants who aid in the administrative part of the executive of India’s government. An IAS is a central government employee stationed in state governments. The IAS officers are politically neutral. Thus, they are capable of carrying duties, despite the different ruling front.

IES (Indian Engineering Services) is a government branch of bureaucrats whose purpose is to aid in fulfilling the Indian government’s technical and managerial requirements. An IES is considered group ‘A’ gazette officer. Those engineers who are graduated from civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics and communications engineering are allowed for IES entry exams. A selected IES officer is involved in technical or managerial roles.

Educational Qualification: IAS vs IES

Those candidates who graduated from civil engineering, electronics and communication engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering can apply to be IES. Additionally, those who are B.Tech graduates can also choose IES as a career option. Some of the exams of IES require a special stream of science. Like Radio engineering, wireless communication, etc. on the other hand, any graduate from a government recognized university can opt to appear in IAS exams.

Competition in Exams of IAS & IES

You will be up against very intense competition from all sides whether you choose IAS or IES. However, competition in IAS is more than that in IES exams. But, it does not mean it is easy to crack IES. Since competition for IAS and IES is comparatively based on the number of students applying for exams. Aspirers devote years in preparation for the exams. And, a number of them attempt many times to cross the prelims only. Moreover, IES is one of the toughest exams due to their technical nature and rate of acceptance.

ias competition vs ies

On one hand, IAS is the most sought after career option while on the other hand, IES exams are exclusively for engineers only, which makes it more difficult to crack. Consequently, it is considered that competition and chances to get selected are comparatively the same for both IAS and IES.

Recruitment Process

Engineering graduates in four principal branches are eligible for the recruitment process. Also, those who are from the B.Tech stream can apply for the recruitment. There are two primary parts of the recruitment process. The first part is a written test that covers general studies topics. And, the second part is conventional essay-type exam paper. This part is designed to test your knowledge about a particular branch of engineering.

Those aspiring to be an IAS have to clear Civil Service Exam (CSE) first. Then, they can appear in a prelim test which is the Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). There are two primary parts to clear CSAT. The first part contains two objective papers. The second paper is considered for merit. The second part consists of 9 conventional subjective papers. The scores of the first two papers are to qualify the exam while the rest 7 papers are to select candidates on merit basis.

Both these jobs require you to have strong general knowledge and awareness about all the current affairs of India. Take a look at some of the top GK questions asked in interviews and exams and interviews.

IAS vs IES – Power and Recognition

Being involved in general administration, IAS officers are closer to people. They sometimes hold control over legal proceedings and law enforcement. So, they hold command over society and thus, receive more recognition. An IAS officer also supports the legislature to ensure the fitting functioning of the state government systems. In common words, IAS vs IES, An IAS stay in the centre of the action to keep the system in check. Yes, IAS officers sometimes do managerial works. Such as collectors, secretaries, etc. However, these managerial roles are not permanent. Indian Administrative Services are more about dealing in general administration.

ias job power

Nevertheless, if we look at IAS vs IES, then IES officers also move around a lot between numerous cadres. But, they are more into projects on technology. So, they do not get the chance to work outside the organizations. Therefore, they comparatively hold lesser power than IAS officers. If we distinguish the major difference between IAS and IES, then IAS is a public figure and holds diplomatic relations while IES is more involved in a specific project only that too, technological projects.

Salary of IAS and IES

The salary is dependent on the government’s gazette class. So, there is no difference between IAS and IES because both are under Class ‘A’ of the gazette just like CBI officers. The salary and other benefits are quite the same when compared between IAS and IES. Apart from a healthy salary, they receive secondary benefits like housing and travel benefits. Thus, the pay scale and other benefits of IAS vs IES are not vastly different. The Salary of people in private sector jobs is higher than both, such as Merchant Navy, Commercial Pilots, etc.

Final Words

There is no considerable difference between IAS and IES. However, people frequently compare what is better IAS vs IES. And, the only significant difference between both careers which is a role in the general public. And, if we leave this difference then there is no reason for a comparison between IAS and IES. Nevertheless, engineering graduates in four principal branches are essential to qualify for IES prelims. While prelims of IAS are open for all graduates. Therefore, it depends on us to whether go for IAS or IES as per your nature and interests.

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