How to Comment on a Girl’s Pic to Impress them on Instagram?


It can be said that the key to flirting lies in comments for girl pic on Instagram. So, in this article, we will talk about the Best Comment on the girl’s pic to impress her.

Nevertheless, it seems like yesterday only, when wooing a girl was all about flowers, poetry, and chocolate. But, in these days of social media, flowers are replaced by flame emojis, poetry,  swipes, and chocolates for the girl’s gluten-free, low fat, vegan diet. The art of flirting has become more delicate. Now, you have to properly balance the subtlety with shamelessness. If you go too big, then you are a creep and if you choose to go too small then your heart emoji will be buried under aggressive advances of other men. The method to flirt on social media without veering into extreme is a serious art for modern Romeos.


How to have the Best Comment on girl’s pic to impress her?

Let us now try to answer this ultimate question. For this, keep the following in mind to have the best comment on the girl’s pic to impress her!

like girls pic on instagram

Sending A Message with Selfies

It is the need of time to be creative for the best comment on girl pic to impress her. Everyone will unanimously agree to like selfies of your crush. But, if you limit yourself to liking selfies only then it will seem like you are only complimenting her about her looks while letting her intelligence and talent go unnoticed.

girl with a pet
Comment on Her Intelligence and Other attributes as well, not just Beauty

However, you can earn the affection of your crush by finding her selfies that are underappreciated and comment on it. For example, you can find a picture of her with her pet and, comment for girl pic on Instagram with a few appreciative words for her love for animals. This kind of approach will be highly appreciated as the best comment on girl pic to impress her. You shall avoid approaching her by liking her photos in bikini or one that show lots of skin. Since you can go for this approach after you have attracted her interest. The very first move after starting to follow her is to attract her attention as a man who likes the girl in every way she is and not only her beauty or appeal. 

Reply to Her Stories

You should watch the stories posted by her on Instagram. But, do not do this all the time as it will just overkill. Be thoughtful on every comment for girlfriend pic. It must seem as your comment is based on your true feeling rose inside you from her posted story. Best comment on girl’s pic to impress her depends on how often she shares something. You should never bombard them with comments.

girl commenting on her phone
Never Bombard her stories with Comments

Post Consciously

Your choice of words in comments says a lot about you because you will be judged by them. Try not to comment, if you are not finding her post interesting enough for you. The art for the best comment on girl pic to impress her is not a race. If you keep posting comments without choosing words properly, you might end up offending her.

dont be a stalker on instagram

You should shape your image as a truthful follower, not just a social media junk who comments on the girl’s pic on Instagram just for the sake of saying something. It is essential to post consciously or you might be flagged by her as a social media stalker.

Words are Emotions

The best comment on girl’s pic to impress her is possible only when your words are not hollow. Your wording shall show your emotions. A thousand likes can be ignored when a comment is perfectly timed. The real skill of comments for girl pic on Instagram is considered perfect when your emojis also tell about emotions and intentions.

comment on girls pic with right words

Besides, you can also attract her attention by tagging her. For example, you saw a post of her eating a big portion of fries then you can tag her when you are eating a bigger portion of fries. Sometimes, best comment on girl pic to impress her is by showing her your interest in her with actions instead of only words.  

Privacy is Always Appreciated

Private comment for girlfriend pic fosters mutual trust between both of you. However, certain boundaries are needed to be mutually crossed before taking your flirty comments behind closed doors. There was a time when private messaging was restricted to text-only but, now you can start direct messaging simply by replying to stories. However, once private messaging has started between you and your crush then you are a step closer to dreams of having a candlelight dinner with her. 

Always be Competitive

If you want to rise on ladders of best comment on girl pic to impress her on Instagram; then you have to do your homework before dreaming of a fairytale romance. You shall delve deeper into your crush’s activity on Instagram. This will help you to know who is consistently commenting on her pics. You can compare the comments to learn from your competitor who is also posting comments for girl pic on Instagram so that you can improve the quality and timing of your comment for girlfriend pic. The best comment on girl pic to impress is only possible by high competitiveness with others who are also contesting. 

Keep A Check on Your Flirt

If we don’t indulge in the ways a man should and should not talk to a woman then this entire article has no point. There is a good chance that you know what you are trying to learn here. It is a well-known fact that everyone on Instagram, whether a man or a woman, posts pictures that they think will make them look desirable. And, we are all so different from each other that it is certainly difficult to know how much is too much. Nevertheless, one rule that always works is, less is more. So, send an emoji instead of being overly sexual which will also work as the best comment on girl pic to impress her.

flirting on instagram with girls

Final Words

Everyone is interested to post the best comment on the girl’s pic to impress her on Instagram. But, very few of us are ready to learn and sharpen the skill to comment for girlfriend pic. And, those who are interested in learning will surely develop the art of posting comments. There is a lot to think about before you post any comment because the comment will tell about your mindset and personality. Also, timing is very essential to win the award of best comment on girl pic to impress her. Nevertheless, it is essential to respect her and develop a true understanding of her.

Additionally, flirting is socially accepted but one shall always know the boundaries and never post anything cheap or disrespectful. The social media platforms are flooded with people who use such words that can offend everyone. So, using proper words before you post comments for girl pic on Instagram is as crucial as talking face to face with a girl. And, never take any competition personally when you are on social media. Instead, learn from your competition so that you can post the best comment on girl pic to impress her.      

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