How Tamilrockers Continues to Fool Governments and Bypass bans?


Tamilrockers is a website that is involved in the free distribution of copyrighted materials, such as movies, music, videos, etc on the internet. This type of activity is without a doubt, online piracy. Online piracy is a term used for illegal copying of copyrighted material. The website entails the distribution of two of the biggest piracy services viz music and movie piracy.


Past of Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers is Banned

This website was a bootleg recording network founded in the year 2011. The bootleg recording is a service of recording audio or video and distributing those artists who have neither officially released their work nor acquired copyright. Later, this website became a public torrent. It has links to download pirated copies of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The government banned this website but it is still operational. 

How Tamilrockers Operates?

Despite from ban, this website is a global giant and favorite among netizens. Tamilrockers runs on proxy servers and alternatives. The administrators of this website change their domain often so that the government authorities cannot track them. If you search for the domain name of Tamilrockers, then you will get hundreds of latest results. On them, the new domain name of this notorious website might be available. And, when government authorities block the new domain and site which contains it, then they make a brand site with different domain names. This ongoing process makes it tricky for government authorities to track them. And even, web service providers and search engines fail to track the correct source of operation.

  1. Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are those that act as a hub through which online requests are processed. It is an intermediate service between your home computer and the rest of the machines running on the internet. Proxy services are widely used to prevent privacy leakage for hackers. If we name it in general speaking language, then it is what we know as “Private Browsing”. However, the private browsing we use is a small spec of much larger privacy service. The websites like TamilRockers use proxy services in full capacity to hide the IP from everyone on the internet.

  1. Jump Servers

The service of jump servers is commonly known as IP jumping. It is a part of proxy servers. It is a system that is hosted on a network to access and manage devices between two dissimilar security zones. The Tamilrockers use these servers to connect with their users. It is different from firewall and VPN connection because both of these are secure zone. And, IP jumping lets you extract your needed information from less secure zones. It also brings you back to secure zones without any screening. It is the dark side of the internet. This helps hackers to access your machines when you come to less secure zones.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs can be considered as a secure channel for those who use it for all the right reasons. But, tamilrockers use this service along with proxy servers and jump servers to hide their identity and location for staying anonymous on the internet. This technology can be best understood as a private network established between one branch of the company to the other branch of the company.


The data shared between two branches of the company is not available in the public network. In the same way, information of the user along with his location remains untraceable when it interacts with tamilrockers. 

  1. Benefits

The primary question is what is the benefit of taking so much pain? The most common benefit is a false sense of accomplishment. Those indulged in criminal activities tend to be filled with a sense of accomplishment which is false because they are only damaging the society. However, the moral standards of such people are relatively low so it never affects them. Nevertheless, piracy offers a lucrative income. There many scammers and hackers waiting for a single chance to reach you.

These people advertise their false or immoral stuff on websites like tamilrockers. And, the fees paid to such websites for helping them get to you is pretty substantial. Moreover, the websites involved in piracy collects your information by tricking you and then selling it to the giant corporations. They use the information to sell their product in the real market.

Wondering why you get a call for a certain service even you have not given your number to them.

Final Words

The websites like Tamilrockers are preventing creative artists to benefit from their hard work. This is not only immoral but also a criminal offense in every part of the world. We should leave these websites alone or we may also face legal complications. It is better to leave the temptation of free because even if we do not face litigation yet we can lose our privacy in the filthy hands of hackers and scammers. In the long run, visiting such websites will cost more than the services that you used for free.

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