Hotstar Premium account ID and Password Scams becoming popular in India


Hotstar premium account ID and password gives access to all the new shows of several premium programs. For example, Game of Thrones. The Hotstar premium ID is surprisingly cheap in comparison to other media streaming giants. But, the scam of free Hotstar premium account ID and password is making it difficult for the streaming service to go on entertaining Indian viewers with its amazing content. Let’s first know something about this video streaming platform.

What is Hotstar?


Hotstar is a pretty hot “Video on Demand” streaming service. It was launched in February 2014 by the Star India network after 15 months of development. This streaming service has gained immense popularity. This is because it offers a wide range of videos in every language that is spoken in India. The premium services were offered by Star India for the easy availability of international content and premium sports for Indian viewers in their preferred language. It offers quality TV shows, sports, and movies in three different qualities viz 720p HD, 360p standard and 180p low. The viewer can choose to view shows in any of the three qualities based on the speed of their internet connection.


Hotstar premium account ID and password scams

Star India is tackling fake Hotstar premium account ID and password problems and scams since its launch in 2016. The price of Hotstar premium ID is comparatively lesser than other streaming services available in India. The quality of this service is also higher. Besides, Hotstar free accounts also offer lots of videos. But, premium service caters to a larger number of videos comprising, national and international programs, sports, etc. And, paying a tiny amount to cherish premium videos in your chosen language can be considered as a smart spending tactic. But, scammers are continuously challenging Star India by hacking and distributing free Hotstar premium ID on the internet.

Value for Money


If we take a look at the contents offered by it, then we will find that it serves a large number of the premium content at the best affordable price. And, you can also access previous seasons of the shows along with the ongoing episode. This is the best part of spending a small amount for Hotstar premium account ID and password. The service also offers shows from FOX and HBO. So, you can access many HBO Originals like X files, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, etc. And, this service also gives you access to live international cricket and many Indian leagues. These are specifically added for cricket-crazy fans of India.

hotstar premium membership plans

Moreover, the services of Hotstar premium ID can be easily accessed by Android and iOS users. Additionally, the interface of the app is very easy which makes it a pretty handy app to surf the offered services. You can also access Hotstar premium account ID on your smart TV by using a screencast.    


Hotstar is easy to access. The makers of this awesome platform have taken care of every viewer of India while developing it. Even if you want to stream videos for a limited time, then also you can easily opt for Hotstar free account service by logging in through Facebook ID or E-mail ID. And, those who are interested in accessing all the contents available in it can easily spend a cheap price and get Hotstar premium account ID and password. The registration is quite simple. It requires a few basic details with your card details as a mode of payment. Also, you can opt to cancel the account anytime you want, without any prior notice.  

Comparison with Other Services

The Hotstar premium ID services are fairly recent as compared to other media giants like Netflix. And, if we consider the age factor, there are a lot of features in which Hotstar premium ID services better than other media giants. Firstly, the services of Hotstar entertain its viewers with the most amazing catalog of TV shows. This is unavailable in other services. Secondly, the price is cheapest in comparison to other services. We can even say that the subscription cost of Hotstar premium ID is the same as other services charge for watching a single episode of premium shows. Thirdly, you can choose to watch content in your preferred language. Therefore, opting to pay for Hotstar premium account ID and password is a better decision than falling into trap of scammers who are online selling Hotstar premium ID for free.

Final Words

Hotstar has made every effort to give the best experience to Indian viewers at the cheapest possible price. But, scammers are taking advantage of this service by tempting the population to get free Hotstar premium IDs and passwords Online. We shall never forget that such scammers are there for their benefit not for ours. And, you may lose many sensitive details by logging in Hotstar with ID and password provided by them. Besides, the services offered by Hotstar are cheap which makes it completely insensible for someone to fall into the trap of online scammers. It will be a wise decision for us to purchase a cheap subscription instead of falling for free accounts and give hackers a chance to get into our electronic devices.  

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