65+ Good Morning Quotes & Messages for Friends


The saying goes that ‘true friendship lasts a lifetime’ a statement that all of us with special friends know to be true. But how often do we tell those that mean the most to us in our lives just how special they are? People don’t even bother sending a Good Morning message to their friends or wishing them via call. Let’s face it, life loves to get in the way of what matters and sometimes you can leave your friend feeling unloved or under-appreciated without realizing it! Luckily, however, it’s not too late to make a change, so why not start first thing in the morning?

In this list, we have a range of good morning quotes and messages for the special friends in your life. From simple and honest quotes to deep, heartfelt messages, and even funny statements, the messages on this list can be perfectly tailored to a variety of different friendships. Want to tell a significant other or family member or parents you care deeply about them? Simply switch out the word ‘friend’ for lover, sister, brother, mother, and so on, there are lots of options!

good morning messages for friends

good morning wishes for friends

good morning quotes for friends

69 Good Morning Quotes & Messages for Friends

  1. No morning could ever be wasted when spent with a friend like you
  2. Every morning is a good morning with you as my friend
  3. Even Monday morning is great with you in my life
  4. A message from you each morning is all the sugar I need in my coffee
  5. You’re always the first person in my thoughts when I wake each morning
  6. The morning is a time of quiet contemplation and beauty, I hope you will wake soon so you can enjoy all the wonders that you deserve
  7. I like to start each morning with a happy thought, which is why I often think of you
  8. Mornings are full of new possibilities, I wonder what opportunities await you today, my dear friend
  9. Each night I look forward to the next morning of the day I get to spend with you
  10. Happiness has a whole new meaning when I’m around you, good morning my friend!
  11. Friendship gives my life meaning. I’m so grateful to have you in my life
  12. My dear friend, you shine so brightly you make the morning sun jealous!
  13. Each morning I wake up I’m amazed that someone as amazing as you chose someone like me to be their friend
  14. Friendship is like a recipe, sprinkle in love, a dash of honesty, liberally stir in respect, add a splash of truthfulness, and a whole jar of laughter. Once baked you can enjoy it for a lifetime! Speaking of baking, what’s for breakfast!
  15. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey, and a steaming hot cup of friendship tea!
  16. Good morning! As you read this message know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful day full of happiness and exciting opportunities!
  17. Saying good morning is my way of reminding my friends that I am always thinking of them, and not just on Sundays. Good morning!
  18. I don’t want to just wish you a good morning, but a great, excellent, exciting, wonderful, happy, and healthy morning too!
  19. Dearest friend, I know sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning, so I’m sending you this message to be your helping hand. So many great things are waiting for you, you just need to get up and seize them
  20. Mornings are hard which is why, as your friend, it’s my duty to share the load. So, I’m here for you friend, whenever times are hard. When you fall, reach out, because my hand will be right there to help you back up again.
  21. Morning routines are for essential things. I’m messaging you this morning because you are essential to me so rise and shine, beautiful!
  22. Wake up sleepy head! If you don’t hurry I’ll come over and take pictures of your bed hair!
  23. Sometimes we need a little extra energy to start our day. I have some spare so I’m sending it to you. I hope you have a wonderful morning!
  24. While some love nothing more than waking up to birdsong, my favorite morning is waking up to the sound of your text alert.
  25. I can never view my morning as good unless we talk!
  26. Great things can come from good mornings – rise and shine, my friend!
  27. You make the world a better place just by being in it, who knows what you’ll do today?
  28. Speaking to you, my best friend is the cup of coffee I need to start my day right!
  29. I know we partied hard last night…but wake up! Morning is where the hangover cures are!
  30. Mornings are hard, but a problem shared is a problem halved. I’m happy to share my morning with you, my friend, and I can’t wait to hear from you!
  31. A morning without a text from you can never be good! Wake up and wish me a good morning mate!
  32. The term ‘rise and shine’ was meant for you bestie. You dazzle the world with your light each and every day.
  33. I learn something new every time I talk to you, despite knowing you all these years. I can’t wait to find out what I’ll learn about you today, good morning my friend!
  34. You are better than a morning coffee, you give me energy and make me happy without the calories or the washing up!
  35. With you as my best friend, all my dreams are reality. Thank you for making my life the stuff that dreams are made of!
  36. No matter what the weather is when I wake, the sun always comes out when I receive my good morning text from you, my friend.
  37. Waking up knowing that my best friend soon will be too is the perfect reason to get up in the morning! Good morning beautiful!
  38. Bestie, you may be a pain in the backside all the time, but there are these rare moments that show me why I love you! Please wake up and annoy me!
  39. Yeah sometimes you stress me out, or we row. Nighttime is my cure for that. So, when I wake up, you’re still the first thing I think about. I love you bestie!
  40. Chatting with you is all the caffeine I need to get me through even the toughest of mornings.
  41. You’re my spiritual caffeine. Talking to you each morning boosts my spirits so I can take on the day!
  42. You’re my number one hangover cure, and if you remember how much we drank last night, you know that’s a monumental thing to say. Wake up and feel the hangover my friend!
  43. You make me late to start my day in the best way possible, by making it hard to get out of bed because I’m enjoying chatting to you so much!
  44. Good morning bestie, wish you were here! Though not in my bed right now…because…that’d be weird! Love you!
  45. Wake up I’m bored, and I rely on you for my perpetual amusement. Good morning mate!
  46. How can I live my life vicariously through you if you don’t wake up? Rise and shine pal!
  47. I know we talked last night but…I miss you! Wakey wakey buddy!
  48. The greatest motivator to get up in the morning is to know that you inspire others. You inspire me, so get up pal!
  49. What was insurmountable at night time seems easily vanquished in the daylight. If you need some help though, you know I’m here! Good morning warrior!
  50. Wake up and muster all your might for today we achieve what you dreamed last night! We’re in it together pal, now and forever!
  51. Waking up knowing something wonderful is going to happen is the best feeling. As I text your every morning you must always feel that way! Admit it, I’m the best! Good morning my friend!
  52. When you smile you make even the darkest day bright. It’s raining outside today so I’m sending you this message because I know you’ll smile away the rain clouds. A beautiful morning awaits you, my friend!
  53. When I wish you good morning it isn’t just simple words. Instead, my friend, I’m wishing you an amazing day, because the morning is the foundation of each day we live, and without it, the rest can crumble. Good morning my dearest friend, now wake up and build upon this unshakeable foundation!
  54. Hey bud, you’re stronger than you know. You can overcome even the toughest of opponents…like the snooze button! Rise and shine bud, you’re running late!
  55. Don’t waste one more hour sleeping pal, knowing you you’ll spend the rest of your day trying to find it!
  56. What we do in the morning can often define the day that we’re going to have. Get up lazy bones, have a delicious breakfast and give me a call! I love you, friend!
  57. True friendship isn’t made in one night or one week. It’s made over the years, and there are lots of tests along the way. Your bed hair was one of the biggest tests I’ve had to deal with! Wake up dear one, brush out those locks and message me back.
  58. Friends can occupy a lot of your thoughts but best friends occupy your heart. I should charge rent for how long you’ve been there, but I’ll waive any fees if you just wake up and message me!
  59. A friend will worry a friendship is over because we’ve rowed. As your best friend, you know true friendship doesn’t happen until you’ve had many arguments. Looking forward to our next spat! Good morning crazy!
  60. Great friends are like mornings. It’s impossible to have them around all day, but you can be sure they’ll be there for you every day for the rest of your life. Good morning my best friend.
  61. Like the stunning sun rising this morning, you have been the brightest light in some of the darkest times of my life. Good morning my friend.
  62. Being soaking wet alone is cold and uncomfortable, being soaking wet with a friend is an adventure. Good morning bestie, it may be raining outside today, but I am sure we can make some mischief!
  63. You’re my best friend because you bring out the very best in me, good morning precious!
  64. Best friends are like the warmth of the sun, you can’t always see them, but you can feel the impact that they have in your life. You’re my sunshine, my friend.
  65. While it’s impossible to show you just how much you mean to me, I can help to remind you each time we talk. Rise and shine dearest friend!
  66. This message is to stand as a reminder. If ever you wake and doubt yourself, or are worried, just read this. You, my best friend, are strong, wonderful, and amazing, and you can overcome anything.
  67. If friendship is a lottery then I know for sure I have won the jackpot. Wake up dear friend so I can tell you that you’re one in a million!
  68. I didn’t realize it was possible to miss someone in your dreams until I became your friend. Time to wake up bestie, I miss you.
  69. I get excited to message you each morning even after all these years, and I’ll continue to for many years more. Being your friend never gets old!

Make Sure they Know you Care

Whether you’ve been best friends since childhood, or have recently become close, it’s important to tell the people that matter most to us in our lives just how special they are. Kind words first thing in the morning can completely change someone’s day for the better or let your friend know that you are there for them when you’re going through a tough time. A morning message can also be a great way to reconnect if life has become busy too.

morning wish for friend

good morning wishes for friend

So, tomorrow, when you wake up, think about those you love, and send them a message either using an example from this list, or by creating one of your own. We guarantee it’ll add sparkle to their day and a smile to their lips!

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