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Top 11 Famous Gay Cartoon Characters


Today, the representation of the gay cartoon is becoming more and more popular every day. In the recent past, you have probably seen Gay characters in American animated TV series like ‘The Legend of Korra,’ ‘Gravity Falls,’ among others. 

Just like art imitates life is the same way cartoon characters are also under threat of scrutiny of being termed as either different or other. 

The cartoon world is now a place where gay characters are emerging as these worlds provide children with the opportunity to learn essential topics.

In this post, I’m going to discuss some gay cartoon characters who have never hidden it, though they probably have never confirmed it. 

Some of these characters are not gay role models, but they play roles to give fanatics a chance to view someone they might be familiar with. 

1. Harley Quinn (Batman)

gay cartoon

Harley Quinn’s fans have been waiting for Harley Quinn to confirm that she is a bisexual. 

The comics had been playing it down, but they finally let the cat out of the bag – precisely what the fans had been waiting for. 

This opened up an entire possibility to unleash Margot Robbies’s adaptation with the sexy vixen on-screen. 

2. Gobber

gay cartoon

Gobber the Belch is Craig Ferguson’s voice in the film series, ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ When the second film was released, it seems like people might have missed the part where Gobber mentioned that he didn’t need to settle down with a woman. 

Ferguson added some lines within the film, which the director, Dean DeBlois, decided to keep secret. This raised eyebrows and people sorted to asking a ton of questions. Luckily, Dean confirmed what people were thinking.

3. Ren And Stimpy

gay cartoon

Ren and Stimpy have never hidden their gay lifestyle. They did not just live together but also spent time in the same bed too. They were not ‘love birds’ as most couples, but the truth is that it did undercut their physical closeness. 

The film’s creator, John Kriefalusi, has tried to play down what people are suspecting by saying, “I don’t know whether they’re gay or not. That’s their own business.” His Ren and Stimpy Adult Party, though, confirms. 

4. Shego

gay cartoon -

Shego, a hoarse-voiced Kim’s right-hand woman in the film Doctor Drakken, seemed like the world belongs to her. 

On top of being Kim’s right-hand woman, the fans think that these female duos were charged with more than hostility. 

And it does make some sense that Kim will have a badass better half rather than a shambling fool like Ron.  

Additionally, Shego’s superiority came to light after the rainbow comet hit her, which was pretty overt. 

5. Aunt Holiday & Auntie Lofty 

Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty are lesbians, which sounds weird, bearing in mind that these two are ponies and not human beings, who have the potential of such. 

And in most cases, when your diehards start sharing similar sexual attraction feelings, it will only be a matter of time before such films start appealing to the fans. 

6. Sailor Neptune

If you have ever thought about anime, then Sailor Neptune should be your perfect example. She is a gorgeous schoolgirl, mostly known for her high heels and mini skirt. 

If you carefully study her, then you will believe that she is capable of teasing her fans, especially the men. 

However, she doesn’t have affection for the men but instead is in a lesbian relationship with Haruka. Takeuchi, Sailor Moon’s creators, confirmed this. 

7. SpongeBob SquarePants

Even though you might think that the happy-go-lucky, living under the sea, has some interest in female companion Sandy the Squirrel, his swashbuckling raised eyebrows in 2002. 

And there is no doubt that Sponge’s fans were happy about his undertones. A fan said, “He’s not very masculine for a male character. And he’s soft.”

8. Velma


It might surprise you that Daphne is suffering a mental and physical decline, but Fred appears to be fairing on well with her singleness. 

And could it be that the spinster is playing along to see if any good girlfriend would come along, or could it be that there’s hope that the BFF will give in to Fred? 

Surprisingly, James Gunn, the director of the Live-Action movie, supported this idea. 

9. Elsa


We can’t deny the fact that Disney Frozen is one of the most popular and progressive films that have ever existed, and that Elsa was part of that success. 

Even though Elsa is the first Disney princess to remain single, her fans are raising eyebrows about her struggles, as well as her identity. 

As if that was not enough, the feeling prompted the popular hashtag, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, which became a popular hashtag on Twitter. 

10. Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez

The executive producer, Justin Roiland, has let out the car out of the bag by stating that Rick Sanchez is pansexual. This has made fans go crazy, trying to find out more about this character. Luckily, you found this article to confirm the same. 

Even though Justin is not trying to hide Rick’s interests, he does not go around exposing every detail. If you missed the show, you might not even be in a position to realize this fact. You are lucky enough, though, that we highlighted this for you.

11. Agent Ohio

Agent Ohio

Have you ever watched the Halo animated series? ‘Red Vs. Blue?’ This series featured a ton of freelance agents such as Agent Ohio, who is commonly known as ‘Oh’ in the entire series. 

In the 14th season of this series, it was revealed that Agent Ohio was a lesbian. This has sparked mixed reactions, and fans are trying to find out more about Agent Ohio like never before. 

Wrap Up

As a fanatic fan of either of the eleven famous gay cartoon characters, I believe that this guide was resourceful and helped you better understand the reality that exists. 

While this is not the end, I’ll continue to dig deep and create more content regarding some of the most famous gay cartoon characters you can ever imagine. 

Now, before I go, tell me some of your best gay cartoon characters you’d want me to mention in my next article. 

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