Free Netflix Accounts Scam are on the Rise to Lure People


With the rise of the internet, the increase in scams and Netflix is just another tool for fraudsters. You would wonder, how on earth can a person use an entertainment platform to rip people off? Well, one of the methods they use is Free Netflix accounts promotions that lure people into giving out personal information.

Using phishing campaigns and Trojan malware, these fraudsters gather people’s information and sell it on the dark web. In contrast, others who pride themselves in being modern-day Robinhood share it freely to a selected community. Recently, there was a huge spike in Netflix phishing scams in Brazil as well.

Free Netflix Accounts and Methods used for scams

Online Fraudsters use different approaches to profile and attack their victims. Here are some:

They Target your Account directly

One of the most common ways Cybercriminals use to scam people is by sending emails with the subject ‘your Netflix Membership is on hold.’ The sender account bears an obvious resemblance to any Netflix support or customer service account, so it is very easy to fall for the scam.

When a user follows this malicious link to the website, it leads you to a fake sign-in page that requires you to input your information to login. To make sure that suspecting users fill their full details, they add a warning the failure to complete the process will result in a total suspension on their membership

These elaborate scams thrive on the fear and panic of individuals, especially those who can do without Netflix. Some take the details and then log in on their own devices, enjoying the user’s subscription package.

Targeting your billing information

Using the same phishing method, some scams do not stop at collecting personal information. Some go as far as requesting that the user updates their billing information, social security number, and date of birth. This is supposedly all you need to hack a person’s account to steal funds.

netflix streaming

To make the user more relaxed and trusting, these cyber-criminals add the Secure Server Icon at the top of the page. This is to give the individual a false sense of hope that their information is safe.

When the person inputs their details, the malware collects the account information, sells it online for other online transactions. Big-time criminals may decide to wipe the account or go on a black-market shopping spree, which may be virtually untraceable.

You are better off watching movies on sites like Katmovies if you’re not interested in Netflix. But, please protect your personal billing info.

Free Netflix account campaigns

Sometimes you see free Netflix account campaigns and ads on websites. The ads may come in the form of texts or emails informing you of ridiculous deals and discounts that you may be tempted to take. When users click on the link, it takes you to a fake registration page that requires you to fill in your personal information. These criminals can then use the data for whatever they want, especially identity theft.

These Free Netflix account campaigns mostly target data like date of birth, address, phone numbers, credit or debit card details, username, and password, etc. Sometimes they use free Netflix cookies to gather info from unsuspecting and greedy people. These scams are on the rise; therefore, you have to be very careful.

This Kind of Scam is being popular with regional services like Hotstar and Voot as well.

Ways to know if your account is being hacked.

It is easy to spot a scam from a mile away if you are meticulous and cautionary. There are several pointers to scam emails, and here are a few.

Read the mail thoroughly

A lot of these emails are riddled with grammatical, punctuation, and typographical errors. Legitimate support accounts are usually very wary of such errors so that you won’t notice such mistakes with the real mails. Also, Netflix has a pretty strict privacy policy, and if you read that, then you will know when a scam mail when you see one.

netflix fraud email for free accounts

Free Netflix Accounts and other Baiting Techniques

This is also known as pressure tactics. A lot of these scams come a sense of haste and an ultimatum. Users get messages like “Dear user, we are having troubling validating your billing information, kindly update it within two days or your account will be suspended.”

This sense of urgency and panic is sent as subliminal messages causing you to make drastic decisions. When you receive such messages, do not follow the link. Rather, go directly to your account, app, or the Netflix website to confirm if your information is still accurate. You can also change whatever if necessary if there truly is a problem with your account.

Netflix is one of the few legal alternatives to LetMeWatchThis and more people now prefer this over unethical streaming platforms. That’s why hackers are constantly finding new ways to lure users.

The sender’s email address

One easy to spot a cyber threat is to check the sender’s email address. Although the thought of a free Netflix account sounds juicy, take time out to check the sender’s full detail. Hover around the link to make sure it is accurate and google to make sure the sender mail is the real version.

Sometimes, because the messages are spams and not personalized, it is filtered. Gmail is usually thorough with filtering scam mails and spams. Be wary of any message that is not personalized i.e., directly addressed to you.

One of the easiest ways to know your account is being tampered with is when you keep seeing movies and series on your wall that you have no interest in. Due to Netflix’s algorithm, the movies suggested to the user is based on data gathered by their input. Therefore, when you keep seeing something contrary, there is a problem.

Precautions to avoid being conned

If you suspect that something fishy is going on with your account, contact a Netflix support personnel. Furthermore, if it requires drastic measures, change the password to your account and withdraw your credit or debit card information for a while.

Considering that you may have filled your information on a suspicious website to get free a Netflix account, you can try to trace it back and delete your details by canceling your subscription. Avoid links that give out too sweet deals, discounts, and fascinating bonuses, and keep your information secured.

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