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What happened to Frank Fritz on American Pickers?


Talking about American pickers without citing the TVsensation Frank Fritz, is quiet an impossible fit. Frank Fritz who is quite passionate about antiques, collaborated to host the ‘American Pickers Show’ with his childhood friend Mike in the year 2010. The show became instantly successful and achieved high ratings as well. However, in 2017, his sudden absence from the American Pickers show, arouse different speculations and assumptions.

He was arrested on July 30, 2017, where he pleaded guilty under Operative While Intoxicated charge at the IWO District Court in Davenport where he failed to test both sobriety and drugs. Fritz, however, stated that the police were over exaggerating and that he had zero alcohol consumption.

Who is Frank Fritz?

Frank fritz was born on October 11, 1965, to parents Susan Zirbes and Bill Fritz, in davenport, Iowa, USA. He attended Bettendorf High School located in Bettendorf, Iowa. However, upon completion of his studies, he declined to proceed to college or further his schooling. He is a popular tv host known for his role on American Pickers and American Dad, an antique collector and restorer.

Frank Fritz

A few years ago, he partnered with his longtime friend Mike to start an Antique Archeology shop. This new business saw their two travel all around the country in search of hidden treasures.  He is also an American actor and a businessman. He worked as a firefighter and a fire inspector for 25 years. While working, he, however, would still pick and search for vintage-firehouse related objects. One of such items he found, he bought for $15 and sold it for $475.

Frank Fritz Net Worth

Over the years as a tv personality and an antique dealer, Frank Fritz has accumulated a hefty net worth of about $4 million. He is also reported to be earning $500k salary per annum from the American Pickers show which over the years have amassed over 3.7million viewers. Hence, he has accrued this lucrative income through his successful career as a businessman and antique hunter.

His Family Life

Frank Fritz likes to keep his personal life private hence, it is not known if he is married or not. However, giving an insight into Frank Fritz’s love life, he is currently believed to be in a relationship with a woman named Diane who often accompanies him to several events and shows. Even with his arrest while still producing a season of American Pickers, Diane still stood by him as a loving girlfriend.

Frank who also has been rumored to be gay has been into several controversies about his gay relationship with his longtime friend Mike. But when Mike revealed that he had a wife and daughter whom he kept away from the public eye, the rumors were concluded as a hoax. He and Diane are presently leading a happy life.

The Junk Store

Frank Fritz Finds is a historic building in downtown Savanna, which is located in the Hawg Dog Bar and Grill at 324 main street, IL, 61074. This historic building, features collectibles and antiques from Frank Fritz, the co-star of American Pickers show.

frank fritz junk-store

Dead or not?

The American picker co-star almost got into an accident on interstate 80 about two years ago. He was stopped by the police after taking an unlawful U-turn. Scott was then put on unsupervised probation for a year with a fine of $625.

This accident caused people to speculate on his death or survival. When you hear that someone was in an accident, your automatic response is to cry and assume that they died. This is the case with Frank Fritz from the American Pickers.

While reports about the accident were true, he is very much alive. Another interesting fact that probably led to Frank Fritz death rumors was his absence from the American Pickers show. But this was also around the time of the accident where he faced court-mandated therapy sessions for substance abuse.

So if you are looking for Frank Fritz cause of death, it is fair to say that he is definitely alive and healthy.

What is he doing now?

After confirming that he isn’t dead, the American pickers show has kicked off again. They are currently working on another season. American pickers appear to trust their cast members and Frank is still working for its show on its new season.

At the moment he is busy shooting the new season 0f American pickers with Mike Wolfe, his co-star. They have lately been spotted in two neighborhoods in Oregon and including one episode in Michigan.

Fritz is also seen these days on the road with Mike, digging for treasures in barns, garages, and junkyards across America. These treasures he digs up, he puts up in his Frank Frits Finds, his Antique Archeology historical building.


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