Fiber Optic Enclosures – All You Need to Know About them


Fiber optic cables have brought a revolution in the world due to which it has become possible to transmit information to a new place at a fast speed. In order to ensure the proper functioning of fiber optic cables, it is important to pay attention to cable management by using the right techniques.

The use of fiber optic enclosures can effectively help in protecting fiber optic cables from outside damages. If you don’t have any knowledge of this subject then you need not worry. It is because we have mentioned everything about fiber optic cables in this post.

Fiber optic cables need the right protection that can easily be achieved with the help of fiber optic enclosures in an easy manner. The thing is to create a protective environment for fiber optic cables which is possible through fiber optic enclosures.

Protection of Fiber Optic Cables

One of the ways fiber optic enclosures help is they ensure strong protection against different dangers such as pressure, extreme temperatures, and moisture. If an organization encloses fiber optic cables in a fiber rack mount enclosure then it can easily protect it from getting damaged.

It doesn’t just help to ensure the proper functioning of fiber optic cables but it also helps to save a lot of costs for an organization. Fiber rack mount enclosures can offer economical solutions when it comes to increasing the lifespan of fiber optic cables. Thus, it promotes the fast supply of sensitive data by overcoming different dangers for fiber optic cables.

Must-Have Characteristics of Fiber Cable Enclosures

While selecting a fiber optic enclosure for the safety of fiber optic cables, it is a must for every organization to check a few must-have characteristics of fiber cable enclosures. The characteristics of a good fiber cable enclosure are high durability, high tensile strength, waterproofing, powerful sealing mechanism, and versatility.

All these characteristics are really important for preventing fiber optic cables from getting damaged. While choosing a fiber optic enclosure, it is really important to consider the requirements for proper functionality.

Additionally, it is a must for everyone to consider the design of fiber optic enclosures. Apart from choosing the right fiber optic enclosure, it is really important to consider an experienced technician to ensure the installation of fiber optic enclosures in the right way.

Types of Fiber Optic Enclosures

Fiber optic enclosures come in different types and designs to help an organization choose a suitable one after considering its requirements. Although there are many types of fiber optic enclosures available, the two main types of fiber optic enclosures are horizontally designed and vertically designed fiber optic enclosures.

Depending on the placement options, these two types of enclosures can be used with a variation of trays & capabilities. Here is all that you need to know about different types of fiber optic enclosures:

Horizontal Design

The horizontally designed box is flat or cylindrical in shape due to which it can be mounted aerially or buried underground. It comes in different capacities due to which it is very versatile for different usages. It is a must to select only a horizontal box that is waterproof, dustproof, and compression resistant. It will help it to prevent any damage from weather or wind.

Vertical Design

The vertical design is suitable for all buried applications and they come in different configurations as well as capacities. One can choose a vertical fiber optic enclosure after considering the requirements of trays, inlets, or outlets.

Choice of an Appropriate Fiber Cable Enclosure

While selecting a fiber cable enclosure, it is a must to consider many important factors on this subject. Apart from keeping in mind the characteristics of the enclosure, it is also important to consider the environment in which it is to be placed. A few aspects of a fiber optic system must be considered while choosing a suitable fiber optic enclosure.

Cable compatibility, entrance capacity, termination system, strength members, placement & hardware, cable management, and accessibility are some of the points that need to be considered while selecting a fiber cable enclosure.


It is important for an organization to consider a suitable fiber optic enclosure after considering the above-mentioned features. The design of fiber optic enclosures must be considered after keeping in mind the requirements of a given project.

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