Positive Effect of Coronavirus on Environment As Shown by These 10 Pictures


Coronavirus or officially named as COVID-19 has drastically affected our lives. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Global Pandemic due to the outbreak of this mischievous and equally deadly virus. Undoubtedly, the virus has made several people sick while many are consummated by death. Unfortunately, there is no medicine to treat infected people. Due to this, the death toll is rising with every passing day. But, if we look apart from human life, then we can see the bright side of the virus outbreak. We have kept poisoning the earth for our greed. Now, earth has got a chance to lessen its toxicity as human activities are quite stopped. There are several ways through which earth is healing itself. We will discuss the positive effect of coronavirus here.

Positive Effect of Coronavirus

Let us take a look at these pictures and understand the ways through which earth is healing itself.

#1 – Atmospheric Cleansing

china air pollution
Image Credit: Aleteiaen.files.wordpress.com

The satellite image of mainland China clearly depicts the improvement in its environment due to lockdown that lasted for nearly 3 months. China is a manufacturing hub of the world. Every kind of product is manufactured in Chinese factories. The wide range of products manufactured here from toys to important mechanical parts of luxury cars and phones. Since the lockdown, the toxicity on the lower atmosphere has noticeably decreased.

Image Credit: Gigazine.net


The most formidable effect of Coronavirus is in Italy. It has forced people to stay at home. And, the government has forcefully shut down many factories to improve the containment of the pandemic. The effects of these measures are clearly visible in this picture. The cars, flights, public transportation, and industries emit most toxic gases in the environment. And, all these facilities are closed due to lockdown which has helped earth to heal itself.

Image credit: CNBC

The noticeable negative effect of human greed is a hole in the earth’s protective layer, “The Ozone Layer. While we are struggling here every day to prevent ourselves from deadly Coronavirus; the earth found time to repair this protective layer. This hole has remained controversial among humans for many years, but we only discussed it in closed rooms. And, never took any firm step by which earth can fill this hole for which only we are responsible. However, now when human interference is minimized, earth has taken control and, instead of talking, it is doing its part quite impeccably. It is a hugely positive effect of coronavirus. There is no doubt that a large part will be repaired until we again work with full strength to destroy it.

#2 – Air Pollution

delhi air pollution before after
Image Credit: intelligentliving.com

The preventive measure taken by us to contain the spread of Coronavirus is to stop gathering of a large number of people at one place. This measure has put a pause on the tourism industry. And, fear of infection is also keeping us from visiting any tourist spots. This picture depicts the difference between the time when tourism was at its peak and the present pandemic time. There is no need for words to describe the difference. It can be easily understood with one look on the picture that the earth is right now very busy in healing itself until we find our solution to treat the Coronavirus infection.

#3 – Water Pollution

water pollution after coronavirus
Image Credit: Indiatimes Youtube Channel

This picture is very hard to believe. But, this picture of the Yamuna River in India is filled with industrial waste before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. And now, when industries are inoperable, the river is cleaning itself. However, the water still contains a large number of hazardous chemicals but at least it looks clear on the surface now. This is only possible due to the complete cut-off of dumping industrial wastes in the water. There is no doubt that, if we give a few more days to the river, it will completely clean itself.

#4 – Wildlife

While we were always in a hurry to increase our own conveniences like roads, rails, new cities, etc., we forgot that we are not only ones inhabiting the planet. We never took care of wildlife that resides with us on the earth. We were always invading their places to fulfil our needs. While earth is home to many animal species other than human. Yes, we talk on animal rights, but we rarely take any step for their benefit. Let us take a look at a few pictures below where wildlife is finally free to roam without risking their lives as a positive effect of coronavirus.

Image Credit: c.stocksy.com

A male peacock is roaming fearlessly on the roads of Adelaide. Before, either we will kill it for its wings or it might just die in a car accident.

dolphins after coronavirus
Image Credit: timesnownews.com

The endangered species of Humpback Dolphins were always a part of the ocean. But, these large gatherings near the coastlines of Indian city Mumbai is now an everyday view for those who live nearby.

positive effect of corona virus
Image Credit: diariodemocracia.com

Yes, this is the world’s most romantic place “Venice”. The water has never been clearer until many Venetian Gondolas halted due to restrictions implied by the government to contain the pandemic in Italy. The place which is always bustling with tourists is now very silent. And, the earth has not let this opportunity go away in vain. Not only the water is clearer, but many marine species have also returned to the canals of Venice.

before after corona virus
Image Credit: Indiatimes.in

The leatherback turtles are returning to lay eggs on the beach as tourists are not there to disturb their natural breeding grounds. The picture is of a famous beach from Indian pilgrim city “Puri”.

Coronavirus animals roaming on street
Image Credit: hindustantimes.com

These animals are rarely seen in the jungle safaris. Here, they are roaming freely on roads when humans have deserted it due to fear. The fear of humans on pandemic has made them fearless to claim their right to roam freely.

Final Words

Yes, we can defend ourselves by showing several reports through which we tried to benefit the earth. But, the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that our steps were only to satisfy our alter ego. This article discusses the positive effect of coronavirus. We always craved to make the earth a better place to live.

Moreover, some even tried to make it a better place. Even so, these steps were like feeding cattle with a single strand of grass. However, it is relieving for us to see these positive changes and it gives us more thoughts to increase our efforts. And, we still hope that one day we will live in harmony with Mother Nature which is an integral part of us too.

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