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Drew Carey Net Worth & Salary


When it concerns celebrities, one of the most popular questions asked is what is their net worth. If you are interested in Drew Carey net worth, well, it was $165 million as at the end of 2019.  But more than being a rich man, Drew Carey is much more. He is an actor, comedian, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Game show host, Photographer, and Television Producer.

Who is Drew Carey?

Drew was born in an old Brooklyn neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 23rd of May, 1958. He is the last of three children. Carey studied at Kent state university but got expelled twice poor academic performance. At college, was a member of the Delta tau Delta fraternity but left after three years.

Drew Carey Host

Drew carry has never been married, nor does he have any children. However, he was once engaged to Nicole Jaracaz and stood as a father figure to her son. He was later engaged to therapist Amie Harwick, in 2018 but the engagement was called off that same year.  Amie was then killed in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood, and Carey mourned her.

Despite Drew Carey Net worth, he seems to enjoy playing games and winning money for charity. He is widely recognized for his philanthropy. In 2000, he donated his $500,000 winnings from “who wants to be a millionaire” (celebrity edition) to the Ohio library foundation. In 2007, he promised to donate $100,000 to the Mooch Myermick Memorial Fund if anyone could beat him at FIFA Soccer 07 for the Xbox 360. He ended up giving $160,000 for playing six games, of which he lost two of them.

If you must know, Carey is a Buddhist with a heart of Gold.

Drew Carey in the marines

For people who know Drew and like his show, you would be surprised to know that after leaving college in 1980, he joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve. While in Marines, he was one of the most physically fit men in the corps, having scored a perfect 300 in his physical fitness test.

Drew Carey Marines

There is the theory that his choice of eyewear stems from the BCG’s usually issued to marines suffering from different forms of Visual impairment. Being a patriot, Corporal Drew Carey served for six years and then followed his other passion, which was entertainment.

It’s evident Drew enjoyed being in the Marines because he kept the crew haircut and glasses for most of his TV career. He once remarked that one of the life events that made him who he is was his time at the marine corps. He claims that it imbibed great discipline in him that has stayed with him to date.

Drew Carey show

Talking about Drew Carey net worth will be impossible without the Drew Carey Show. After leaving the army, he followed the advice of a friend who suggested that he learned how to write jokes by reading books in the library. A year after, he won an open mic contest and became the Master of Ceremonies at the Cleveland Comedy Club.

He began working as a stand-up comedian who then got more prominence after competing in the 1988 Star Search. This earned him a place to appear on the tonight show starring John Carson and later on Later Night with David Letterman.  As he became more popular, he wrote a stand-up comedy special titled Drew Carey Human Cartoon. The wok aired on showtime, and he won the CableACE Award for best writing.

Drew Carey New Worth From Shows

In 1995, the Drew Carey show premiered. The show was based on the life struggles of a fictionalized version of himself and a group of childhood friends. When the show initially started, he was earning $60,000 per episode, but by the final season, he was earning up to $750,000 per episode.  The show ended after nine years.

He also hosted the show “Whose line is it anyway?” for a few years before the show was canceled. His appearance and earnings on both shows helped him make it to the list of Forbes’s highest-paid entertainers in 1998.

Drew’s Movie and Television Career

If you are familiar with stories like Tom sawyer, Cinderella, Beauty and the Breast, etc. then you probably have heard about Pinocchio. Then you probably remember Geppetto. However, a lot of people are not familiar with the Drew Carey Geppetto. This is a whole movie about The toymaker and the wooden boy- Pinocchio, of which Drew Carey plays the lead character Geppetto.

Drew has not acted in a lot of movies, and Geppetto is his most famous movie. But he has appeared in a lot of TV shows most times as himself. He has made cameo appearances on a few episodes of series like The Torkelsons, Sabrina the teenage witch, Home improvement, Baby blues, WWE Royal Rumble 2001, The Simpsons, and many others.

Drew Carey net worth would not be so if not for his blossoming career as a TV host. He is currently the host of the game show, “The price is right,” earning a $12.5 million salary per year. Making him part of the top 20 highest paid show host in the world.

Drew Carey the Price is Right

One of his favorite past times is Photography. He spends some of his leisure time as a press photographer of the US National Soccer team.

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