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Denise Garcia – Why is she Famous?


Nowadays there are so many ways to become famous, like TikTok, reality TV, social media, gossip blogs, and talent shows, that it can be hard to keep track with who’s who and how they became famous. A name that has been popping up a lot recently in people’s social media feeds is Denise Garcia. But who is she and why is she famous? What is her connection with basketball player Lonzo Ball? Keep reading to find out more!

Who is Denise Garcia?

Denise Garcia was born on April 14, 1996 in California USA meaning that she has just turned 24. She attended UC Riverside and took a keen interest in sports playing as a midfielder in soccer she broke the record fro the most assists in a game. Prior to this in 2014 and 2015 she played for the Seattle Seahawks and during this time scored nine goals with six assists.

She is famous on Instagram where her dmoney0414 account has over 500,000 followers. She is one of the richest Californian Instagram stars.

What is Denise Garcia Famous for?

She is partially known for being an Instagram model and has collaborated with Fashion Nova. She also takes a keen interest in exercise as shown on her profile. Her profile also shows her love of pet pooch Duece. Denise also has a Youtube channel which is largely inactive which features two one minute videos documenting her exercise journey which were released a year ago.

Denise Garcia is most well-known for dating Lonzo Ball. The two have a daughter together born in 2018 called Zoey Christina Ball. Lonzo Ball is a professional basketball player and has played with the Los Angeles Lakers and is currently drafted with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Lonzo and Denise had been dating since 2014 and had met in highschool.

Ball in the Family

Aside from gaining fame through dating Lonzo Ball, Denise Garcia frequently appeared on Lonzo’s families show ‘Ball in the Family’ which airs on Facebook Watch and is currently in it’s sixth series. The show follows Lonzo Ball, his two younger brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo who are both becoming successful in the basketball world. Their parents, mother Tina Ball, and father LaVar Ball who is the founder of the Junior Basketball Association and also owner of Big Baller Brand, are also main cast members of the show. Denise Garcia is a recurring character on the show.

denise garcia and ball brothers

The show is very well-received and has over 100 episodes. It is one of Facebook Watch’s flagship shows. The series has had 26 million views. It’s also won the People’s Voice award at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards in 2018.

Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia Split

Denise Garica and Lonzo Ball first split in the summer of 2018. Since then the pair have had a dramatic on-and-off relationship. The initial split was kept secret for several months only being revealed during an episode of the series Ball in the Family which aired in November. It has been suspected however that the pair had separated some time before this. The breakup was the focal point of the finale of the third series of Ball in the Family.

The two remained amicable at this stage, if mainly for the sake of their baby daughter, Zoey who has been born in the same year. Tensions were made known however over Instagram – Garcia’s preferred platform where she called Ball a ‘deadbeat dad’. This could indicate where the tensions between the two highschool sweethearts began. It’s well-known that a new arrival can put a strain on even the most dedicated couples. At the time Ball and Garcia were 20 and 21 respectively. This means that their young ages could have added to the stress of raising a child.

Back Together

In March 2019 it was confirmed that Denise Garcia and Lonzo Ball were back together. She was his girlfriend once again and receiving good morning messages daily. However, by October of the same year, the two announced that they were once again separated. While during 2018 Lonzo briefly dated another Instagram model, it was said to be a rebound and neither have dated anyone else long term. As of 2020 Garcia and Ball are separated and do not live together. It does seem that for now, the pair are on good terms though, and both parties aren’t ruling out getting back together in the future. Denise Garcia still makes appearances on Ball in the Family but under the context of Zoeys mom and Lonzo’s ex.

What is Denise Garcia’s Net Worth?

Instagram is stated as Denise Garcia’s primary mode of income. Instagram models can be paid thousands of dollars per post or shout out, estimations of the stars income vary wildly. As mentioned like a large proportion of Instagram models, Garcia has worked with Fashion Nova. The popularity of Ball in the family and the success of ex-boyfriend Lonzo has helped Denise grow a healthy fan base and has also cause her estimated net worth to rise.

denise garcia

In 2018 it was estimated that Denise’s yearly income was anywhere between $100,000 to $1 million dollars. This is an impressive feat when considering her limited exposure. Now, with the success of Ball in the Family and the media attention that her on-and-off relationship with Lonzo has garnered, and the organic growth of her following on Instagram, Garcia’s 2019 net worth was estimated at between $1 million and $5 million dollars. This is a huge jump from her income of the year previous, and if this happens year on year Denise Garcia could become a powerful social media influencer and business woman. Of course, only time will tell whether this becomes a reality, and if Garcia and Ball get back together again.

Instagram Model, Reality TV Star, Ex-Girlfriend, Mom

So, there you have it. Denise Garcia may be the next big influencer on Instagram and maybe other platforms. Her reality TV appearances have helped to increase her exposure. In regards to Lonzo Ball, if her ex-boyfriend’s basketball career continues to take off, or if the high school sweethearts get back together, Denise Garcia may become much more of a household name. She may even make appearances in popular reality shows or contests.

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