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Chip and Agnes Hailstone – Children, Net Worth & Life Today


If you are familiar with reality TV Series, then you probably have seen one titled Life below Zero starring the Hailstone Family, mainly Chip and Agnes Hailstone. But that is not all there as about the stars of the series.

The Alaskan couple has been through their share of ups and downs. Apart from living in a remote area under frigid conditions, they live on hunting animals and trading them for other goods. They also survive with just basic amenities as opposed to normal urban societies.

The personal lives of Chip and Agnes hailstone.

To understand Chip and Agnes hailstone, you need to know them as separate people. Though they are quite different, they both share the love for Alaska, hunting, fishing, their lifestyle and children. Chip and Agnes Stone have been married for over 27 years.

Chip and Agnes Hailstone

Who is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone was born on the 14th of June 1972. She was born and raised an Inupiat Eskimo in Alaska. Mrs Hailstone is Caucasian, having dark black eyes with long brown hair. Being a private person, she has not shared information online about her educational background or childhood.

Agnes is a skilled hunter, especially because she grew up living under the harsh weather condition of Alaska. By the age of 17, Agnes built a cabin that the family lives in till date. A lot of fans much admire her ability to build homes, hunt, fish, skin animals, and make clothes while raising children.

She was first married at age 19, but the marriage didn’t work out. However, she has two children from the first marriage who she loves and adores. The details about her first husband are unknown

Agnes has a tattoo on her chin which most of her fans find amusing. However, she has never talked about how or why she got the tattoo on the show. Mrs. Hailstone rarely talks about her early life and formative years. She also has no personal social media account, which suggests she prefers privacy.

Although she always wears bulky clothes due to the weather, there are theories that she has a very fit figure underneath, probably because of her numerous outdoor activities.

Who is Chip Hailstone?

Unlike Agnes, Chip is not from Alaska. Instead, he was born and raised in Montana. Originally named Edward Hailstone, he was born on the 8th of March 1969. He learnt how to hunt and fish in Kalispell, Montana. When he was 19 years old, he visited Alaska. He loved the place so much he decided to move there. Years later, he met Agnes and fell in love with her.

chip hailstone life below zero
A Still from Life Below Zero

For the most part, he lived a very simple and ordinary life apart from being a cast in the show. However, he ran into trouble with the law between 2016 and 2017. He was sentenced to jail for 15month when he was declared guilty of two counts of perjury and false statements.  During this period, he was prohibited from using firearms, and so Agnes had to do the hunting.

The conviction was based on an incident in 2011 where he claimed a resident pointed a rifle at his 17-year-old daughter. In a bid to get the real information they had to do a series of interviews with the troopers where he claimed one of the troopers assaulted his daughter Tinmiaq. Based on these events, he was found guilty and convicted. This was a difficult time for Chip and Agnes Hailstone.

Chip has some profound quotes from the show that fans love. There is a theory that he makes up to $45,000 salary yearly from being a cast on the “Life Below Zero” Show.

Chip and Agnes Hailstone Net worth

The couple is estimated to have a Net worth of about $300,000 jointly. Chip and Agnes Hailstone Net worth cannot be entirely ascertained because of their lifestyle choice. Mainly living on trade by barter you would think they had a lot of money.

Nevertheless, there is only a little information about their annual salaries from the show. So, it is difficult to ascertain their net worth, and online information may be inaccurate. However, the family seems to be doing well for themselves.

The Hailstone Family

Agnes Hailstone children’s names are John and Doug, which came from her first marriage. While she has five girls with Chip named Iriqtaq, Tinmiaq, Mary, Caroline and Qutan. Agnes’s sons don’t live with their mother though they are hunters. They have a life and family of their own although they appear on the show from time to time.

Despite their less urban lifestyle, the couple does not neglect the importance of education. Their daughter Iriqtaq enrolled in college in 2015. Some of the children were also very involved in high school sporting activities. Iriqtaq even served as a basketball captain during freshman year.

Their marriage is adorable and loveable, especially to the media. When Chip was in prison, she continued the show and kept up their lifestyle while she waited for him to return home. She remarked “The last ten months have been pretty long and filled with grief with Chip being gone. Food didn’t taste good; coffee didn’t taste good. But I got through it. I had my daughters with me, and they’ve gone from walking behind me to walking by my side and hunting with me. It’s been awesome watching these girls in the last year grow up… We survived, we’ve improved, and now we’re just a lot stronger.”

Chip and Agnes Hailstone are grandparents. Their three eldest children already have their children and Families living away from their parents.

Where is the couple today?

After Chip did his jail time, he returned home, and they continued the show.  Right now, the cast members are preparing to be on the 11th season of the show. The show will also have its 100th episode in this season which is a Landmark episode for any TV Series. Chip and Agnes hailstone still live near the Kobuk River in Noorvik, Alaska.

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