birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend


I’m guessing you are looking for birthday surprise ideas for your boyfriend. 

Now imagine this:

Your boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner, and you probably plan to make it unique for him.

However, there is a big problem – you’re short of birthday ideas for boyfriend. You’re thinking of seeking insights from friends on what to offer on this particular day, but then, you need to make it a surprise.

And let’s face it – planning the perfect birthday for your boyfriend can be downright frustrating. You don’t know what he likes and what he dislikes.

You don’t have to worry though, because that’s the sole reason you’re on this post – to achieve romantic gift ideas for boyfriend to make this day a special one.

Let’s dig in!

1. A Word of Happy Birthday Will Do 

Sometimes, a happy birthday wish is enough. Sending a text message is a popular way to do so. However, why not make it unique this time around?

Conveying a word of happy birthday via blogs, sites, or online news he/she catches up daily, is an adorable way of surprising your partner.

Nothing is more expensive than putting a smile on your loved one’s face. Make this day a memorable one by making a personalized wish that will forever give them a reason to smile.

2. Love Notes Will Tease Him 

How about changing your daily birthday routine? Writing love notes is one of the romantic gift ideas for boyfriend.

love notes for boyfriend birthday

You can do this by spreading the notes on your bed or even glue them on his dressing mirror.

By doing so, you’ll be telling him how special the day means to you and how happy you are to have him as part of your life. 

3. Snail Mail 

Those days when people would design happy birthday letters to their loved ones are behind our backs. You don’t expect to send this as a birthday surprise for boyfriend, do you?

However, if this was your idea from the beginning, head on and send an ‘old school’ letter or card. This will probably make them happy.

snail mail letter to boyfriend on birthday

Want to go an extra mile? Send a package full of birthday love quotes in a couple of days or a few days before his birthday.

4. Birthday Extensions

Planning for birthday festivities a few days before the actual date and carrying on with the celebrations days after, is an excellent way of conducting birthday extensions.

A fantastic way of doing this is by inviting over his close friends and giving him a birthday week. This can be the best birthday he has celebrated in such a long time.

Most importantly, make the actual day a special one as the rest of the days opt to follow up. If you haven’t tried this before, then you should probably check it out!

5. Radio Messages

Sending a birthday wish through the media needs courage. However, the media is one of the adorable ways to address short and sweet happy birthday wishes. 

Most people who opt for this method are likely aware of his or her favourite radio station. And if that’s the case, you can request a song and shout out your birthday wish on his special day. 

6. Be Naughty

Every girl desires to make her boyfriend happy. And to be honest, nothing impresses a lady than putting a smile on hir face. 

You can surprise your boyfriend with a new year gift for boys, and as such, you need to make him a bad boy for once.

This will not only strengthen the bond you have for each other, but also the best birthday gift you’d ever give in a long time.  

7. Photographs on Balloons

How do you intend to make his birthday colourful? This can derange your mind, especially if you’ve never done one before. 

birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend

Well, decorating the whole place with pictures and balloons is enough to make his birthday lively. Sticking his favourite photographs on the balloons will even make it extra special.  

The photographs you intend to use should be from the best times you guys have spent together as it brings back memories of the good old days.

8. Hide Clues

This ought to be one of the best birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. While most men are lazy at investigating, they are rather good at concluding. This can, however, become interesting if you have a man who likes to investigate before acting. 

All you have to do is trigger his instincts by placing clues on strategic places – where you’ve hidden his birthday presents.  

Try and make it a little complicated by keeping the tracks in a way he invests most of his time finding the clue. It is important to note that the present you give him should be worth the hassle. No bunch of roses, it better be an enticing surprise! 

9. Blindfolded Trip Can Do

If you spend the most time with your boyfriend, then he should have told you his dream country or even town. Why not surprise him with a road trip then?

Please don’t make it straightforward though, blindfolding him through the entire trip is a perfect way of doing this, so he doesn’t have a clue on where he’s heading to.  

Make the ride a bumpy one by playing his favourite playlist all through and drive him to the spot. He’ll be utterly surprised by the occurrence of events.  

10. Be Disenchanted 

Finally, you can get him disenchanted – make him disappointed before you can restore his moods with a surprise.

The idea here is to do something you are sure will make your boyfriend disappointed before you can turn things around when he didn’t expect. 

For example, you can call your boyfriend and promise that you’ll pick him up at a specific time and take him for a ride. 

Later before the time, make a brief call and tell him you have changed your mind and you no longer have the plans. If possible, make him feel like he offended you – that’s why you changed your mind. 

Then surprise him at the least expected time and take him for a ride. It will be a surprise in its unique style. 

In Conclusion

The above ideas are birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend you can implement as a way to express your love to “your special one” on his birthday. 

In the end, what counts is your intention – to make him happy. And he will be privileged that you surprise him.  

And like I mentioned, there are a ton of things you can do if you want to surprise your boyfriend. The list above is just a few – but there are a ton of other surprise ideas you can implement.

You can bake him a cake, buy him a bottle of his best drink – wine, soft drink, you name it, make him breakfast in bed; it’s a surprise, remember – be creative with the birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend.

Get creative with whatever surprise you have in store for your boyfriend. And if you do it well, trust me, there’s no reason for your boyfriend not to be happy. 

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