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Best 30 Bhagavad Gita Quotes in Hindi with English Translations


The Bhagavad Gita Quotes are basically interesting and insightful messages given to Arjuna by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna the right and the wrong guiding him all the way to make the right choices.

The Bhagavad Gita has quotes that talk about spirituality, soul, right action (Karma-Yoga), devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and knowledge (Jnana Yoga). These Bhagavad Gita quotes in hindi with their English translations are useful and applicable to everyone’s life.

Top 30 Quotes

1. The one who thinks that the soul is the killer and the one who thinks it is dead, both are ignorant. The soul neither kills, nor does it die.

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Jo yeh samajhta hai ki aatma maarti hai ya jo yeh samajhta hai ki aatma mari hui hai, vo dono hi anjaan hain. Na aatma kabhi kaarti hai naa hi vo kabhi marti hai.

2. At any time, the soul is never born, nor does it die, once it comes into being, it never stops to be. A soul is birthless, eternal, perpetual and ancient, it does not die even when the body is killed.

Kisi bhi kaal mein, na aatma ka janm hota hai, naa hi mrityu, vo ek baar hokar fir abhaavrup ho jaata hai. Aatma ajanma, nitya, shashwat aur puratan hoti hai, vo shareer ke naash hone pe bhi nahi naasht nahi hoti.

The above Bhagavad Gita quote in Hindi has a very deep meaning. If you read it a few times, you will begin to appreciate its depth.

3. This soul cannot be cleaved by any weapon, nor can it be burnt by fire; water cannot wet it nor can the wind wither it.

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Is aatma ko na shastra kaat sakta hai, naa aag jala sakti hai, jal isey galaa nahi sakta aur naa vaayu isey sukha sakti hai.

4. For those who are born, death is certain, and for those who are dead rebirth is certain; Therefore, for things that are inevitable, one should not mourn.

Jinka janm hota hai unki mrityu nishchit hai aur marne waale ka janm nishchit hai, jo cheez atal hai, uske liye shok nahi karna chahiye.

5. Treat happiness, distress, victory, and loss alike to gear up for the battle. In this way, you shall not commit a sin.

bhagavad gita quotes in hindi

Sukh, dukh, jayparajay ko ek samaan rakh kar yudh ke liye tayyar ho jao. Is prakaar, tumko paap nahi prapt hogs.

6. Anger leads to delusions; delusion leads to the bewilderment of memory. The bewilderment of memory causes the loss of intelligence and loss of intelligence degrades that person in this situation.

Krodh se moh utpann hota hai, moh se smriti mein bhram utpann hota hai; smriti mein bhram hone se gyaanshakti ka naash hota hai aur gyaanshakti ke naash hone se vo vyakti apni sthiti se gir jaata hai.

We have tried best to make sure that this Bhagavad Gita quote in English has been translated correctly. However, it may be open to other interpretations.

7. Do not be too naive in your behaviour, as the trees that stand straight in a forest are the ones to get chopped first. And those that are crooked and twisted are left standing.

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Apne vyavhaar mein zyada seedha nahi rehna chahiye, kyuki van mein jo vriksha seedhe hotey hain vo pehle kaate jaate hain; aur jo vriksha tedhe hotey hain vo khade rehte hain.

8. A person with unsteady behaviour lacks wisdom, such a man has no capability of handling emotion or of meditation. A man without feelings will never have peace. And, how can a person experience happiness with a lack of peace?

Sayamrahit manushya ko atmagyaan nahi hota aur aise ayukt manushya ko bhavana aur dhyaan ki kshamta nahi hoti. Bhavana rahit manushya ko shaanti praapt nahi hoti, aur ashaant maunushy ko sukh kahan?

9. A person that rises above from all the desires, and moves out without longing, leaving the egocentric behaviour and pride is capable of attaining peace.

Jo manushya sab kaamnayein tyaagkar upar uthe, mambhav aur ahankaar ko tyaag kar vicharan kare, usey hi shaanti praapt hoti hai.

10. A man cannot achieve freedom from deeds by holding oneself back from action. Nor can he accomplish perfection by abstaining from acting on it.

Karmo ke na karne se purush naishkarmya ko praapt nahi hota aur na karmo ke sanyas se hi purnatva prapt karta hai.

11. A man should perform the duties designated to him, for action holds a much higher value than inaction. Abstaining from acting will not even allow keeping up the body.

Tum apne niyat kartavya karma karo kyuki akarma se shreshta karma hai. Tumhare akarma hone se tumhara shareer nirvaah bhi nahi siddha hoga.

12. A man is liable to his deeds except for the time when the action performed is for the sake of sacrifice. So, Arjuna, go ahead and perform your duty perfectly leaving behind attachments only for the sake of sacrifice.

Yagya ke liye huey karma ke atirikt anya kaamo se juda hua manushya apne karmo dwara bandhta hai, isiliye hey kaunteya aaskati ko tyaagkar yagya ke nirmit hi karma ka samyak aachran karo.

Bhagavad Gita Quotes in Hindi have been originally translated from their Sanskrit versions. So it is possible, that there are slight modifications in their meanings or interpretations.

13. Keep performing your duties regardless of attachment at all times. Working without attachments allows a man to achieve the Supreme.

Tum anasakta hokar humesha kartavya la paalan karo, kyuki anaasakt manushya karma karta hua hi parmeshvar ko praapt hota hai.

14. Each and every action is a being guided by nature’s destiny, the fool who is full of ego thinks that ‘he is the doer’.

bhagavad gita quote about ego

Sampurna karma prakriti ke gudon ke dwara sambhav hotey hain, vo manushya jismeim ahankaar bhara ho, maanta hai ki ‘mai karta hu’.

15. Senses are said to be superior to the material body, the mind is superior to the senses. Intellect is beyond the perpetual mind, and the one much beyond the intellect is the soul.

Shareer se parey indriyan shresht kahi gayi hain, indriyon se parey hota hai man; buddhi man se bhi parey hoti hai aur buddhi ke parey jo hoti hai vo hai aatma.

16. Oh, mighty-armed! No doubt it is very difficult to tame the restless mind. But, oh son of Kunti, it can be made possible by consistent practice and through detachment.

Hey Mahabaho! Nissandeh man chanchal aur kathinta ke vash mein ho jaata hai. Par, Hey Kunitputra! Abhyas aur vairagya se usey vash mein kara jaa sakta hai.

17. Just the way childhood, youth, and old-age are received by the soul living in a body. Similarly it receives multiple bodies. A calm and composed man does not get deluded for that.

Jis prakaar is shareer mein dehi jeevatma ki kumar, yuva aur vriddhavatha hoti hai, vaise hi usko anya shareer ki praapti hoti hai. Dheer purush ismein mohit nahi hotey.

18. Just the way a man discards the clothes that are worn out and steps into the ones that are new. In a similar way, a soul casts off from the bodies that are worn out and steps into the new ones.

Jis prakaar manushya jeern vastron ko tyaagkar naye vastron ko dharan karta hai, usi prakaar dehi jeevatma purane shareero ko tyag kar dusre naye shareer ko praapt ho jaati hai.

19. Oh Dhananjay, by being rooted in Yoga, take control of your actions and release attachments, thereby counter-balancing success and loss. This counter-balance is Yoga in itself.

Hey Dhanajay, asakti ko tyag kar tatha siddhi aur asiddhi mein sambhaav hokar yoga mein sthit huey tum karma karo. Yeh sambhaav hi yoga hai.

20. You only have the right to work and not to the fruits. You should not be driven to the fruits of work, nor should you get attachment to inactivity.

Karma karne maatra mein tumhara adhikaar hai, fal mein kabhi nahi. Tum karmafal hetu vaale mat banna aur akarma mein bhi tumhari asakti nahi honi chahiye.

21. The one who is wise and knowledgeable, who has left behind the fruits of the actions and is free from the shackles of birth, obtains the standard which is far above all the evil.

Buddhiyog maushya manishi log karmajanya falo ko tyaagkar janmaroop bandhan se mukt huye anaamaye ya nirdosh pad ko praapt hotey hain.

22. In this attempt, there is no failure or alleviation, and a little progress in the way can shield one from the deadliest form of fear.

Is prayaas mein koi nuksaan ya kami nahi hai, aur is maarg par thodi pragati sabse khatarnaak prakaar le bhaya se bacha sakti hai.

23. The ones who are unto the path are determined in their motive with a singular goal. Oh, beloved child of the Kuru, the wisdom of those who are indecisive is multi-branched.

Jo is maarg par hain, ve uddeshya mein dridh hain, aur unka uddeshy ek hai. Hey kauravon ke pyaare baalak! Yeh jo manushya hain unakee buddhi anek-shaakhaayukt hai.

24. For the human whose mind is way too attached to the experience joy and material grandeur and those who are deluded by such things, the purposeful manifestation of devotion to the Supreme does not happen.

Un logo ke man mein, jo atyant aanand aur bhuatiki drishti se jude hue hain, aur jo is tarah ki cheezon se ghabraye huey hain, Sarvochch prabhu ke liye bhakti seva ka dridh sankalp nahi hota.

25. When someone ponders over the articles of the senses, he acquires affection for them. Such attachments advance into lust and lust gives rise to anger.

Jab manushya indriyon ki vastuon par vichaar karta hai, vah unke liye lagaav viksit kar leta hai. Is prakaar ke lagaav se vaasana viksit hoti hai aur vaasna se krodh utpann hota hai.

26. What appears to be darkness to all the beings, is in fact the time for the self-disciplined to wake up; and the time of awakening for the beings is darkness for the contemplative philosopher.

Sabhi praniyo ke liye jo raat hai, vah aatma-niyantrit ke liye jaagriti ka samay hai; aur sabhi ke liye jo jaagriti ka samay hai vo aatma-nireekshak ke liye raatri hai.

27. Whatever deeds a great man does leave foot-marks for commoners to follow; and his impeccable deeds set the standards for the whole world to chase after.

Jo bhi kaarya ek maahaan purush dwara kiye jaate hain, aam aadmi usake chode nakshekadam par chalte hain; aur jo bhi maanak vo anukarneey kritiyon dwara nirdharit karta hai saari duniya apnaati hai.

28. It is mere lust that is born through contact with the materialistic ways of passion which transforms into vengeance, and this is the guilty enemy of this world that consumes all.

Yeh keval vaasana hai, jo junoon ke bhautik saadhanon ke sampark se paida hui hai aur baad mein krodh mein tabdeel ho gayi, aur jo ki is duniya ka sarv-bhakt, paapee dushman hai.

29. Just try to understand the truth under the guidance of a spiritual leader. Dig into the depths submissively and manifest your services unto him. A self-actualized soul can bestow his knowledge unto you because he has experienced the truth.

Sirf Adhyatmik guru ki sharan mein jaa kar sach seekhne ka prayaas karein. Unse vinamrata se gehraayi mein gyaan praapt karein aur unki seva karein. Aatma-saakaar aatma apko gyaan pradaan kar sakti hai kyuki unhone satya ko dekha ha.

There are some Bhagavad Gita quotes in hindi which are very difficult to translate, due to lack of vocabulary. But we have tried our best to make sure we do it as correctly and accurately as possible.

30. A noble sage, by virtue of true knowledge has an equal vision for a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater.

Sacche gyaan ke adhaar par vinamra rishi, samaan drishti se ek vidvaan aur sajjan Brahman, ek gaay, ek haathi, ek kutta aur ek kutta-bhashak ko dekhta hai.

All these Bhagavad Gita Quotes can help one to self-reflect and learn from the meaningful context and richness of this book.  It’s not just a conversation but a complete guide to live a life free from lust, anger and materialistic attractions.

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