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Best Power Banks Under Rs. 1000 For Android


A need for an additional accessory with the ability to store power arose with the increasing number of smartphones. Innovators started working for a portable inverter-type product. Thus, we received another innovation commonly known as a power bank. It charges our phone without any need to connect it with a power source. The demand for power banks soared as soon as they were launched with more and more people to utilize them during travel. So, let us now read about the best power banks under Rs. 1000.

The companies competed to make power banks more resourceful for the users. Before, purchasing a good power bank was not a cheap bargain. But, an increase in demand forced companies to come up with ideas to make this resourceful product available in the cheapest possible amount. This is why today we can get our hands on the best power bank under Rs. 1000. However, it seems as such as cheap power banks can be made only with cheap quality. But, these power banks are not only cheap but also of good quality.

Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000

Let us take a look at 5 best power banks under Rs.1000 –

1. Philips DLP 6006

philips power bank

Philips is widely renowned as an innovative electronics company. And, we admire having a Philips product in our homes. The reason is fundamental. It promotes high-quality products which give us more than we expect. The Philips DLP 6006 is one of the best power banks under Rs.1000. It uses a lithium-ion battery type which is one of the most reliable power storage batteries.

There are 3 USBs. Two to charge phones in one go, and the other one is to charge the power bank. The elegant design contains a LED display which indicates to you the amount of charge left for your disposal. It comes in three colours viz black, brown, and white. It weighs only 323 grams approximately, and the company warranty lasts for 1 year.

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2. Syska X-110

syska powerbank for Rs. 999

Syska is more popular for its LED bulbs. And, people know its products are of good quality. But, many do not know that Syska is an electronic company whose manufactured parts are used in some world-class products. However, Syska is now making a mark of its own electronic products slowly but steadily. One of the best power banks under Rs.1000 is of Syska. It is a light-weight product weighing only 272 grams.

This power bank contains only 2 USB suitable ports for a single user. It comes in two lovable colours viz blue, and white. The power bank also uses the most trusted battery type which is lithium-ion. It has LED indicators to let you when it is time to charge your power bank. The company’s warranty for this product is for 6 months.

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3. Mi PLM09ZM

mi power bank under 1000

The brand Mi from Xiaomi does not require any introduction. This china based company has proved its capability to manufacture quality products at the most economical prices. Its products are consistently sold rapidly which shows the trust of its customers. Mi PLM092ZM is one of the best power banks under Rs.1000 because of its light-weight. It weighs only 240 grams which is very light-weight. The product offers two-way quick charge support which is one of a kind in the market. It has a LED indicator to designate battery status.

However, this product is considered most suitable for mobile phones only, which remains a minus point of this product. This product charge quickly. It merely requires approximately 5.83 hours charging the product completely. The company warrants the product against manufacturing defects for 6 months.

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4. iPro PB1042

best power bank under ₹1000

First of all, it is not a product of Apple, if you are wondering. This product is manufactured by an Indian company which well-reputed in manufacturing efficient electronics parts. The company has recently started promoting its products which is why it is not very recognized amongst common people. However, the company has a good experience, and this product is one of the best power banks under Rs.1000 because of its unique design and efficiency. This product is made in square shape unlikely to long, rectangular power banks from other companies.

However, the minus point of this product is it is only available in one white colour. It is the heaviest product as compared to others on the list. This power bank weighs approximately 350 grams. It has standard LED indicators and 2 USB ports. The company warrants its product for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

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5. Ambrane P-1122


It is another Indian company with good experience in manufacturing electronic parts. It is included in the list of best power banks under Rs.1000 not only because of its price and efficiency but also its 180-degree rotating torch. This product is gradually developing its name amongst common people but industries that want bulk purchase for gifting purpose are aware of this product.

It is an efficient product which weighs only 300 grams approximately. It is also furnished with a lithium-ion battery and, it is obtainable in two colours, white and grey. All other things are the same as other products like LED indicators, 1 year warranty period, etc. However, this product is furnished with 3 USB ports for two-way quick charging.

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Final Words

The innovators have long perceived the need for power banks when smartphones were not under everyone’s reach. At that time, sales of power banks are not very significant. But, the technology existed. However, everyone has access to the facilities of smartphones. And, the demand for power banks sky-rocketed. Therefore, many companies competed in manufacturing the best power banks under Rs.1000 without compromising with the quality. And, companies are still working on improving quality without affecting the price range. Innovative technologies like Lithium-Polymer battery-type show promising results.

And, several companies have launched their products with this battery-type. But, it is still in the experimental phase. Not many believe in lithium-polymer batteries. Also, the technology of lithium-polymer batteries is very different from that of lithium-ion. But, it can be mentioned that in the coming days, this new battery-type will give a modern edge to the best power banks under Rs.1000.

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