Best 10 Isekai Animes by Popularity & Viewers


Isekai animes are one of the most unique genres of Japanese anime, manga and light novels. This anime is about a protagonist (usually male) who is reborn, transported or reborn in a new fantasy-like world. The protagonist, also known as MC (the main character) usually obtains a special ability that he uses to survive in the other world.


Most Isekai animes are adapted from their manga or light novels after the manga of the anime becomes widely popular. Isekai anime is the main genre, it can then be divided into various categories of Isekai animes.

Best 10 Isekai animes

  1. Overlord

overlord anime poster

Some may argue that overlord should have a much higher ranking, and I believe so too, but the reason it’s last on the list is simply because of the protagonist.

Normally an Isekai anime is about a protagonist who is transported to another world in order to save it. However, the overlord is a much different but unique and rare case. A gamer while playing his favorite MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) knows that the game is about to be shut down and decides to play the game until the very end. After the game shuts down, he realizes that he’s still trapped in the game as his virtual avatar (game character) Elder Lich Momonga. This is the story of how he conquers the world with the guild he created before the guild shut down.

  1. Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

death march anime

It follows the story of Suzuki, a programmer that falls asleep while working on games for the company he works for. He finds himself in a new video game-like world. Suzuki enters the world and immediately encounters an army of high-level monsters. He wipes them out with a cheat, thereby gaining a ridiculous number of levels and becoming overpowered.

This story follows Suzuki’s adventures in the new world and the comedic and heartwarming interactions between him and his companions.

  1. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

best Isekai Animes

It follows the story of Satoru who after saving a colleague gets reincarnated in a fantasy world as a slime. He is blessed with a skill called predator that enables him to absorb anything (both living and dead) and use their powers and abilities or take on their form.

With his newfound powers, he quickly becomes one of the strongest beings in the world. He also starts his own village filled with different lifeforms like goblins, wolves, etc. that are under his care. It is a comedic if not a little childish series.

  1. Konosuba

konosuba Isekai Animes

Konosuba is about Kazuma Satou, who got transported to a new world after having died in probably one of the most stupid ways to die in the history of anime. He gets transported to a new world and has crazy and hilarious adventures with his team of equally stupid and funny companions.

Konosuba is not as plot focused as other Isekai animes. It is more about enjoying the crazy situations that Kazuma and his team land into. It is one of the funniest animes.

  1. The Rising of The Shield Hero

Isekai Animes

The protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani is one of four heroes summoned by the inhabitants of a new world in order to save their kingdom from imminent destruction. Unfortunately, he gets summoned as the shield hero who has bad legends written about him. Thus making him face discrimination from the people of the new world. After getting framed for sexual assault by his teammate who he trusted, he becomes a shadow of himself. He turns from a cheerful and kind person into someone sullen and cynical. This is an interesting anime that is focused on character development.

  1. Gate Jietai Kano Chi Nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

When a portal suddenly opens up in the entrance to the underground trams of Japan, it is up to Japan’s Self-Defense to protect Japan from invading kingdoms from another world and to carry out an expedition to discover the cause of the portal. They face dragons, beast-men, and many other fantasy creatures while establishing a base in the other world. It uses a middle-aged protagonist which is very rare in Isekai anime.

  1. No Game No Life

This is a popular classic and is one of the best anime of all time.

The anime follows the story of two siblings, Sora and his sister, Shiro, who are Top champions in the gaming world. A god from another world decides to transport them to his world where every problem or fight is settled by playing games. The series is widely popular for its unique use of board and card games in fights and the wonderful interactions between Sora and his cute sister.

  1. Sword Art Online

This is one of the most popular anime of all time and is known by almost all anime fans. It is the most popular Virtual world anime.

Unlike other anime in the Isekai genre, the protagonist, Kirito, is not sent to another world. Instead, he is trapped in a virtual reality game with thousands of other players who were playing the game before they were locked in and had to fight for their lives in a game where they could now potentially die.

  1. Re: Zero

There is no Isekai anime list that does not mention Re: Zero. The story follows the MC, Natsuki Subaru. He is transported into a fantasy world with a useful but terrifying power called rebirth by death. As the name indicates, he returns after each death. The power brings him back to a point in time at which he can still prevent his own death. It starts of nice and light and gets darker as we progress through the series.

  1. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar or Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Many will argue over the ranking of this final anime. And truly it is not that popular among the various anime there is. But when talking about Isekai animes, Hai to Gensou is just as popular and interesting as Re: Zero.

In this anime, Haruhiro, the protagonist finds himself in a fantasy world with no recollection of how he came to be there or even anything about his past. All he remembers is his name. Many other young teens are in the same situation as him. They are told by older inhabitants of this world to simply form a team and go hunting for monsters in order to survive.

Final Words

The Isekai animes List above is based on statistics. It can not be said to be a correct indication of how good each anime is. This is because everyone has different interests. I hope this list will provide you with quality entertainment during your free time.

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