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Badd Angel: Snapchat and Instagram Star


It is everyone’s desire to have ‘that’ body physique that drives a ton of traffic to your social media profiles and wins you a gazillion of fans like Badd Angel. 

And, it’s no secret that most people today will go the extra mile of trying any measures such as plastic surgery to meet the ideal beauty standards of their dreams.

Well, in this post, we are going to talk about Badd Angel, who inspires people to be ‘who they are’. In other words, Badd Angel also known as “Angelica Maria,” encourages people to be proud of their natural beauty as she always has. 

She is determined to spread the positivity on the importance of accepting yourself without trying these beauty standards. 

Who is Badd Angel, really?

Badd Angel (Angelica Maria), is a Snapchat and Instagram star aged 22. She was born on August 30, 1997, in Florida. 

Ever since she was a kid, Angelica’s dream has been to be a model as she was passionate about beauty and lifestyle. And, as she grew up, she became an Instagram star, which earned her a lot of fame and followers who were attracted to her beautiful photo uploads showing her sexy, curvy body. 

At the moment, Badd Angel has attracted more than 830k followers on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel known as Badd Angel, where she uploads videos appraising her clothing brands and makeup products. This channel seems to be working so well – she has more than 316k subscribers.

Badd Angel

Generally, her sexy and hot body figure is the primary source for her attention and popularity on Instagram and YouTube. Aside from that, her natural beauty standards make her stand out from other celebrities.  Check out her YouTube channel here

Badd Angel - YouTube

Badd Angel’s Personal Lifestyle

Let’s get honest. Most people are curious to know the relationship status of celebrities and, Badd Angel is one of them. Currently, she is dating a guy by the name Adri Doko. However, she posted on Instagram late last year, saying that her fiancé asked for her hand in marriage, which she happily accepted.  

What’s more, her husband has been supporting her career significantly, making her relationship even stronger. This has also proven her undying commitment and dedication towards her relationship as well as her career. 

Angelica Maria’s Story 

Badd Angel’s passion is all aired through her Instagram account as well as her YouTube channel. She acts as an influencer by expressing her confidence in who she is. 

She mainly focuses on plus size women who are always ashamed of their body weights. She inspires them to accept themselves regardless of their body size. It has been her dream and will always be – to spread body positivity to all women across the world.  

Her YouTube channel features a variety of brands and products. She also does fashion to help women out there enhance their appearance regardless of their body sizes. Generally, her career is based on promoting body positivity as well as reaching her audience on a personal level. 

Badd Angel’s Life Journey (Angelica Maria)

Badd Angel’s journey started with her quest to quit college life to pursue her passion for photography and social media development. College was never her ‘thing’ – she only attended college because that’s everyone believed brought success.   

Even though her career was based on graphic design and advertising, still her passion couldn’t be achieved in a classroom setting. So, after completing her first year in college, she decided to take a different path from the old-fashioned one. She would now take photos and upload them on her social media accounts daily. 

As they say, consistency makes perfect – Badd Angel would spend most of her time working on her social platforms. This consistency earned her ton of followers, and within no time, she decided to launch a YouTube channel where she would showcase her brands well. 

Angelica Maria

Having a YouTube channel has been her childhood dream because she believed most YouTubers made videos of what they love. Eventually, her passion for photography, fashion, social media growth, and videography are all transmitted on her YouTube channel. 

Badd Angel’s Challenges 

Dropping out of college has been her greatest challenge. But that didn’t give her reasons to cough up her dreams; instead, she continued to soldier on to fulfill her passion. 

This has strengthened her to the hardships of life – she understands what it takes to stay pertinent in the business industry. She identified the only obstacle to her desired dream, and that’s the same advice she would give to anyone who has no guide in their passion. Additionally, working hard and investing in herself is what intrigued her today’s career.   

Her Inspirations 

We all need role models in our lives to set our dreams afloat. So many women have inspired Badd Angel’s life, Marilyn Monroe is one of them. She encouraged her to chase her dreams, no matter what comes her way. 

However, Annamaria, her mom, inspired her most. Anna would work all day and still do her home chores when she retires from work. 

She did one of the toughest jobs of:

Counseling domestic violence survivors, families of deceased soldiers, and sexual assault victims, but still performed her role as a mother.

Her quest to help people and provide for the family at the same time made her a superwoman. 

Angelica Maria (Badd Angel) Net Worth

Sponsorship: With the high number of followers on her Instagram account of more than 712k, she earns a certain amount of money from each post.

Additionally, based on her latest 15 posts, the overall engagement from her followers on each post is 2.78 percent. Therefore, the average amount she charges her advertisers ranges from $2,122.5 – $3, 537.5

YouTube: Badd Angel’s YouTube channel generates an estimated amount of $8.6k – $137.2k, according to 

Net worth: Calculating the overall income she generates both from her YouTube channel and Instagram account, Badd Angel’s net worth income is estimated to around $200k – $300k. 

Wrap Up 

Most people are often worried about their body sizes and are prompted to try different measures that make them feel comfortable. 

These measures can either have a positive or negative impact to our lives. That’s why Angelica Maria advice on self-acceptance. This will not only protect you from bodily harm but also boosts your confidence.

I hope you find this story useful and also add an impact to your life by changing your old mindset.  

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